View from hanover Germany, deutsche bank in Hannover, Lower Saxony, germany, bank photos

How to love your life with Napoleon Hill quotes

 How to love your life?

  • First of all, no matter who you are and no matter what you do. Simply always love your life and don’t stop learning they called it life.
  • Second, Live your life to the fullest and explore the world with a big smile. Because if you laugh even if it impossible and in that way, you help yourself to be positive.
  • Instead, Forget your failure and use this as a life lesson to continue the next chapter of your life.
  • Besides, hold your head up high and be proud to face the world.
  • While improving yourself and do some changes in your life.
  • In addition, don’t forget to learn more to become a better person.
  • Additionally, don’t criticize yourself instead help to find a way to improve it. 
  • For instance, do more extra efforts and never quit until you reach your goal in life.
  • In other words, don’t lose hope and just try your best.
  • Maybe one day you will see the result of your hard work.
  • Like someone else, they also try to survive in their daily life.
  • And not only you have challenges and struggles in life.
  • Therefore, keep on learning to overcome all the obstacles.
  • For example, just think your life is so important and always take care of yourself.
  • Then treasure every moment you’ve have done.
  • Most importantly, Have a lot of patience and focus yourself on happiness. Hence be gentle on yourself and love your life.
View from my window in Hanover Germany

Find a good habit to enjoy and love your life

For instance, read a good book daily to achieve your goals. Moreover to add more knowledge and learn new things.

While reading a good book daily it inspires you to do something worthwhile and love your amazing life.

Instead, be glad for what you have and strive more.

Also if you have something you wished in your life just find a way to get or pursue.

Thus don’t compare yourself to someone else because you don’t know what they have been through.

Such as, set your priorities in your life and stick with it.

Moreover, love yourself more and be patient. And keep your expectations very low. Because it will help your life to become content for what you have. But If you want to aim more just do what you wish for.

Above all, don’t expect too much because it will lead you to become unhappy. Just take care of yourself and simply be happy.

Express your feelings and loye your life with positive thoughts

To be content, only count your blessing and be grateful. In other words, express your feelings or share it. And don’t keep it in yourself. Talk to the people you really trust.

Because it helps you to feel relax and it’s not so heavy in your heart. I believe, expressing yourself is good for your heart and also for your life.

Hence live in the present life full of hopes. In addition, loving your life is a way of taking care of it. But living in the past you can’t fulfill anything and just move on.

Even though some people will avoid you. So don’t disturb them and go on your way.

Therefore, Let them do whatever they want and ignore them.

Instead, don’t worry too much about the opinions of other people. Find a way to develop something about yourself to become a better person. Do some habits to obtain you a success.

“If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way. ” Napoleon Hill

Improve yourself and always love your one life

For example, reading your favorite books or learning the language. Always practice it every day to master it.

Consequently, repeat always and make a habit. You will become happy with the result. Because of your daily habit can help you to improve yourself. Study a foreign language makes you happy and confident.

In short, make a habit of reading daily your book or good books. Repeat it until you understand it. For instance, writing what you already learn and study that again and again.

Most importantly, be proactive and take action. Move your ass and do something you need to do.

For example, reading or writing daily to improve yourself. And don’t wait for anything, just simply make something valuable in your life.

Be confident and believe yourself that way you love your life.

Firstly, be confident in what you have already learned.

Second, Just relax your mind and take a deep breath. Additionally, be strong and fight your fears. In other words, apply what you have learned.

Instead, Learn from your mistakes or failures and used this failure to fight a new beginning.

Lastly, Always be responsible for yourself and love your life. That is the best thing you can do and the rest you will have to do it step by step.

View from hanover Germany

Where to find this building?

  • These Pictures in Hannover, Lower Saxony, Germany when I was in the hospital. And I took these pictures as memories when I was in the hospital.
  • Also to show you the buildings while I’m traveling in this city. That day is not really a good feeling. Because I was in the hospital on that day.
  • But I want to take a picture while I’m waiting for the operation.
  • Although I felt afraid and I continue my hobby.
  • Further to share the places I visited or traveled. Therefore no matter what happens just do whatever you like as long as your happy.

