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Summer in Hannover, Germany & Summer 2020


Braunschweig or Brunswick Trainstation going to Hannover last summer
That is in Braunschweig or Brunswick Train station traveling to Hannover and a building near the main train station while waiting for the train to go to Hannover.
railway going to hannover that is summer in germany
While were in Braunschweig or Brunswick Train station and sunny day during the summer season.


Summer  photos in Brunswick and Hannover trip

Farm near Braunschweig, dry and sunny day during summer time in Germany

During when we ride the train going to Hannover and so warm that time. Moreover, the summer day and the plants are getting dry and brown. My experience during the summer in Germany is so warm unlike in the Philippines a little pleasant.

So they have different weather when it’s cold, it’s really cold and during summer warmer.

Hannover City tour in summer weather

At this time, warm weather in Hannover City and enjoying the summer weather without freezing day. Nice weather and a perfect time to have a to experience the summer in Hannover

Another street pictures in Hannover, Germany. So sunny weather to walk and they have clean surroundings.

Summer visit in Staatstheater, Opernhaus hannover, #Operahousehanovergermany #operahousehanover, summer in Hannover, germany
That is a Staatstheater or Opernhaus in the city of Hannover, Lower Saxony, Germany

First time I saw this theatre or Opera house in Hannover (Hanover), I’m amazed at the facade of the building. So beautiful structure of Opera house or Opernhaus.


Central station in Hanover, Germany, warm weather and sunny day during summer in Hannover Germany, niedersachsen #centraltrainstationhanovergermany

Main railway station in 30159 Hannover, Germany


Awesome weather to explore the city of Hannover or Hanover during Summer | 

  • First, we go out from Hauptbahnhof or Main train station, but we don’t ride a bus or tram because we want to see the street and buildings of the city.
  • In addition, to familiarize the street in Hanover. So in our next visit, we know where we go out and where we ride the train.
  • Another reason is to see the street and also to take pictures of the city.
  • Hannover is a big city here in Germany. The main city in Lower Saxony or Niedersachsen.
  • Also, you can find so many restaurants, malls, different stores.
  • When you travel here in Hannover it’s easy to find the malls, and restaurant. Since they have different attractions and you can do so many things.
  • Like visiting the museum, malls, castles, garden and if you want to go shopping there are so many stores you can choose.
  • Next time I want to visit the castle and different attractions. But now only this I can share because of only one day visit.
  • Maybe in the future, I will show more about Hannover. But I wish can go back again in this City.
street near the theater or opera house in Hanover, #Opernhaushannover, green trees and sunny day while walking on a summer days, summer in hannover, lower saxony, germany, #streetphotoshanover

  Opernpl. 1, 30159 Hannover, Germany from google maps

Weather to enjoy during summer in Hanover or Hannover

  • Firstly, midsummer so many people walking because to enjoy the sunlight and pleasant weather.
  • So many people wearing only t-shirts and shorts while enjoying the warm weather.
  • Moreover, some people sit under the sun to feel the summer weather.
  • Because they love to sit under the sun during the summer season together with their family and friends.
  • For example, they love to eat outside the restaurant because the tables and chairs were outside. So many people eating outside and enjoying the sunshine and also their food.
  • As well as the kids are playing on the playgrounds or walking on the street because of the warm and summertime.
  • So they have a great time in a warm season. Because they don’t need to stay at home but now they can go out and enjoy the time outside.
  • A pleasant day with a cone of ice cream and savoring the warm weather.
Street pictures summer in Hannover, Germany, lower saxony during summer season, #summerhanovergermany #streetphotoshanover
opera house summer in hannover germany or hanover, lower saxony germany. Opernhaus in hannover, Summer time and green trees near the opera house #operahousehanover #opernhaushannover

A summer view from Hanover Opera house or theater, Germany


Words to remember: — I used this dictionary

English – Deutsch

Deutsch Englisch Vokabeln lernen, german vocabulary, #deutsch #english #language #germanlanguage
  • beyond – jenseits
  • cry – Schrei
  • damaged – schadhaft
  • fearful – schreckhaft
  • inaccessible –  unzugänglich
  • inaccurate – nachlässig
  • inadvisable – unratsam
  • inapplicable – unanwendbar
  • inattentive – unaufmerksam
  • incautious – unvorischtig
  • incomparable – unvergleichlich
  • incomplete – unvollständig
  • navigation – Schiffahrt
  • respective – jeweilig
  • sailor – Schiffer
  • to drink – trinken
  • youthful – jugendlich
Words to remember english and deutsch, vokabeln lernen #english #learngerman #germanlanguage
  • adjustment – Anpassung
  • administer – verwalten
  • administration – Verwaltung
  • admission – Zulassung
  • admission charge – Aufnahmegebühr
  • advise – raten
  • affidavit – eidesstattliche Erklärung
  • affluency – Wohlstand
  • affluent – wohlhabend
  • aggression – Angriff
  • amicable – freundlich
  • amicable person – freundliche Person
  • procedure – Verfahren
  • to adjust – ordnen
  • to adopt – annehmen
  • to afford – gewähren
  • to take advice – Rat annehmen
lernen vokabeln , deutschlernen, german words to remember #deutsch #english #germanwords
  • bad manners – Ungezogenheit/schlechte Manieren
  • common sense – Menschenverstand
  • character – Charakter
  • dignity – Würde
  • good manners – gute Manieren
  • inner peace – innerer Frieden
  • integrity – Integrität
  • lack of morals – Amoral
  • manners – Manieren/ Benehmen
  • person without manners – schlecht erzogene  Person
  • polite manners – höfliches Benehmen
  • real character – echter Charakter
  • sense of accomplishments – Erfolgsgefühl
  • sense of belonging – Zugehörigkeitsgefühl
  • sense of well-being – Wohlgefühl
  • vulgar manners – unfeine Manieren


Encouragement to learn German Language

  • First, be grateful in your simple accomplishments in that way to encourage yourself to learn more.
  • Second, don’t stop pursuing your goal and learn until your goal is done.
  • Do it step by step and don’t make all things in one time. Because It takes time to master the language.
  • Show confident and enjoy learning the language. All the hard work you’ve done.
  • Third, think positive and motivate yourself to continue learning the language.
  • You will see the fruits of your hard work and your confidence to talk to other people using the language you’ve learned.
  • Most importantly, Patience can help you to achieve your dreams.
  • Keep calm and you will achieve it and therefore you will be proud of your hard work.


“Patience is a conquering virtue.” Geoffrey Chaucer

 Places where I visited before the link below:

We went to a hospital after the checkup and then we go to the shopping malls for window shopping.

Also, they have so many clothing stores and restaurants in this City.  You can find also a small shop too.

Since the summer season, there is so many summer sale and we bought something. Many people go shopping because they make it the price lower.

Except in my place where I live the stores are small and a few only. Here in Hanover so many shops and big stores.

Have a wonderful summer to all and be safe everyone.

Summer 2020 and bike ride in the morning | Bike riding & sunrise in Germany videos to enjoy the summer season
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      1. Nemorino says:

        Try going inside sometime to see an opera. Germany currently has 88 opera houses (by my count), and going to the opera is one of the best things to do in Germany. And in most places it isn’t even expensive.

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