View from hanover Germany, deutsche bank in Hannover, Lower Saxony, germany, bank photos

How to love your life with Napoleon Hill quotes

 How to love your life?

  • First of all, no matter who you are and no matter what you do. Simply always love your life and don’t stop learning they called it life.
  • Second, Live your life to the fullest and explore the world with a big smile. Because if you laugh even if it impossible and in that way, you help yourself to be positive.
  • Instead, Forget your failure and use this as a life lesson to continue the next chapter of your life.
  • Besides, hold your head up high and be proud to face the world.
  • While improving yourself and do some changes in your life.
  • In addition, don’t forget to learn more to become a better person.
  • Additionally, don’t criticize yourself instead help to find a way to improve it. 
  • For instance, do more extra efforts and never quit until you reach your goal in life.
  • In other words, don’t lose hope and just try your best.
  • Maybe one day you will see the result of your hard work.
  • Like someone else, they also try to survive in their daily life.
  • And not only you have challenges and struggles in life.
  • Therefore, keep on learning to overcome all the obstacles.
  • For example, just think your life is so important and always take care of yourself.
  • Then treasure every moment you’ve have done.
  • Most importantly, Have a lot of patience and focus yourself on happiness. Hence be gentle on yourself and love your life.
View from my window in Hanover Germany

Find a good habit to enjoy and love your life

For instance, read a good book daily to achieve your goals. Moreover to add more knowledge and learn new things.

While reading a good book daily it inspires you to do something worthwhile and love your amazing life.

Instead, be glad for what you have and strive more.

Also if you have something you wished in your life just find a way to get or pursue.

Thus don’t compare yourself to someone else because you don’t know what they have been through.

Such as, set your priorities in your life and stick with it.

Moreover, love yourself more and be patient. And keep your expectations very low. Because it will help your life to become content for what you have. But If you want to aim more just do what you wish for.

Above all, don’t expect too much because it will lead you to become unhappy. Just take care of yourself and simply be happy.

Express your feelings and loye your life with positive thoughts

To be content, only count your blessing and be grateful. In other words, express your feelings or share it. And don’t keep it in yourself. Talk to the people you really trust.

Because it helps you to feel relax and it’s not so heavy in your heart. I believe, expressing yourself is good for your heart and also for your life.

Hence live in the present life full of hopes. In addition, loving your life is a way of taking care of it. But living in the past you can’t fulfill anything and just move on.

Even though some people will avoid you. So don’t disturb them and go on your way.

Therefore, Let them do whatever they want and ignore them.

Instead, don’t worry too much about the opinions of other people. Find a way to develop something about yourself to become a better person. Do some habits to obtain you a success.

“If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way. ” Napoleon Hill

Improve yourself and always love your one life

For example, reading your favorite books or learning the language. Always practice it every day to master it.

Consequently, repeat always and make a habit. You will become happy with the result. Because of your daily habit can help you to improve yourself. Study a foreign language makes you happy and confident.

In short, make a habit of reading daily your book or good books. Repeat it until you understand it. For instance, writing what you already learn and study that again and again.

Most importantly, be proactive and take action. Move your ass and do something you need to do.

For example, reading or writing daily to improve yourself. And don’t wait for anything, just simply make something valuable in your life.

Be confident and believe yourself that way you love your life.

Firstly, be confident in what you have already learned.

Second, Just relax your mind and take a deep breath. Additionally, be strong and fight your fears. In other words, apply what you have learned.

Instead, Learn from your mistakes or failures and used this failure to fight a new beginning.

Lastly, Always be responsible for yourself and love your life. That is the best thing you can do and the rest you will have to do it step by step.

View from hanover Germany

Where to find this building?

  • These Pictures in Hannover, Lower Saxony, Germany when I was in the hospital. And I took these pictures as memories when I was in the hospital.
  • Also to show you the buildings while I’m traveling in this city. That day is not really a good feeling. Because I was in the hospital on that day.
  • But I want to take a picture while I’m waiting for the operation.
  • Although I felt afraid and I continue my hobby.
  • Further to share the places I visited or traveled. Therefore no matter what happens just do whatever you like as long as your happy.