  • The beautiful Building of the Deutsche Bank in Hannover, Germany.
  • What is the most beautiful building have you seen before? Do you like this building from Deutsche Bank?
  • That’s the view of my window from the hospital in Hannover. During that day it is a little bit quiet and sunny day.
  • While I’m sitting near the window in the hospital and I thought it’s a nice view to take a picture. And I want to share it in my blog.
  • So nice flowers in front of Deutsche Bank, Hannover.
  • A wonderful summer season, that time was warm and the sun until 9 or 10 still shining.
  • But in the Philippines, it’s early to have a dark sky or so fast the sun is gone.
  • Also, it’s a little bit warm but it’s good to travel. While the weather is warm.
  • That was a beautiful day and more positive things happened.
  • Have you tried to visit in Hannover Germany before? What’s your travel experience in Hannover?
  • Did you visit different places in Hannover?
  • In addition, In the future, I want to visit more historical places and traditional buildings in Hannover.
  • Also to learn about the culture and history of Germany.
  • Lastly, I want to enjoy my life and travel more in Germany. Because I like to learn about different places in Germany.

View in Hospital window, you can see through the window the building of the church in Hannover

How to learn more about life?

  • First of all, I’m inspired by quotes of Napoleon Hill, I already read his book but in German.
  • A little bit difficult to understand because the book was written in German. So I need to read it twice or thrice before I can understand what he really means.
  • the reason why I read that book to learn more about the German language and also to learn about life. Because I want to learn about the advice of Napoleon Hill. While reading this I learn step by step the German language.
  • Furthermore, I like these quotes to discover more about life and to learn more to overcome in our daily life. Because life is not easy there are so many ups and downs that you need to overcome.
  • In addition, I believe when you do your best and practice a daily habit in your life. Perhaps you get what you really wished for.
  • For instance, To gain more knowledge and use it as key to your success in life. Above all, don’t stop learning and also read more books.
  • Lastly, don’t wait for something or time. In my own opinion, instead of waiting for the right time. Just you do what you need to finish. Also, to create something valuable for your life. Besides, Do always what you really wished for and love your awesome life.

What is the most beautiful building in your country? 

In my own opinion, This building is impressive and artistic. That’s why I took pictures. It is an old building but I love to have pictures like this in my travel.

Do you have a picture of the most beautiful building in your town?

What is the highest or tallest building in your city?

Napoleon Hills quotes to love your life

“Don’t wait. The time will never be just.” Napoleon Hill

Quotes of Napoleon Hills & Dale Carnegie

“It takes half your life before you discover life is a do-it-yourself project.” Napoleon Hill

“Happiness is found in doing, not merely possessing.” Napoleon Hill

“both success and failure are largely the results of habit.” Napoleon Hill

“one of the worst features about worrying is that it destroys our ability to concentrate.” Dale Carnegie

How to inspire yourself and love your life?

Another quote I’m inspired by Dale Carnegie I already read the book and also written in German. The words are difficult to understand but in this way, I learn more about life and how you take care of your life and love it. While reading this book it makes me think and ask myself how to become more strong.

Just keep on believing that you can do it and always love your wonderful life. We all deserve to be happy and love our life.

Also, surround yourself with the best people and also accept yourself. For me, you are the master of your destiny and always think to love your life.

Besides, enjoy the good things now, don’t wait for the right. Let go of the things that are beyond your control because this will make your life easier.

Hence think happy thoughts and avoid negative people. Moreover, try to keep yourself busy like learning new vocabulary every day and write it.

What do you do for yourself to be happy and love your wonderful life? Do you like to read more books?

Words to remember:

