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Simple things to appreciate in your life

Appreciate the simple things in everyday life while traveling

Simple walking tour in Wolfenbüttel Germany and enjoying the simple things life

A great day and positive thoughts. That is so lovely yellow flowers hang on the front door in Wolfenbüttel, Kornmark, I took that center in Wolfenbüttel.

Amazing day with stunning tulips flowers during my visit in that place.

Enjoy the simple things in your life

  • Don’t stop learning that’s a great thing you can do for yourself.
  • Treasure the simple things that you’ve done and that’s incredible enough
  • Likewise, be content for what you have and learn to cherish simple things.
  • Additionally, Only great minds can understand simple things in life.
  • As well as always be thankful for the simple things you achieve.
  • Besides simple things are wonderful, be thankful for it.
  • Though don’t be afraid of your failure or mistakes. But rather afraid of not trying what you can.
  • In other words, happiness is a choice, optimism is a choice, simple is a choice, choose wisely for your happiness.
  • Most noteworthy, take your time to enjoy every simple thing you receive and your achievements.

Important and simple things to be grateful

  • First, Don’t be afraid to do what you can and stay away from negativity.
  • Second, think about what you can accomplish in simple things and do it step by step.
  • Third, try to be positive even if when you feel down.
  • For instance, get up and discover the beautiful world.
  • Moreover, anything that makes you comfortable to visit or travel to other places.
  • Furthermore, go out to enjoy the summer, fresh air, beautiful flowers, and blue skies. But don’t stop learning a simple sentence or words.
  • In addition, try to read a newspaper or magazine to study more new words or vocabulary.
  • But don’t listen to the people who ever said that you’re not good enough or smart. Instead, do a more extra effort and learn more new skills.
  • At the same time, explore the city, museum, and beach to enjoy your beautiful life.
  • Above all, appreciation is a wonderful thing and expects nothing, Therefore, appreciate everything that you have and with a big smile in your face.
Traditional House in Wolfenbüttel, Lower Saxony, Germany. A nice house with bicycles.

How to appreciate a Simple things?

  • First of all, these pictures I took in Wolfenbüttel when I visited in the city. And everywhere you can find colorful flowers.
  • Secondly, simple things you can appreciate what you have, for example, you have a nice house. I’ve seen that’s made me happy to take pictures.
  • However It’s just simple photographs but when you look at it, you will appreciate it that they have a house to live with.
  • In other words, You must be grateful for what you have. Because other people don’t have a beautiful house or a house to live with.
  • Instead, be grateful for the simple things you have and enjoy the little things.
  • At the same time, They have a clean road with beautiful flowers in the garden.
  • Do you like street photography? Do you like taking pictures on the street?
  • Although you can do so many things and especially if you like what you really do. Like taking photos on the street and sometimes a busy street or some graffiti.
  • In short, Happiness depends on you and how you create or do.
  • Hence it’s a matter of your choice and on how to become content with simple things or material things in life.
  • Simply choose wisely because simple things can make you happy.

That is a traditional house I took in Wolfenbüttel and a clean street in front of the church, near the Bahnhof or Bus station.

words to remember:

English -Deutsch

deutsche sprache lernen | deutschlernen|englischlernen | learn english
  • applause -Applaus
  • ardor -Begeisterung
  • beloved- geliebt
  • closeness – Nähe /Enge
  • concern – Sorge
  • endearment -Zärtlichkeit
  • fondness – Zuneigung
  • good will – Wohlwollen, Wohlgefallen
  • rendezvous – Rendezvous
  • to concern – berühren
  • to delight – begeistern
  • true love – wahre Liebe
  • wonderment – Verwunderung
  • yearning -sehnsüchtig
  • zeal – Eifer
german vocabulary |learn english| learn german| german language | words  | deutsch|
  • enjoy – genießen
  • know – kennen
  • licensed – befugt
  • marry – heiraten
  • meet – begegnen
  • move house – umziehen
  • strange – befremdlich
  • to appear – erscheinen
  • to be able to – können
  • to determine – beschließen
  • to employ somebody – beschäftigen
  • to enjoy life – das Leben genießen
  • to fail – scheitern
  • to falling in love – Verlieben
  • to follow – folgen
German words |german study | german language | deutsch lernen |german vocabulary | learn german | language in german
  • to grow  up -aufwachsen
  • to hear – hören
  • to inspire – inspirieren
  • to leave – verlassen
  • to name – nennen
  • to process – verarbeiten
  • to pursue – fortsetzen
  • to speak – sprechen
  • to speak clearly – klar sprechen
  • to suffer – leiden
  • to suffer from cancer – an Krebs leiden
  • to support – unterstützen
  • to visit – besuchen
  • to work  – arbeiten
  • to write – schreiben


And Remember this, don’t worry too much and learn to enjoy your journey. Instead, Learn more new vocabulary and appreciate what you have done. Because if you keep on learning you will be more confident to face your fears. As long as you tried it and that is the most important thing.

Additionally, Be happy for all the effort you’ve done. In the same way, always appreciate what you have and be kind to yourself.

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