  • The beautiful Building of the Deutsche Bank in Hannover, Germany.
  • What is the most beautiful building have you seen before? Do you like this building from Deutsche Bank?
  • That’s the view of my window from the hospital in Hannover. During that day it is a little bit quiet and sunny day.
  • While I’m sitting near the window in the hospital and I thought it’s a nice view to take a picture. And I want to share it in my blog.
  • So nice flowers in front of Deutsche Bank, Hannover.
  • A wonderful summer season, that time was warm and the sun until 9 or 10 still shining.
  • But in the Philippines, it’s early to have a dark sky or so fast the sun is gone.
  • Also, it’s a little bit warm but it’s good to travel. While the weather is warm.
  • That was a beautiful day and more positive things happened.
  • Have you tried to visit in Hannover Germany before? What’s your travel experience in Hannover?
  • Did you visit different places in Hannover?
  • In addition, In the future, I want to visit more historical places and traditional buildings in Hannover.
  • Also to learn about the culture and history of Germany.
  • Lastly, I want to enjoy my life and travel more in Germany. Because I like to learn about different places in Germany.

View in Hospital window, you can see through the window the building of the church in Hannover

How to learn more about life?

  • First of all, I’m inspired by quotes of Napoleon Hill, I already read his book but in German.
  • A little bit difficult to understand because the book was written in German. So I need to read it twice or thrice before I can understand what he really means.
  • the reason why I read that book to learn more about the German language and also to learn about life. Because I want to learn about the advice of Napoleon Hill. While reading this I learn step by step the German language.
  • Furthermore, I like these quotes to discover more about life and to learn more to overcome in our daily life. Because life is not easy there are so many ups and downs that you need to overcome.
  • In addition, I believe when you do your best and practice a daily habit in your life. Perhaps you get what you really wished for.
  • For instance, To gain more knowledge and use it as key to your success in life. Above all, don’t stop learning and also read more books.
  • Lastly, don’t wait for something or time. In my own opinion, instead of waiting for the right time. Just you do what you need to finish. Also, to create something valuable for your life. Besides, Do always what you really wished for and love your awesome life.

What is the most beautiful building in your country? 

In my own opinion, This building is impressive and artistic. That’s why I took pictures. It is an old building but I love to have pictures like this in my travel.

Do you have a picture of the most beautiful building in your town?

What is the highest or tallest building in your city?

Napoleon Hills quotes to love your life

“Don’t wait. The time will never be just.” Napoleon Hill

Quotes of Napoleon Hills & Dale Carnegie

“It takes half your life before you discover life is a do-it-yourself project.” Napoleon Hill

“Happiness is found in doing, not merely possessing.” Napoleon Hill

“both success and failure are largely the results of habit.” Napoleon Hill

“one of the worst features about worrying is that it destroys our ability to concentrate.” Dale Carnegie

How to inspire yourself and love your life?

Another quote I’m inspired by Dale Carnegie I already read the book and also written in German. The words are difficult to understand but in this way, I learn more about life and how you take care of your life and love it. While reading this book it makes me think and ask myself how to become more strong.

Just keep on believing that you can do it and always love your wonderful life. We all deserve to be happy and love our life.

Also, surround yourself with the best people and also accept yourself. For me, you are the master of your destiny and always think to love your life.

Besides, enjoy the good things now, don’t wait for the right. Let go of the things that are beyond your control because this will make your life easier.

Hence think happy thoughts and avoid negative people. Moreover, try to keep yourself busy like learning new vocabulary every day and write it.

What do you do for yourself to be happy and love your wonderful life? Do you like to read more books?

Words to remember:

English – Deutsch

german vocabulary | health | gesundheit | learn german and english words | list of vocabulary| deutsch lernen
  • anesthesia – Narkose
  • appendix – Blinddarm
  • bladder – Blase
  • blood pressure – Blutdruck
  • brain – Gehirn
  • drop – Tropfen
  • findings – Befunde
  • gallbladder – Gallenblase
  • general anesthesia – Vollnarkose
  • health – Gesundheit
  • heart – Herz
  • infusion – Infusion
  • large intestine – Dickdarm
  • medical examination – medizinische Untersuchung
  • mobilization – Mobilisation
Gesundheit | health | vocabulary words | german vocabulary | german language learning | german vocabulary list | deutsch lernen| englisch lernen
  • pancreas – Bauchspeiseldrüse
  • responsive – ansprechbar
  • sense of taste – Geschmackssinn
  • side effect – Nebenwirkung
  • small intestine – Dünndarm
  • sprained ankle – verstauchter Knöchel
  • to cure – heilen
  • to check blood pressure – Blutdruck messen
  • to inflame – entzünden
  • toothaches – Zahnschmerzen
  • to take in – einnehmen
  • urinary catheter – Blasenkatheter
  • vertigo – Schwindelanfall
deutsch wortschatz | deutsch lernen| englisch lernen| learn english | Gesundheit wörter | health vocabulary | german vocabulary list | learn german
  • kidney – Nieren
  • lament – jammern
  • non-smoker – Nichtraucher
  • non-smoker protection – Nichtraucherschutz
  • rapid heartbeat – Herzrasen
  • respiratory physician – Pneumologe
  • sense of sight – Gesichtssinn
  • sense of smell – Geschmackssinn
  • sense of touch – Tastsinn visiting hours – Besuchszeit
  • surgery – die OP
  • to discontinue medications – Medikamente absetzen
  • to spit out – ausspucken
  • walking stick – Gehstock
german language and english language learning | deutsch lernen| vokabeln liste | englisch wortschatz liste | learn german | learn english |
  • ambulance station – Sanitätswache
  • denture – künstliches Gebiss
  • first aid – Erste Hilfe
  • fracture – Fraktur
  • hearing – Gehörsinn
  • hearing -impaired – hörbehindert
  • hospital staff – das Krankenhauspersonal
  • intensive care – Intensivpflege
  • itch – Juckreiz
  • operating room – Operationssaal
  • orthesis – Orthose
  • patient care – Krankenversorgung
  • prothesis – Prothese
  • scar – Narbe
german language and english language | german vocabulary list | learn german| deutsche wörter | deutsch lernen | vocabulary in english
  • breathing exercise – Atemübung
  • care dependent – pflegebedürftig
  • childlike – kindhaft
  • digestion – Verdauung
  • discharge – Entlassung
  • effect – Auswirkung
  • health history – Krankengeschichte
  • inadvisable – unratsam
  • incautious – unvorsichtig
  • incomplete – unvollständig
  • infect – infizieren
  • insecticide -Insektengift
  • oral care – Mundpflege
  • report – Bericht
  • operation – Operation
german language | german vocab | german words | german vocabulary list | foreign language | english deutsch | deutsch lernen | sprache | health words
  • allergy – die allergie
  • ambulance – Ambulanz
  • bracer – Armschiene
  • disease outbreak – Krankheitsausbruch
  • dizzy – schwindelig
  • medical round – Visite
  • outpatient – ambulant
  • pelvic – Becken
  • personal hygiene – Körperpflege
  • pharmacist – Pharmazeut
  • pill – die Pille
  • physiotherapist – Physiotherapeut
  • to discontinue medications – Medikamente absetzen
Health german vocabulary list | learn english | englisch sprache | deutsch wortschatz | deutsch lernen| learn german
  • addiction – Abhängingkeit
  • advertising ban –Werbeverbot
  • cigarette end/stub – Zigarettenkippe
  • cigarette lighter – Zigarettenanzünder
  • cleanliness – Reinlichkeit
  • disorderly – Ordnungswidrig
  • fire prevention – Brandschutz
  • fire risk – Brandgefahr
  • flammable – brennbar
  • litterer – Verschmutzer
  • lung cancer – Lungenkrebs
  • nicotine – Nikotin
learn english vocabulary | deutsch lernen | german vocabulary | german vocabulary list | german words | englisch lernen | gesundheit wortschatz
  • irritation – Reizung/Irritation
  • lack of oxygen – Sauerstoffmangel
  • muscle cramp – Muskelkrampf
  • nerve tissue – Nervengewebe
  • no-smoking rule – Rauchverbot
  • obsession with cleanliness – Reinlichkeitswahn
  • pulmonary tissue – Lungengewebe
  • scar tissue – Narbengewebe
  • short of breath -kurzatmig
  • sign of withdrawal – Entzugerscheinungen
  • smell pollution – Geruchsbelastung
  • smoking break – Raucherpause
  • throat – Hals
language |german words | deutsche wörter | englisch sprache lernen| deutsch lernen| learn english | learn german | deutsch lernen| health
  • anxious – besorgt
  • blindness – Blindheit
  • blood oxygen – Blutsauerstoff
  • breathlessness – Atemnot/Atemlosigkeit
  • cavities – Höhlen/Aushöhlungen
  • cell tissue – Zellengewebe
  • circulatory problems – Kreislaufbeschwerden
  • damaged tissue – geschädigtes Gewebe
  • ear, nose, throat specialist – Hals-Nasen-Ohren Spezialistin
  • esophagus cancer – Ösophaguskrebs
  • gum disease – Zahnfleischerkrankung
  • high-risk – Hochrisiko
  • rapid heartbeat – Herzrasen
  • respiratory physician – Pneumologe
  • sprained ankle – verstauchter Knöchel
  • toothaches – Zahnschmerzen
deutsch wortschatz | learn german | Gesundheit | health vocabulary | list | german language| deutsch lernen| englisch lernen| german vocabulary list
  • cardiology – kardiologie
  • dental surgeon – Zahnarzt
  • dermatologist – Hautarzt
  • doctor – Arzt
  • family physician – Hausarzt
  • skin – Haut
  • influenza – Grippe
  • internist – Facharzt für Innere Medizin
  • near-sightedness – kurzsichtigkeit
  • neurologist – Nervenarzt
  • nurse – Krankenschwester
  • ophthalmologist – Augenarzt
  • orthopedist – Orthopäde
  • pediatrician – Kinderarzt
  • pulmonary specialist – Lungenfacharzt