English – Deutsch

german vocabulary | health | gesundheit | learn german and english words | list of vocabulary| deutsch lernen
  • anesthesia – Narkose
  • appendix – Blinddarm
  • bladder – Blase
  • blood pressure – Blutdruck
  • brain – Gehirn
  • drop – Tropfen
  • findings – Befunde
  • gallbladder – Gallenblase
  • general anesthesia – Vollnarkose
  • health – Gesundheit
  • heart – Herz
  • infusion – Infusion
  • large intestine – Dickdarm
  • medical examination – medizinische Untersuchung
  • mobilization – Mobilisation
Gesundheit | health | vocabulary words | german vocabulary | german language learning | german vocabulary list | deutsch lernen| englisch lernen
  • pancreas – Bauchspeiseldrüse
  • responsive – ansprechbar
  • sense of taste – Geschmackssinn
  • side effect – Nebenwirkung
  • small intestine – Dünndarm
  • sprained ankle – verstauchter Knöchel
  • to cure – heilen
  • to check blood pressure – Blutdruck messen
  • to inflame – entzünden
  • toothaches – Zahnschmerzen
  • to take in – einnehmen
  • urinary catheter – Blasenkatheter
  • vertigo – Schwindelanfall
deutsch wortschatz | deutsch lernen| englisch lernen| learn english | Gesundheit wörter | health vocabulary | german vocabulary list | learn german
  • kidney – Nieren
  • lament – jammern
  • non-smoker – Nichtraucher
  • non-smoker protection – Nichtraucherschutz
  • rapid heartbeat – Herzrasen
  • respiratory physician – Pneumologe
  • sense of sight – Gesichtssinn
  • sense of smell – Geschmackssinn
  • sense of touch – Tastsinn visiting hours – Besuchszeit
  • surgery – die OP
  • to discontinue medications – Medikamente absetzen
  • to spit out – ausspucken
  • walking stick – Gehstock
german language and english language learning | deutsch lernen| vokabeln liste | englisch wortschatz liste | learn german | learn english |
  • ambulance station – Sanitätswache
  • denture – künstliches Gebiss
  • first aid – Erste Hilfe
  • fracture – Fraktur
  • hearing – Gehörsinn
  • hearing -impaired – hörbehindert
  • hospital staff – das Krankenhauspersonal
  • intensive care – Intensivpflege
  • itch – Juckreiz
  • operating room – Operationssaal
  • orthesis – Orthose
  • patient care – Krankenversorgung
  • prothesis – Prothese
  • scar – Narbe
german language and english language | german vocabulary list | learn german| deutsche wörter | deutsch lernen | vocabulary in english
  • breathing exercise – Atemübung
  • care dependent – pflegebedürftig
  • childlike – kindhaft
  • digestion – Verdauung
  • discharge – Entlassung
  • effect – Auswirkung
  • health history – Krankengeschichte
  • inadvisable – unratsam
  • incautious – unvorsichtig
  • incomplete – unvollständig
  • infect – infizieren
  • insecticide -Insektengift
  • oral care – Mundpflege
  • report – Bericht
  • operation – Operation
german language | german vocab | german words | german vocabulary list | foreign language | english deutsch | deutsch lernen | sprache | health words
  • allergy – die allergie
  • ambulance – Ambulanz
  • bracer – Armschiene
  • disease outbreak – Krankheitsausbruch
  • dizzy – schwindelig
  • medical round – Visite
  • outpatient – ambulant
  • pelvic – Becken
  • personal hygiene – Körperpflege
  • pharmacist – Pharmazeut
  • pill – die Pille
  • physiotherapist – Physiotherapeut
  • to discontinue medications – Medikamente absetzen
Health german vocabulary list | learn english | englisch sprache | deutsch wortschatz | deutsch lernen| learn german
  • addiction – Abhängingkeit
  • advertising ban –Werbeverbot
  • cigarette end/stub – Zigarettenkippe
  • cigarette lighter – Zigarettenanzünder
  • cleanliness – Reinlichkeit
  • disorderly – Ordnungswidrig
  • fire prevention – Brandschutz
  • fire risk – Brandgefahr
  • flammable – brennbar
  • litterer – Verschmutzer
  • lung cancer – Lungenkrebs
  • nicotine – Nikotin
learn english vocabulary | deutsch lernen | german vocabulary | german vocabulary list | german words | englisch lernen | gesundheit wortschatz
  • irritation – Reizung/Irritation
  • lack of oxygen – Sauerstoffmangel
  • muscle cramp – Muskelkrampf
  • nerve tissue – Nervengewebe
  • no-smoking rule – Rauchverbot
  • obsession with cleanliness – Reinlichkeitswahn
  • pulmonary tissue – Lungengewebe
  • scar tissue – Narbengewebe
  • short of breath -kurzatmig
  • sign of withdrawal – Entzugerscheinungen
  • smell pollution – Geruchsbelastung
  • smoking break – Raucherpause
  • throat – Hals
language |german words | deutsche wörter | englisch sprache lernen| deutsch lernen| learn english | learn german | deutsch lernen| health
  • anxious – besorgt
  • blindness – Blindheit
  • blood oxygen – Blutsauerstoff
  • breathlessness – Atemnot/Atemlosigkeit
  • cavities – Höhlen/Aushöhlungen
  • cell tissue – Zellengewebe
  • circulatory problems – Kreislaufbeschwerden
  • damaged tissue – geschädigtes Gewebe
  • ear, nose, throat specialist – Hals-Nasen-Ohren Spezialistin
  • esophagus cancer – Ösophaguskrebs
  • gum disease – Zahnfleischerkrankung
  • high-risk – Hochrisiko
  • rapid heartbeat – Herzrasen
  • respiratory physician – Pneumologe
  • sprained ankle – verstauchter Knöchel
  • toothaches – Zahnschmerzen
deutsch wortschatz | learn german | Gesundheit | health vocabulary | list | german language| deutsch lernen| englisch lernen| german vocabulary list
  • cardiology – kardiologie
  • dental surgeon – Zahnarzt
  • dermatologist – Hautarzt
  • doctor – Arzt
  • family physician – Hausarzt
  • skin – Haut
  • influenza – Grippe
  • internist – Facharzt für Innere Medizin
  • near-sightedness – kurzsichtigkeit
  • neurologist – Nervenarzt
  • nurse – Krankenschwester
  • ophthalmologist – Augenarzt
  • orthopedist – Orthopäde
  • pediatrician – Kinderarzt
  • pulmonary specialist – Lungenfacharzt

