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    Neustadt Hannover

     Awesome fountain in Neustadt, Hannover Fabulous day in the park of Neustadt, Hannover, Germany Walking on the playground and look what’s the best thing to do. My daughter plays with swing and walks around the park. Nice Park, in addition, they have swings and small playhouse that kids can play together with their parents. Lovely waterlilies in that small pond with fountain.   Napoleon Hill quotes: “Success requires no explanation. Failure permits no alibis.” Napoleon Hill A small bridge in the park at Neustadt, Hannover water lily pond or Seerosenteich/Wasserlilie Neustadt, Hannover, Germany   Cute park but they have a little pond with waterlilies Our first time to visit with…

  • happiness. wildlife park quezon city philippines
    Nature,  Philippines

    Wildlife Park

    Wildlife Park, Quezon City, Philippines “Sunset starts the beautiful things at night, enjoy it.”  Wildlife Park Metro Manila, Philippines Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Park Center in Quezon City, Philippines. Zoological and botanical garden. You can spend time here, have entrance fee 30 pesos for adult and 15 pesos for children, senior citizen it’s free. They have a lake and different animals and some they spend there holiday. I’ve been there twice only spent time looking the nature and some fresh air, have some walks around the lake. If you are budgeted traveler and wants to explore Manila Quezon City, you can visit this Park. It’s good for a picnic with…

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    “It takes a little crazy to make a difference.”

    “It takes a little bit cold in this weather Today when I wake up in the morning without Sun, only dark and snowy. It takes a bit cold feet. snow through the window   Snow falling down and getting colder here in Germany. Our Street full of snow and the temperature is getting down. On the top of the car full of snow, it’s freezing to get out all the snow on the top of the window. This time we need to be careful walking on the street a bit slippery. I saw kids playing outside with their parents and she doesn’t feel cold. What a brave kid. I hope…

  • Germany

    Christmas in Braunschweig

    Merry Christmas everyone /Fröhe Weihnachten Braunschweig Weichnachtsmarkt/Christmas Market So many people and children visit here to spend the Christmas holidays, and they have some table where you can eat some or drinks some hot coffee or chocolate. Explore Braunschweig with their beautiful and historical city. That’s the stall of chocolates, cookies, and candies they sell.  Beautiful and yummy sweets they have displayed. The Pyramid in Christmas Market. When I visited during that time it was raining. People get together in this Christmas market and use their holiday with their family. When you visit this Christmas market or Weihnachtsmarkt, I’m sure you will love it.  They have delicious food and drinks.…

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