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“Sunflower in Ayala Triangle Garden

Blooming Sunflower in Ayala Triangle Garden, Makati City

Where to find this Sunflower?

  • First of all,  I visited in Ayala triangle garden Makati City, Philippines.
  • Secondly, they take care of the park to make it more clean and stunning sunflower in Ayala Triangle garden.
  • Moreover, you can also visit the garden anytime it’s open to the public.
  • There are so many security guards and police, so it’s safe to walk there or sit with your family and friends.
  • Furthermore, there are so many restaurants or some small shops inside the Ayala Triangle garden.
  • And if you want to buy something when you get hungry. There are so many shops in the near and walking distance in the big shopping malls like Glorietta.
  • That is in Ayala Center, Makati City, Metro Manila.
  • In addition, you can visit the malls like Greenbelt and Landmark in Makati City.
  • Also walking distance to Glorieta or Greenbelt mall and near the business offices.
  • Such as bank offices, hotels, restaurants, and malls.
  • So visit now in the Ayala triangle garden to take a picture from beautiful sunflowers. That is in Makati City, Metro Manila, Ayala triangle garden.

Which is the most beautiful flower?

In my own opinion, the sunflower is one of the most beautiful flowers. There are so many different beautiful flowers on earth but one of these is the sunflower. 

That’s a very good idea to plant a sunflower and while the people sitting here they get relax watching the beautiful garden with their family and friends.

Also the workers in different offices in Makati City. That’s a good idea to make more beautiful the garden and also they take care of it. 

Do you like flowers?

  • For me, I Like this sunflower and it also adds natural beauty on earth.
  • But I love this beautiful sunflower and I’m happy to take pictures.
  • While sitting in that beautiful garden, you can enjoy your time watching the clean and nice garden.
  • Not only the beautiful garden is the attraction in Ayala Triangle garden. For instance, you can visit and enjoy the beautiful  Christmas lights during the Christmas season.
  • As well as they have colorful and beautiful Christmas lights to make a more colorful and beautiful garden in Ayala Triangle.
  • It seems people are more excited to see the Christmas lights and at the same the blooming sunflower in Ayala Triangle garden.
  • During the Christmas season, there are so many people visit in this place to celebrate the Christmas season. 
  • Another reason to visit in Makati City to look at the sunflower in the garden while you’re in Metro Manila.
  • Most importantly, Ayala garden has beautiful flowers and also to beautify the garden. 


So fabulous sunflower in the garden

sunflower in Ayala Triangle garden | Makati City | Metro Manila  #ayalatrianglegarden

What is your favorite flower and why?

  1. Firstly, I like to capture in the middle of the sunflower and the seeds to focus on the picture, so amazing.
  2. Secondly, during Sunday or weekends so many people visiting this garden.
  3. Because it’s relaxing to sit and take a picture with your friends, family.
  4. In addition, you will see the beauty of a sunflower very attractive.
  5. Another gorgeous sunflower I took the pictures in Ayala Triangle, Makati City, Philippines.
  6. Furthermore, you enjoy the beautiful sunflowers in Ayala garden and you don’t need to pay just to see these flowers.
  7. Also, I’m happy to see this sunflower and I have a chance to take a picture while visiting in Makati City.
  8. Because the last I saw a sunflower is in Baguio City when I was in college. During our school field trip and there are so many flowers in Baguio City, Burnham Park.
  9. As well as in Tagaytay has sunflowers you can find it on the street. Because it’s a cold place it’s easy to grow.
  10. In my opinion, that’s a good plan to beautify the garden to be more attractive and make more clean the City.
  11. Next time when I visit this garden I look and take a picture of these amazing flowers.
  12. Most importantly, the garden in Ayala is a free and relaxing place even if it’s in this warm weather and there are so many trees and you can sit on the grass. Also, sunflower blooms more because it needs so much sunlight

Sunflower in ayala Triangle garden Makati City#philippines

Bud is dark and so nice growing sunflower 

sunflower ayala triangle garden #garden #makaticity

Wonderful sunflower in the garden in Makati City

Wonderful Sunflower in Ayala Triangle Garden Makati City ; metro manila , luzon Philippines

A great place to visit and awesome sunflower even if it’s in the city, you can find a sunflower in Ayala triangle garden

words to remember:

English -Deutsch

german vocabulary list english vocabulary deutsch wörter

  • accurate –genau
  • additional – nachträglich
  • aptitude – Begabung
  • attitude – Einstellung
  • after-effect – Nachwirkung
  • brand new – nagel neu
  • bulletin – Bericht
  • commitment – Einsatz, Hingabe
  • conceited – eingebildet
  • continuous – ununterbrochen
  • contradiction – Widerspruch
  • currently – gegenwärtig
  • daily requirement – Tagesbedarf
  • decisive – entscheidend
  • destiny – Schicksal

English vocabulary deutsche sprache wortschatz deutsch lernen

  • dismissed – entlassen
  • eager – begierig
  • effective – wirksam
  • emotionless – ausdruckslos
  • enclose – beifügen
  • equivalent – Entsprechung
  • excessive – übermäßig
  • expected – voraussichtlich
  • expertise – Kompetenz
  • former – ehemalig
  • get lost – verlaufen
  • grow – wachsen
  • guidance – Beratung
  • habit – Gewohnheit
  • hole – Loch
  • indulgence – Nachsicht

german vocab and english | deutsch lernen| german vocabulary list | german english  vocabulary | englisch lernen| study german | deutsch language

  • infamous – berüchtigt
  • influences – Einflüsse
  • instinct – gefühlsmäßig
  • livable – wohnlich
  • master-key – Hauptschlüssel
  • meeting – Versammlung
  • merciless – grausam
  • moreover – darüber hinaus
  • negligent – nachlässig
  • negligence – Nachlässigkeit
  • nightly – nächtlich
  • obsession – Besessenheit
  • occurred – aufgetreten
  • probably – vermutlich
  • recreational – Freizeit
  • release – herausbringen

deutsch englisch | deutsch als fremdsprache | englisch lernen | vokabeln lernen | deutschlernen

  • reliable – vertrauenswürdig
  • reunite – wiedervereinen
  • rumour – Gerücht
  • scent – Duft
  • self-indulgence – Selbstnachsicht
  • single-minded – zielstrebig
  • slander – üble Nachrede
  • surcharge – Nachporto
  • sympathy – Mitgefühl
  • to admit – zugeben
  • to contribute – beitragen
  • to express something – zum Ausdruck bringen
  • to exaggerate – übertreiben
  • to hang up – auflegen
  • to imitate – nachmachen

words | deutsche sprache lernen | englisch vokabeln | deutsch lernen | englisch vokabeln  | deutsch

  • to nominate – ernennen
  • to raise – aufziehen
  • to reflect – widerspiegeln
  • to surrender – aufgeben
  • vertical – senkrecht
  • vital – lebensnotwendig
  • well-balanced – wohlausgewogen
  • well-behaved – mit gutem Benehmen
  • well-established – gut eingeführt
  • well-groomed – gepflegt
  • well-informed – gut informiert
  • well off – wohlhabend
  • well said – gut ausgedrückt
  • without explanation – ohne Begründung

While I’m in Makati City there are so many buildings and offices, people are working here. During when they have break time some are sitting here.

Building in Makati City, Hotel in Makati #shangrila #makati

Building in Makati City

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