Learn the vocabulary every day

I hope you learn some new German vocabulary and repeat it daily. Additionally, take your time to study and learn the new German vocabulary. Moreover, always try your best to learn more new vocabulary.

Simply relax your mind and study the new German words.

How you motivate yourself in everyday life? What did you do to motivate yourself? Do you have any tips to share?

Stay calm and happy reading my blog.

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Life is precious

 Simple things to appreciate

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happiness. wildlife park quezon city #philippine #quezoncity

Wildlife Park in Quezon City


Wildlife parkWildlife Park in Quezon City, Metro Manila Philippines

Wildlife park in quezon city metro manila

“Sunset starts the beautiful things at night, enjoy it.”Sunset in Wildlife park quezon city

“Let go of the negative things and turn into a positive mind
Philippines Wildlife park quezon city

Wildlife Park Metro Manila, Philippines

  • Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Park Center in Quezon City, Philippines.
  • Zoological and botanical garden.
  • You can spend time here, have an entrance fee 30 pesos for adults and 15 pesos for children, senior citizens it’s free.
  • They have a lake and different animals and some they spend there vacation.
  • I’ve been there twice only spent time looking the nature and some fresh air, have some walks around the lake.
  • If you are a budgeted traveler and want to explore Manila Quezon City, you can visit this Park.
  • It’s good for a picnic with your family and friends. You can exercise or walk there.
  • There’s a big space for your family picnic here in Wildlife Park.
  • Other people bring there family or friends to celebrate their Birthday, if you want a place for photography for your wedding, it’s a good place to use.
  • There’s so many small stores and toilet. Don’t worry there are enough chairs and tables in Wildlife Park.

Noah’s Ark 
Explore Taguig City
Venice Grand Canal Philippines
Quotes that inspired Joylandz Travel


“Rejection is a challenge, but you have to face it and be brave.

Words to remember:

       English – Deutsch

german vocabulary | englisch lernen |deutsch englisch vokabeln

  • continued progress– kontinuierliche Fortschritte
  • possibility – Möglichkeit
  • prefer – bevorzugen, vorziehen
  • produce – produzieren, erzeugen, vorlegen
  • progress – Fortschritt,
  • sightseeing possibility – Besichtigungsmöglichkeit
  • start – anfangen
  • starve to death – verhungern
  • strange – außergewöhnlich, seltsam
  • strange behavior –  seltsames Benehmen
  • strange face – fremdes Gesicht
  • tact – Takt, Taktgefühl
  • tactful – taktvoll, diskret
  • to make progress – vorwärtskommen

learn german| deutschwortschatz liste | englisch sprache lernen|


  • accuse – beschuldigen
  • defenseless– wehrlos
  • defenselessness- Wehrlosigkeit
  • fragile -zerbrechlich
  • refusal – Weigerung
  • suspicion – Verdacht
  • suspected – verdächtigt
  • tenderness – Zartgefühl
  • to agonize – quälen
  • to break into pieces – entzweibrechen
  • to condemn- verdammen
  • to crumble – zerbröckeln
  • to devote – widmen
  • to fall to pieces – zerfallen
  • to owe – verdanken
  • watchful –wachsam

