Simple things to appreciate

Simple things to appreciate

 “Take your time to enjoy every simple thing you receive, you achieve, or your accomplishments.”

Simple things and be happ, appreciate for what you have

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   “Simple things to appreciate.”

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“Happiness is a choice, optimism is a choice, simple is a choice, choose wisely for your happiness.”

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“Don’t be afraid of your failure, but rather afraid of not trying, what you can.”

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Street Photos in Wolfenbüttel

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“Simple things are beautiful, be thankful for it.”

"Love is the flower you've got to let grow." #JohnLennon#appreciate

“Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow.” John Lennon

 “Don’t stop learning, that’s a great thing you can do it for yourself.”

"Love is the flower you've got to let grow." #JohnLennon simple things #appreciate

Simple things ease mind. heart flowers #appreciate

“You have time to enjoy simple things and that’s wonderful enough.”

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“Learn to appreciate simple things.”

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“Only great minds can understand simple things in life.”

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Places to visit:

  1. Explore Taguig City
  2. Hope is a waking dream
  3. Bad harzburg winter time
  4. Tsim sha tsui 

words to remember:

English -Deutsch

  • enjoy – genießen
  • know – kennen
  • licensed – befugt
  • marry – heiraten
  • meet – begegnen
  • move house – umziehen
  • strange – befremdlich
  • to appear – erscheinen
  • to be able to – können
  • to determine – beschließen
  • to employ somebody – beschäftigen
  • to enjoy life – das Leben genießen
  • to fail – scheitern
  • to falling in love – Verlieben
  • to follow – folgen

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  • to grow  up -aufwachsen
  • to hear – hören
  • to inspire to do – inspirieren
  • to leave – verlassen
  • to name – nennen
  • to process – verarbeiten
  • to pursue – fortsetzen
  • to speak – sprechen
  • to speak clearly – klar sprechen
  • to suffer – leiden
  • to suffer from cancer – an Krebs leiden
  • to support – unterstützen
  • to visit – besuchen
  • to work  – arbeiten
  • to write – schreiben

 learn german language #learnenglish #learninglanguage #germanwords #vocabulary

Simple things  to do:

  •  All these pictures I took in Wolfenbüttel when I visited, every flower, the statue I’ve seen that’s made me happy to take pictures.
  • Just simple pictures but when you look at it, you can appreciate it.
  • What a clean street, beautiful flowers, a statue or a garden.
  • Do you like street photography? Do you like taking pictures on the street? I like to take photos on the street, sometimes a busy street. or some graffiti.
  • Happiness depends on you, how you create or do, it’s a matter of your choice and how to become happy with simple things or material things in life.
  • You choose wisely, simple things can make you happy.
  • Don’t be afraid to do what you can, stay away from negativity.
  • Think about what you can accomplishment in simple things and step by step.
  • Try to be positive even when you feel down.
  • Go out enjoy the summer, fresh air, beautiful flowers, and blue skies.
  • Don’t stop learning a simple sentence or words. Try to read a newspaper or magazine.
  • Don’t listen to the people who ever said that you’re not good enough or smart. Do more extra effort.
  • Get up and discover the world.
  • Explore the city, museum, and beach to learn something about life. Anything that makes you comfortable.
  • Appreciation is a wonderful thing and expects nothing, appreciate everything.

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