Learn the vocabulary every day

I hope you learn some new German vocabulary and repeat it daily. Additionally, take your time to study and learn the new German vocabulary. Moreover, always try your best to learn more new vocabulary.

Simply relax your mind and study the new German words.

How you motivate yourself in everyday life? What did you do to motivate yourself? Do you have any tips to share?

Stay calm and happy reading my blog.

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Life is precious

 Simple things to appreciate

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Beautiful clouds and mountain view

Seesen photos #placestogo #nature #naturehotography #mountain #trees #view #train#placestogo #placestovisit#adventure #adventuretime #adventuretravel#traveltips #travelphotos#traveldestinations#quotes #life #window #living #construction #travel #street #photography #journey
The train railway and flower where I took during I ride the bus in Seesen, the skies are blue

“Dance with the clouds in Seesen

Seesen clouds photos #germany # #nature #naturehotography #mountain #trees #view #train#placestogo #placestovisit#adventure #adventuretime #adventuretravel#traveltips #travelphotos#traveldestinations#quotes #life #window #living #construction #travel #street #photography #journey
Street and the houses with wonderful clouds

Seesen is a municipality or district of Goslar.

The clouds so huge and it’s best to take a photo.

quotes #nature #naturehotography #mountain #trees #view #train#placestogo #placestovisit#adventure #adventuretime #adventuretravel#traveltips #travelphotos#traveldestinations#quotes #life #window #living #construction #travel #street #photography #journey
Clouds are white and astounding with the mountain view

nature #german #nature #naturehotography #mountain #trees #view #train#placestogo #placestovisit#adventure #adventuretime #adventuretravel#traveltips #travelphotos#traveldestinations#quotes #life #window #living #construction #travel #street #photography #journey
View from the train window during traveling to Seesen, Germany

Window of the train and awesome view #nature #naturehotography #nature #naturehotography #mountain #trees #view #train#placestogo #placestovisit#adventure #adventuretime #adventuretravel#traveltips #travelphotos#traveldestinations#quotes #life #window #living #construction #travel #street #photography #journey
Green and refreshing nature, I like the landscape from my window on the train. During our trip, the train is not many people so it’s comfortable to take photos while the train is running.  I have the chance to take a picture.

Northwestern of Harz. Lower Saxony, Germany.

  • You can ride a train going there from Salzgitter, Bad.
  • Your train ticket from SalzgitterBad going to Seesen you can use it on the bus when you buy the ( tageskarte) or a whole day ticket.
  • Don’t be afraid to travel if you don’t know the place or language try to learn the basics.
  • Trust yourself and think you can do it.
  • When you don’t know the place ask the people.
  • Don’t be worry and enjoy your visit.

