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Wildlife Park in Quezon City


Wildlife parkWildlife Park in Quezon City, Metro Manila Philippines

Wildlife park in quezon city metro manila

“Sunset starts the beautiful things at night, enjoy it.”Sunset in Wildlife park quezon city

“Let go of the negative things and turn into a positive mind
Philippines Wildlife park quezon city

Wildlife Park Metro Manila, Philippines

  • Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Park Center in Quezon City, Philippines.
  • Zoological and botanical garden.
  • You can spend time here, have an entrance fee 30 pesos for adults and 15 pesos for children, senior citizens it’s free.
  • They have a lake and different animals and some they spend there vacation.
  • I’ve been there twice only spent time looking the nature and some fresh air, have some walks around the lake.
  • If you are a budgeted traveler and want to explore Manila Quezon City, you can visit this Park.
  • It’s good for a picnic with your family and friends. You can exercise or walk there.
  • There’s a big space for your family picnic here in Wildlife Park.
  • Other people bring there family or friends to celebrate their Birthday, if you want a place for photography for your wedding, it’s a good place to use.
  • There’s so many small stores and toilet. Don’t worry there are enough chairs and tables in Wildlife Park.

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Quotes that inspired Joylandz Travel


“Rejection is a challenge, but you have to face it and be brave.

Words to remember:

       English – Deutsch

german vocabulary | englisch lernen |deutsch englisch vokabeln

  • continued progress– kontinuierliche Fortschritte
  • possibility – Möglichkeit
  • prefer – bevorzugen, vorziehen
  • produce – produzieren, erzeugen, vorlegen
  • progress – Fortschritt,
  • sightseeing possibility – Besichtigungsmöglichkeit
  • start – anfangen
  • starve to death – verhungern
  • strange – außergewöhnlich, seltsam
  • strange behavior –  seltsames Benehmen
  • strange face – fremdes Gesicht
  • tact – Takt, Taktgefühl
  • tactful – taktvoll, diskret
  • to make progress – vorwärtskommen

learn german| deutschwortschatz liste | englisch sprache lernen|


  • accuse – beschuldigen
  • defenseless– wehrlos
  • defenselessness- Wehrlosigkeit
  • fragile -zerbrechlich
  • refusal – Weigerung
  • suspicion – Verdacht
  • suspected – verdächtigt
  • tenderness – Zartgefühl
  • to agonize – quälen
  • to break into pieces – entzweibrechen
  • to condemn- verdammen
  • to crumble – zerbröckeln
  • to devote – widmen
  • to fall to pieces – zerfallen
  • to owe – verdanken
  • watchful –wachsam

Englisch Deutsch Vokabeln | learn german vocabulary | words


  • anger – Zorn
  • angry – zornig
  • chronology – Reihenfolge
  • lost of time – Zeitverlust
  • occasionally – zeitweise
  • pastime – Zeitvertreib
  • temporary – zeitweilig
  • to evaluate – auswerten
  • to grudge – beneiden
  • to interupt – unterbrechen
  • to interrogate – verhören
  • to hesitate – zögern
  • to leave – verlassen
  • to misinterpret – missdeuten
  • to praise -loben
  • to survey – befragen

How to overcome rejection in our life?

  • Go out and enjoy nature, take a walk outside, smell the fresh air and visit a wildlife park, beach.
  • Accept it and move forward, it’s the best thing you can do.
  • Call someone if want to share your problems but the people that you can trust, If you don’t feel good.
  • Travel to other places, to have a peaceful mind.
  • Don’t worry so much and overthinking, that will make you more difficult to recover.
  • Find a friend or family, anything you can tell your rejection, who’s always there to listen to you.
  • When you’re upset, never share to Facebook, it can’t help you to solve.
  • Do something that makes you happy or does some adventurous travel.
  • Try a new sport, food, read a book, or learn a new foreign language.
  • Forget it step by step, and accept your self, you know yourself and be happy.
  • Do you have experience with rejection? How do you overcome it?
  • It’s easy or difficult to overcome? What’s your suggestion or advice to make it better?


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