Englisch Deutsch Vokabeln | learn german vocabulary | words


  • anger – Zorn
  • angry – zornig
  • chronology – Reihenfolge
  • lost of time – Zeitverlust
  • occasionally – zeitweise
  • pastime – Zeitvertreib
  • temporary – zeitweilig
  • to evaluate – auswerten
  • to grudge – beneiden
  • to interupt – unterbrechen
  • to interrogate – verhören
  • to hesitate – zögern
  • to leave – verlassen
  • to misinterpret – missdeuten
  • to praise -loben
  • to survey – befragen

How to overcome rejection in our life?

  • Go out and enjoy nature, take a walk outside, smell the fresh air and visit a wildlife park, beach.
  • Accept it and move forward, it’s the best thing you can do.
  • Call someone if want to share your problems but the people that you can trust, If you don’t feel good.
  • Travel to other places, to have a peaceful mind.
  • Don’t worry so much and overthinking, that will make you more difficult to recover.
  • Find a friend or family, anything you can tell your rejection, who’s always there to listen to you.
  • When you’re upset, never share to Facebook, it can’t help you to solve.
  • Do something that makes you happy or does some adventurous travel.
  • Try a new sport, food, read a book, or learn a new foreign language.
  • Forget it step by step, and accept your self, you know yourself and be happy.
  • Do you have experience with rejection? How do you overcome it?
  • It’s easy or difficult to overcome? What’s your suggestion or advice to make it better?


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Clearwater Bay

Tai Mei Tuk

Sai Kung Hk

Big Buddha


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"People from different cultures have different definitions for beauty. Isn't that sad to judge others with our standards.... rather than appreciate them?" Mizuki Nomura

Wind Turbines in Germany

quotes #placestogo #placestovisit#adventure #adventuretime #adventuretravel#traveltips #travelphotos#traveldestinations#quotes #life #window #design #architecture #cities #urban #living #construction #travel #street #photography #journey

Road trip with Windmills on the Autobahn | Lower Saxony |Germany

“Don’t judge based on what you see, judge based on what you know, because the two are rarely similar.” Markus Peterson

"People from different cultures have different definitions for beauty. Isn't that sad to judge others with our standards.... rather than appreciate them?" Mizuki Nomura##placestogo #placestovisit#adventure #adventuretime #adventuretravel#traveltips #travelphotos#traveldestinations#quotes #life #window #design #architecture #cities #urban #living #construction #travel #street #photography #journey

“People from different cultures have different definitions for beauty. Isn’t that sad to judge others with our standards…. rather than appreciate them?” Mizuki Nomura


Admire Beauty and Travel

“Dance is the art closest to nature.

Amazing Nature

Quotes #placestogo #placestovisit#adventure #adventuretime #adventuretravel#traveltips #travelphotos#traveldestinations#quotes #life #window #design #architecture #cities #urban #living #construction #travel #street #photography #journey

“Never judge others. You both know good and well how unexpected events can change who a person is. Always keep that in mind. You never know what someone else is experiencing within their own life.” Colleen Hoover

"Even when people are so judgemental about what you wear or your weight you just have to step away and be like, I'm a normal, fine human being." Leighton Meester #placestogo #placestovisit#adventure #adventuretime #adventuretravel#traveltips #travelphotos#traveldestinations#quotes #life #window #design #architecture #cities #urban #living #construction #travel #street #photography #journey

“Even when people are so judgemental about what you wear or your weight you just have to step away and be like, I’m a normal, fine human being.” Leighton Meester

Windmill at Salder Castle

These wind turbines are located in Lower Saxony, Germany. Germany has 26,772 wind turbines and 3rd largest producer of wind power in the world. Every time we drove on the road, I want to take a photo. Do you have different kinds of wind turbines in your country? what’s your experience? do you like it?