Travel Seesen #nature #Germany #naturehotography #mountain #nature #naturehotography #mountain #trees #view #train#placestogo #placestovisit#adventure #adventuretime #adventuretravel#traveltips #travelphotos#traveldestinations#quotes #life #window #living #construction #travel #street #photography #journey
Overlooking panorama a mountain of Harz when we’re traveling to Seesen, Germany. They have a green and relaxing landscape mountain.

Mountain with houses #nature #nature #naturehotography #mountain #trees #view #train#placestogo #placestovisit#adventure #adventuretime #adventuretravel#traveltips #travelphotos#traveldestinations#quotes #life #window #living #construction #travel #street #photography #journey#harz #germany
Natures and mountain scene with houses and admirable scenery

Other travel video and nice place to visit:

words to remember:

English- Deutsch

  • above the clouds– über den Wolken
  • blanket clouds– Wolkendecke
  • cloud– Wolke
  • clouds – Wolken
  • dark clouds – dunkle Wolken
  • groups of clouds – Bewölkungsgruppe
  • rain clouds– Regenwolken
  • scattered clouds– aufgelockerte Bewölkung
  • storm clouds– Sturmwolken
  • the sky is cloudy-der Himmel ist mit Wolken bedeckt
  • thunder clouds– Gewitterwolken
  • water clouds – Wasserwolken
  • angry clouds – bedrohliche Wolken
  • black clouds – düstere Wolken
  • bad weather clouds- Schlechtwetterwolken
  • burst clouds – Sprengwolken
  • cirrus cloud – Zirruswolken
  • cloud formation – Wolkenformation
  • clouds of haze-Dunstschwaden
  • cotton-wool clouds-Wattewolken
  • cumulus cloud – Kumuluswolke
  • debris clouds – Trümmerwolken
  • Fair weather clouds– Schönwetterwolken
  • feathery clouds – Feder Wolken
  • heavy clouds- starke Bewölkung
  • nimbus cloud – Regenwolke
  • steam clouds– Dampfwolken
  • stratus cloud – Stratuswolke

My favorite Dictionary I used is

When I need to translate or check in english and deutsch i visit this They have great translation. Thank you for the very informative, you can use learninga german language.

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  1. Amazing Nature
  2. “Dance is the art closest to nature.
  3. Hope is a waking dream
  4. Sai Kungs HK
  5. Ocean adventure with love
  6. Every lake belongs to the quietness desired by the swans.
  7. It’s a lovely experience walking around a tower by yourself.
  8. Every experience is valuable

Thank  you for reading have a nice day from joylandztravel

Salzgittersee in Lebenstedt, Salzgitter, Lower saxony, Germany, Salzgitter Niedersachsen, Salzgittersee pictures

Every lake belongs to the quietness desired by the swans.


Go out and try to walk outside not only inside of the four corners at home. Take some fresh air and embrace the sunshine. Learn to see good and nice pla

Nice view of a lake in Salzgittersee or Salzgitter

Salzgittersee in Salzgitter Lebenstedt Germany| 2019(Salzgitter )

That’s quotes have a purpose in life. But I don’t believe people have dreams because of money and to be famous. In my opinion,  the real reason for this why people dream because God gave us a reason to dream and pursue our dreams. So amazing lake with swans in Salzgitter

So our tasks to do good things and share our blessings with others. Even though small things we can share like to show kindness.

Therefore, I want to show that I can do it and never give up in life. In addition, Believe in yourself that you can achieve it. Because life is beautiful and you use it to enjoy and live happily.

So quiet and beautiful view of the lake with a sailing boat in Salzgittersee

  • Firstly, go out and try to walk outside not only inside of the four corners at home.
  • Secondly, take some fresh air and embrace the sunshine. Moreover, learn to see good and nice places.
  • Most importantly, don’t be lazy to go out. Because when you go out you can get good ideas on how to improve your life.
  • I know life is so many ups and down.
  • Nothing happens when you only sit at home.
  • Also, don’t forget to be happy and learn to smile.
  • So never be affected by the people who bring you down.
  • Forgive them and move on. Stand up and be brave enough to face life.
  • Therefore, don’t be sad if you don’t succeed but keep on dreaming and working on your dreams to fulfill it.
  • Though It’s not the final destination and it’s not too late to start again. Furthermore, think you can be successful maybe not now but tomorrow if you work with your dreams.

