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“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.”Lao Tzu

  • When i travel i don’t have fixed plan, I go wherever I want.
  • I explore the place and search what’s the best place to go, or just look what’s the best in this place.
  • I read the places history or what’s their best attractions and i find more not only in the Center or City of the place. I go to a small village or small town to find interesting from this place.
  • I walked more a that I can find the best attractions, in every street i explore to know more the place.
  • I don’t go to the tourist place, better go to a small town without so many tourist. you can find a nice place and relax your mind and take your time.
  • i don’t expect so much when i arrived in other places, just take your time to know the best attractions, be happy you arrived and discover something new.
  • Do you plan to travel? do you have fixed plan? where you need to go? Or do you like to walk until you find the best attraction in this place.
  • Do you like to explore more  the City or just stay in Tourist spot?

“I read, I travel, I become.”Derek Walcott



words to remember:

English – Deutsch


  • abandoned – aufgegeben
  • anger – Ärger
  • avoidance – Vermeidung
  • despair – Verzweiflung
  • detestable – abscheulich
  • disapproval – Missbilligung
  • empty – bedeutungslos
  • empty-handed – erfolglos
  • fear – Angst
  • fulfilled – erfüllt
  • happy – fröhlich
  • hesitant – zögerlich
  • hostile – feindlich
  • indifferent – abgestumpft
  • inferior – minderwertig
  • infuriated – wütend


  • judgemental – voreingenommen
  • loathing – Ekel
  • most respected – angesehenste
  • open-minded – weltoffen
  • playful – verspielt
  • powerless – machtlos
  • provocative – provokativ
  • respected – respektiert
  • revolted – aufgelehnt
  • sad – traurig
  • sensitive – empfindlich
  • skeptical – skeptisch
  • surprise – überraschend
  • victimized – geopfert
  • well-respected – sehr angesehen
  • withdrawn – verschlossen


  • ages – Zeitalter
  • amusement park – Freizeitpark
  • casual clothes – Freizeitkleidung
  • digitales era – digitales zeitalter
  • era – Zeitabschnitt
  • leisure activities – Freizeitbeschäftigung
  • leisure industry – Freizeitindustrie
  • leisure pursuit – Freizeit vergnügen
  • moment – Zeitpunkt
  • recreational activities – Freizeitgestaltung
  • recreational sport – Freizeitsport
  • shortage of time – Zeitnot
  • spirit of the time – Zeitgeist
  • temporary employment – Zeitarbeit
  • time management – Zeitmanagement
  • time management skills – Zeitmanagementfähigkeiten
  • time pressure – Zeitdruck
  • time zone – Zeitzone


Salzgitter See

  • Man made lake and Beautiful place to relax your time here, but when summer so many people spend thier time.
  • I went here autumn time and only few people walked and visited here.
  • To breath fresh air and some use thier bicycles to go to in this lake.
  • They have playground for Kids and some swans too, but not allowed to feed them.
  • At the background you can see have windmill, that’s a little bit far from the lake.
  • You need to walk more before you can reach the windmill.
  • They have boat and enjoying sailing with  this peaceful place, bring some snacks for picnic.


Windmill at Salder Castle



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