The time of your life to travel and enjoy

The time of your life to travel and enjoy

Inside the Train station in Bad harzburg germany #time #badharzburg

The time of your Life Quotes:

“The trouble is, you think you have time.” Buddha

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”

-Dr. Seuss

“Don’t think about the about your errors or failures, otherwise you’ll never do a thing.”

-Bill Murray


Bad Harzburg is a town in Germany

  • Do you have experience going to bad harzburg? What is your experience?
  • I rode a train going to Bad Harzburg and bus.
  • One day ticket I paid 19.50 euro one person, but if you have companion it’s much cheaper.
  • How to get there, from Salzgitter Bad, you ride the train to Ringelheim and then interchange to other train going to Bad harzburg.
  • But you need to wait the train going to Bad Harzburg in other platform.
  • More colder in Bad Harzburg than in Salzgitter Bad better wear warm clothes when you go there.
  • Thistrain going to Bad Harzburg Linie RE 10 Erixx
  • if you want salzgitter, wolfenbüttel, hildesheim, braunschweig feel to view it. thanks for reading my blog.

Front view of Bad harzburg germany #trainstation #time #bahnhof germany


Bad Harzburg in front of Bahnhof or train station #time #germanybadharzburg

words to remember

English – Deutsch

German words , learning the vocabulary #germanlanguage #english #deutsch
  • compulsion – Nötigung
  • courtesy –  Höflichkeit
  • criticism – Kritik
  • everything at the  proper time – Allies zu seiner Zeit
  • forgiveness – Vergebung
  • good behavior – Artigkeit
  • harsh criticism – harsche Kritik
  • horrid – schrecklich
  • horrible – entsetzlich
  • horror – Entsetzen
  • hospitable – gast frei
  • hostile – feindlich
  • humane – menschenfreundlich
  • humbug – Schwindel
  • hunt – Jagd
German vocabulary daily practice #time #germanlanguage #deutsch #language
  • No trespassing – Unbefugter Zutritt verboten
  • nourishing – nahrhaft
  • Pardon me! – Verzeihen Sie bitte!
  • postscript – Nachschrift
  • reimbursement – Nachnahme
  • revenge – Rache
  • standard – Norm
  • standardization – Normung
  • That’s strictly forbidden – Das ist streng verboten
  • there is no more time to waste – Es ist höchste Zeit
  • time heals all wounds – Die Zeit heilt alle Wunden
  • to keep off from – abhalten von
German vocabularies read daily #germanlanguage #language #vokabeln
  • time is getting short – Die Zeit wird knapp
  • time will tell – Kommt Zeit,  kommt Rat
  • to achieve forgiveness 
  • Verzeihung erlangen
  • to challenge criticism – Kritik herausfordern
  • to grant forgiveness -Vergebung aussprechen
  • to hide away – verbergen
  • to look after – nachsehen
  • to look up -nachschlagen
  • utility – Nützlichkeit
  • wishful – wünschend
  • wishful thinking – Wunschdenken

Mountains of bad harzburg germany #badharzburgmountain #time

Table with flowers #time

Do you have experience in traveling the Harz?

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