The view of the lion in city of Braunschweig, explore the place
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Must see and visit Braunschweig Germany

castle in braunschweig , Braunschweig building and explore the city, enjoy the weather while still warm

You need to visit and explore Braunschweig historical buildings

  • First, that is the building near the castle in the city of Lion.
  • Second, it was a great experience to saw a magnificent building. I’m amazed by the design of the buildings.
  • Another name of Braunschweig or Brunswick is the City of Lion.
  • Cathedral or Dom is in the center of the City you visit and takes photos.
  • At the same time, you visit the museum or the castle in Burg Dankwarderode Castle.
  • Furthermore, exploring the Brunswick cathedral or Braunschweiger Dom it’s free to visit. So you don’t need to pay an admission fee.
  • But if you want to give some donation, you can give some too. They don’t force you to give only on your own. The view of the lion in city of Braunschweig, explore the place, Burg Dankwarderode Castle with lion in Braunschweig, Germany , castle in braunschweig , #explore

Burg Dankwarderode Castle and the lion statue in Braunschweig

Top attractions in Brunswick and visit the of Braunschweig Germany:

  • You can find here different medieval structures and superb castles in the city.
  • Traditional cathedrals, museum and gallery, some nice architecture. So if you want to eat some you can find so many restaurants and bakery in the near. It’s a nice city with so many shopping malls, branded clothing stores, shoes, jewelry store. And if you want to enjoy the summer try to explore the city.
  • They have a (Bier fest) or celebration near the town hall, some drinking beer, and enjoying the music.
  • You can look in my other post about Braunschweig, Wolfenbüttel, Salzgitter.
  • For example, tourist attractions in churches, museums, shopping malls, a park that has a charming place.
  • Must see and visit the city of Lion because there are so many unique buildings. We visited Braunschweig but we don’t have a plan to see all the tourist attractions.
  • And we only just explore what we can find in our way. They have nice and old buildings in the city.

Do you like to explore the city without a right or exact plan?

Lower Saxony places you can visit:

Reason to visit City Hall or Rathaus in Braunschweig Germany

So if you want to see different attractions in the city better you walk than ride the tram. All you can find in Braunschweig, better you walk that you can see these houses that you can take photos.

Only one day tour and we don’t really see all the beautiful tourist spots. Because you need a few days before you can see all the different astounding attractions in Braunschweig.

Braunschweig or Brunswick, LowerSaxony, Germany. #quotes from leo tolstoy #explore braunschweig

“We don’t have to be Smarter than the rest; we have to be more Disciplined than the rest.” Warren Buffett

  • Another inspiring Warren Buffet quotes I used these quotes to be more optimistic in life. Helps me to strive more and be motivated.
  • Braunschweig has preserved the breathtaking buildings and still, they used it.
  • In addition, I like the buildings in the City of Lion. That’s a creative building they have.
  • And I like the design of the building, but also the city has so many tourist attractions.
  • My reason to visit the city of Lion during the summer season to take pictures of creative buildings. Moreover, to have an experience visiting the city when it’s not freezing weather.

words to remember:

English – Deutsch

english vocabulary deutsch vokabeln, learning new words #wortschatz #vokabeln

  • acquire – erwerben
  • area of responsibilities – Aufgabenbereich
  • business administration – Betriebswirtschaftslehre
  • business economist – Betriebswirt
  • busy – besetzt
  • certificate – Bescheinigung
  • choose – wählen
  • close – abschließen
  • common – gängig
  • exemption – Befreiung
  • grace – Anmut
  • graceful – anmutig
  • jurisdiction – Zuständigkeitsbereich
  • limitation – Beschränkung
  • look after – betreuen
  • moderate – mittelmäßiges
  • protector – Beschützer
  • obsessive – besessen
  • obsession – Besessenheit
  • organize – veranstalten

German words and vocabularies, english vocabulary#deutschlernen #germanlanguage

  • collect – sammeln
  • perseverance – Beharrlichkeit
  • persevering – beharrlich
  • possession – Besitz
  • put on – anlegen
  • public property – Staatsgut
  • read about – nachlesen
  • read off – ablesen
  • readout – vorlesen
  • restrict – beschränken
  • senseless – besinnungslos
  • skive – schwänzen
  • set up – errichten
  • to be ashamed – beschämt
  • to exempt – befreien
  • to fail – durchfallen
  • to gain expertise – Fachkenntnisse erwerben
  • to increase – vermehren
  • to put away – ablegen
  • troublesome – beschwerlich

Discover the city of  Braunschweig

  • We went to Karstadt to visit the city and also to buy some clothes.
  • You can find so many clothing stores, restaurants, malls, anything you can find here.
  • If you like to visit Braunschweig you can use a bus, train or tram.
  • It’s easy to commute to this place. In our ticket what we bought from Salzgitter to Braunschweig only day ticket.
  • Around 14 euro we paid for a one-day ticket train and tram from Salzgitter to Braunschweig for 3 people.
  • We don’t buy a single ticket better to buy a one day ticket for cheaper.
  • Have you’ve been to Braunschweig?
  • Do you like old buildings like this or you like modern buildings?

What’s the best destination do you like to visit? Do you like castles or buildings?

beautiful building in Braunschweif, #explore braunschweig, germany, buildiing photography


That is a wonderful trip to the city of Lion. I’m amazed and happy that I have experienced traveling to Braunschweig and add more memories. That’s my wish to travel to different cities or small towns.

Even though low budget travel using train and bus or tram. My wish or bucket list to visit more other beautiful cities in Germany. Come and join in my travel with a low budget.

I hope you like reading my travel blog and learn the German words. I’m happy and say thank you if you follow my social media account. And if you want to share or pin. Feel free to share it.

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Have a wonderful day, till next time, happy reading…


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