advantages and disadvantages of using wind turbines

  • a green energy source, it’s not dirty or polluted in our environment.
  • renewable and sustainable
  • environmentally friendly
  • reduce using oil, gas, coal
  • the cost of installation is expensive
  • noise for the neighborhood who lives in the near.
  • no pollution
  • no negative effect
  • no greenhouse gases

Words to remember: 

English – Deutsch

  • adequate – ausreichend, genügend
  • air condition system – Klimaanlage
  • alternative energies – Alternative Energien
  • biodegradable – biologisch Abbaubar
  • Carbon – Kohlenstoff
  • Carbon dioxide – Kohlendioxid
  • Carbon monoxide – Kohlenmonoxid
  • cleanliness – Sauberkeit
  • clean air – saubere Luft
  • Climate change – Klimawandel
Wind energy, deutsch vokabeln liste, englisch sprache lernen, deutsch wortschatz, b2, deutsche sprache lernen, english language
  • climate change scenario – Klimawandel Szenario
  • conserve – erhalten, bewahren
  • degradable – abbaubar
  • deforestation – Entwaldung, Abholzung
  • development environment – Entwicklungsumgebung
  • drip – tropfen
  • drought – Dürre, Trockenheit
  • ecological balance – ökologisches Gleichgewicht
Deutsch language learning, german english vocabulary words, wind energy, deutsch vokabeln lernen, b2 ,energy
  • environmental conditions – Umweltbedingungen
  • environmental conscious – Umweltbewusst
  • environmental damage – Umweltschäden
  • environmental disaster – Umweltkatastrophe
  • environmental friendly – Umweltfreundlich
  • environmental impact – Umweltbeeinträchtigung
  • environmentalist – Umweltschützer
  • environmental law – Umweltgesetz
German english vocabulary list, englisch sprache lernen, englisch wortschatz, wind energy, german words with english, deutsch als fremdsprache, renewable energy
  • energy efficient – energieeffizient
  • energy sources – Energiequellen
  • energy supply – Energieversorgung
  • environment – Umfeld
  • environmental – Umwelt betreffend
  • environmental awareness – Umweltbewusstsein
energy sources, wind enegry, german language, germany language, englisch deutsch vokabeln liste, deutsch als fremdsprache, deutsche sprache
  • Earth – Erde
  • escapable – Umgehbar
  • evaporation – Verdunstung
  • fuel – Brennstoff
  • fuel level – Kraftstoff
  • fuel type – Brennstoffart
  • fossil fuel – fossiler Brennstoff
  • fresh – frisch
  • fresh air – frische Luft
  • Greenhouse – Treibhaus
  • Greenhouse effect – Treibhaus effekt
  • humid climate – feuchtes Klima
  • Hydropower – Wasserkraft
german language, german vocabulary, german vocabulary with english, englisch lernen, engilsch wortschatz liste
  • environmental pollution – Umweltsverschmutzung, Umweltbelastung
  • environmental protection – Umweltschutz
  • low energy consumption – geringer Energieverbrauch, niedriger Energieverbrauch
  • naturalistic – Naturalistisch
  • nature reserve – Naturschutzgebiet
  • neighbourhoods – Nachbarschaft
  • organic – biologisch
  • Oxygen – Sauerstoff
  • Ozone – Ozon
wind power, germany, german language learning, german words, englisch deutsch vokabeln lernen, deutsch wortschatz
  • Ozone layer – Ozonschicht
  • renewable – erneuerbar
  • renewable energy sources – erneuerbare Energiequellen
  • reservoir – Reservoir, Stausee
  • rural – ländlich
  • solar energy – Sonnenenergie
  • Solar energy is a new source of energy – Solarenergie ist eine neue Energiequelle
  • solar collector – Sonnenkollector
  • solar radiation – Sonneneinstrahlung
renewable energy, wind power, wind turbines, deutsch lernen, englisch deutsch wortschatz, german english vocabulary
  • sustainable environmental protection – nachhaltiger Umweltschutz
  • unfamiliar surroundings – fremde Umgebung
  • we need fresh air – wir brauchen frische Luft
  • wind direction – Windrichtung
  • wind energy – Windenergie
  • wind gauge – Windmesser
  • wind turbine – Windkraftanlage
  • wind turbine generator – Windenergieanlage
wind turbines in germany, wind energy, renewable energy, deutsch lernen, deutsch vokabeln, englisch deutsch vokabeln lernen