Winter in Wrisbergholzen and something worth seeing this place
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Something worth seeing in Wrisbergholzen


Wrisbergholzen visit, and worth seeing trip

Wrisbergholzen something worth seeing

A beautiful and majestic chandelier in the church of St. Martin church in Wrisbergholzen. Beautiful church inside and outside of St. Martin Church. So excellent design of the church in St. Martin. That is a nice experience and worth remembering travel destination.



Winter in Wrisbergholzen and something worth seeing this place

A brilliant church of St. Martin in Wrisbergholzen.

That is a picture from saint martin church in Wrisbergholzen, Lower Saxony, Germany

First time to visit this place but I’m amazed by the art of this place. Before we went to the castle this church we visited first. A brilliant portrait and altar in St. Martin church and it’s to see this town.


Church in Wrisbergholzen Germany, worth seeing destination


 Evangelical Church they called it St. Martin


 Explore Wrisbergholzen worth seeing

  • First of all, I visited this place in Wrisbergholzen, between Hildesheim and Alfeld. Moreover, there are two village Westfield and Wrisbergholzen, nice to visit this place. But these two villages belongs to Sibbesee.
  • Second, we visited here with my husband and together with the friends of my husband. And then, we go to Evangelical church, they called it St. Martin’s church. St. Martin church it’s a small evangelical church but amazing portrait and worth seeing to visit this small village.
  • Third, they preserved the church and take care of all the important paintings. And after that, we go to Faiences Factory or a factory from porcelain plates.
  • In addition, they have different kinds of tiles they produced in that factory. So they have renovated the building with timbered wood.
  • Furthermore, then we looked inside the Wrisbergholzen Schloss or castle. And then, we went inside the castle they have the tiles walls with different languages.
  • For instance, they used to write on the tiles, have French, Italian, Spanish, Latin words.
  • While visiting the castle I saw dining tables and creative the tiles on the wall. But they start to renovate the castle to preserve it. Step by step they renovate the building of the castle to make it beautiful.  Wrisbergholzen is located in Lower Saxony, Germany.
  • For example, if you want to visit June and September are open for visitors but it needs an appointment before you visit.
  • It’s a small village with a small population of people living here. I’ve seen they have horses too.
  • During our visit were winter and a little bit snowy day and cold that time. But It’s okay to travel.
  • Above all, I saw a porcelain factory and also a worth seeing place to visit.


Germany, Wrisbergholzen, porcelain factory and wort seeing village

A place worth seeing in Wrisbergholzen, Lower Saxony, Germany

Another picture of Wrisbergholzen street photos and houses. Moreover, this small village belongs to Sibbesee and part of Hildesheim region. I’m happy while visiting this small village and add more experience to see different places in Germany.

Winter scenery and worth seeing town of wrisbergholzen , lower saxony, germany

words to remember:

English – Deutsch

DmPHBbpWsAEsWEd.jpg large.jpg

  • construction – Bau
  • electrician – Elektroinstallateur
  • electrical wiring – Elektroverdrahtung
  • painter – Maler
  • restoration works – Sanierungsarbeiten
  • renovation – Sanierung
  • roofer – Dachdecker
  • roof tiling work – Dachdeckerarbeit
  • scraper – Spachtel
  • tile work – Fliesenbelag
  • to hang wallpaper – tapezieren
  • to lay a cable – ein Kabel verlegen
  • voltage – Voltzahl/Stromspannung
  • wiring – elektrische Installation
  • wiring duct – Kabelkanal
  • wiring instructions – Verkabelungsanleitung


DmUPZV_XgAA4Vxg.jpg large.jpg

  • baroque building – Barockbau
  • colour matching – Farbabmusterung
  • dry wall installation – Trockenbau
  • glazing – Lasieren
  • interior construction – Innenausbau
  • mason – Maurer
  • paintable – lackierbar
  • painting techniques – Malereitechniken
  • paint touch -ups – Malerausbesserungsarbeiten
  • plumber – Klempner
  • plumbing – Klempnerarbeit
  • polished – abgeschliffen
  • polishing – Schleifen
  • prime coating – Grundieren
  • to lacquer – Lackieren
  • vacant lot – unbebautes Gründstuck


DmUFnyTWsAItU1U.jpg large.jpg

  • baroque palace – Barockschloss
  • ceramic wares – Keramikwaren
  • clay – Ton
  • faience – Fayence
  • faience tiles – Lüsterfliesen
  • jars – Krüge
  • porcelain – Porzellan
  • porcelain art – Porzellankunst
  • porcelain casserole – Porzellankasserolle
  • porcelain cement – Porzellanzement
  • porcelain dish – Porzellanschale
  • porcelain factory – Porzellan fabrik
  • pottery – Töpferei
  • stoneware – Steingut/Steinzeug
  • tile trimming machine – Fliesenbehaumaschine
  • wall tile – Wandfliesen

DmUKYosXgAA1qZl.jpg large.jpg

  • backhoe – Bagger
  • bulldozer – Planierraupe
  • concrete – Beton
  • concrete pump – Beton pumpe
  • cranes – Kräne
  • fountain/well – Brunnen
  • handbarrow – Schubkarre
  • hard-paste porcelain – Hartporzellan
  • pathways – Leitungen
  • porcelain painter – Pozellanmaler
  • porcelain stoneware – Feinsteinzeug
  • porcelain stoneware tiles – Feinsteinzeugfliesen
  • to mix concrete – Beton mischen
  • to paint room – ein Zimmer streichen
  • to pour concrete – Beton gießen
  • well builder – Brunnenbauer




I read in Wikipedia about the history that’s a castle before and a porcelain factory.

I’m happy to share my adventure and travel destination. Do you like Wrisbergholzen?

What’s your favorite season to travel? Winter, summer, spring, Autumn?

If you have question and comments I will answer it. thanks

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