Words to remember:

source of my Deutsch- English


German words list and english words | travel | destination| reisen| vacation | urlaub | englisch lernen |language learning
  • adventurousness – Abenteuergeist
  • adventurous journey – Abenteuerliche Reise
  • attraction – Attraktion
  • breakfast buffet – Frühstückbüffet
  • Bon voyage – Gute Reise
  • capture – einfangen
  • challenge – Herausforderung
  • coach – Reisebus
  • cruising speed – Reisegeschwindigkeit
  • Did you have a good trip? – Hattest du eine gute Reise?
German words | travel | reisen | deutsch wortschatz lernen |english learning |englisch lernen| deutsche sprache
  • distant – entfernt
  • Enjoy your trip – Schöne Reise
  • experienced sailor -erfarhrener Segler
  • exciting experience – Abenteuererlebnis
  • freelancer – Freiberufler/in
  • He likes adventure – Er mag Abenteuer
  • Have a safe trip – Gute Reise
  • hiker – Wanderer
  • I hope you had a nice trip – Ich hoffe, du hattest eine gute Reise.
Deutsch wortschatz lernen| englisch vokabeln lernen | english deutsch | travel | reisen | vacation|German vocabulary list for travel | englisch vokabeln liste | englisch deutsch
  • I love trips – Ich liebe Reisen
  • I wish you a pleasant voyage – Ich wünsche Ihnen eine gute Reise.
  • journey – Reise
  • journey prayer – Reisegebet
  • Life is full of adventure– Das Leben ist voller Abenteuer
  • make a journey – Reise machen
  • passionate yatchsman – leidenschaftlicher Segler
  • relaxed – entspannt
  • sail – Segel
English deutsch vokabeln lernen | learn german vocabulary |travel | vacation| reisen | english language learning| vocabulary in german
  • sea waves – Meereswellen
  • spectacular – spektakulär, eindrucksvoll
  • to capture ideas – Ideen erfassen
  • transport document – Reisedokument
  • travel agency – Reisebüro
  • travel agent – Reisefachmann
  • travelable – reisebar
  • travel cost – Reisekosten
  • travel destination – Reiseziel
  • travel impression – Reiseeindrücke
german language learning with english | travel words | vocabulary in german | language in german and english, German language learning with english for travel | Urlaub | vacation| reisen | deutsch als fremdsprache lernen| german language
  • traveling allowance -Reisekostenentschädigung
  • travel companion -Reisebegleiter
  • travel journey – Reisebericht
  • traveling – Reisen
  • traveling kit – Reiseausrüstung
  • traveling season – Reisezeit
  • travelogue – Reisebeschreibung
  • tour guide – Reiseführer
  • sound of the waves-Wellenrausche
  • voyage – Seereise
  • wave – Welle

” In riding a horse, we borrow freedom”

It’s a lovely experience walking around a tower by yourself.

Are you extrovert or introvert?

Where: Salzgitter, Lower Saxony, Germany.

Population: 103,668 estimate as of (2016).

A peaceful lake in Salzgitter, lebenstedt with nice weather during summer.

Explore the lake and amazing swans

For instance, I like to explore many things here, Of course, to know the history of the place where I live now.

That’s the reason why I want to walk outside and enjoy the springtime. Because I want to learn the language. Although it’s difficult to communicate with other people. But I keep on interacting with other people.

For example, Like going to the mall buy somewhat you need at home or to get some appointments in your doctor. Moreover, go to the dentist.

The German language is difficult but if you don’t try to go out and learn outside and talk to other people.

Also, If you don’t use the vocabulary it’s useless. But when you ride the bus you need to learn simple vocabulary when you buy the ticket.

Above all, When you go out to use your basic German language you gain more confidence. Honestly, it’s not easy but I tried my best 🙂

Have you tried to learn a foreign language? How many languages did you know?

How did you learn? what’s the best thing to make it absorb in your brain. Can you give me some tips?

German vocabulary videos you can watch here:

German vocabulary b1 Englisch Deutsch Lernen
German vocabulary|Learn german vocabulary deutschb1

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