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Schloss Arkaden in Braunschweig Germany


Beautiful Schloss Arkaden in Braunschweig (December 2019)

Braunschweig statue #germany #Quadriga

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"Your worth consists in what you are and not in what you have." #Thomas A. #Edison #placestogo


Sightseeing in Braunschweig Germany  

First of all, we went to shopping malls, I saw a statue in Braunschweig and I took the photos in front of the castle building.

Second, That day we visited the City of Braunschweig, and then after that, we do some window shopping. Also, we eat some in a small restaurant.

Third, Possibly you can visit in Braunschweig and explore the different street, there are so many places you can visit.

Other attractions not only statue but also a Medieval dance and music

Moreover, they have so many awesome architectures and you can visit or look at the festival. And they called a Mittelalterfest or Medieval times festival.

Another attraction to visit in Braunschweig and you will see different medieval swords and also a clothing style before.

For example, That is medieval times and they wear medieval clothes. So they have different kinds of instruments they used to play while the other was dancing.

But you can see on my video the music and also the dancing style. Only I used other music at the beginning of the video because of a little bit windy at that time.

Yet you can still hear the instrumental music and watch the medieval dance. Hence In that celebration from Heinrich der Löwe or Henry the Lion story.

For instance, Things to do in Braunschweig. Plus you can do window shopping or buy some. Because they have many shopping malls, museums, restaurants though we only do a short visit and strolling in midtown.

In the future, I will find a more interesting place. Besides, I write a blog for my next visit. Further, share more photos. and travel videos.

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Additionally the beautiful building here in Germany and other places I’ve visited before.

Hence, Here is the link on my youtube channel. As well as I want to learn History and additionally the language here in Germany. Further, My youtube channel you can find me Joylandztravel on my youtube channel. Youtube

Above all, you can watch my travel videos while I’m traveling and also learning the german vocabulary. In that way, I can show you the travel places I’ve visited and also the German words to read every day.

Just simply click the bell to watch more videos.

That is the Top attractions in Braunschweig Germany. Then you can watch the video until the end to watch all the places I’ve visited. For example The beautiful Rathaus or City hall building.

Next to that the Altstadtrathaus or Old town city hall in Marktplatz Braunschweig. In addition, the beautiful Schloss Arkaden Platz am Ritterbrunnen in Braunschweig.

Such as the beautiful Burg Dankwarderode that’s only near the Rathaus or city hall. Still, you can also visit the St. Magni church. In other words, they have a story or role-play about Henry the Lion story.

Top Attractions in Braunschweig

Motivation to learn new language while traveling

  • Furthermore, I want to share in my blog my next destination and also searching for Braunschweig new travel destination.
  • Quotes that are motivates me to travel in this place and furthermore I hope you like these quotes and inspire you in your daily life.
  • Perhaps you can share your experience in learning the language. What’s your experience in learning the new language?
  • While learning a new language what is your other activities to practice the language? Do you like to learn a new foreign language or not?
  • What’re your suggestions for learning a foreign language or Fremdsprache?
  • In my own opinion, I don’t stop learning German vocabulary because I want to talk more in German.
  • Simply collect some new German words every day to become familiar with the language and also the history of the places.

Travel quotes

Moreover, That’s me make me inspired to continue learning.

Additionally, Follow your dreams do whatever you like to achieve and find a way to fulfill your dreams. In addition, Try and try until you accomplish something your wishing for.

Besides, Life so many ups and downs but you can overcome that as long as you believe in yourself.

Motivational Quotes for your travel in Braunschweig Germany

“Your worth consists in what you are and not in what you have.” Thomas A. Edison 

“Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” Lou Holtz

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking forwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.”Steve Jobs

“One of the most tragic things I know about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon instead of enjoying the roses that are blooming outside our windows today.” Dale Carnegie

Words to remember:

Dictionary I used

English – Deutsch

  • baby’s changing mat – die Wickelsauflage
  • cheeky – frech
  • childcare facility – Kinderbetreuungsstätte
  • disobedient – ungehorsam
  • educational efforts – Erziehungsbemühungen
  • independent – unabhängig
  • little pot – das Töpfchen
  • quarrel – der Streit
  • playground – der Spielplatz
  • potty – der Topf
  • stubborn – trotzig
  • teachable -erziehbar
Kita | Kindergarten | deutsch wörter | englisch lernen | german vocabulary
  • to comfort – trösten
  • to cry – weinen
  • to deal – umgehen
  • to diaper – wickeln
  • toilet – die Toilette
  • to pick a fight – Streit provozieren
  • to play – spielen
  • to scream – heulen
  • whine – Heulen
  • bucket – der Eimer
  • care – die Pflege
  • childcare facilities – Kinderbetreuungseinrichtungen
Kindergarten vokabeln lernen | Englisch lernen | Wortschatz Englisch | Kita | Deutsch vokabeln
  • conflict – der konflickt
  • curious – wissbegierig
  • diaper – die Windel
  • displaying behavioral problems  – verhaltensauffällig
  • grumpy – quengelig
  • lively – lebhaft
  • loud – laut
  • modest – zurückhaltend
  • nursery school teacher – die Erzieherin
  • schooling – die Erziehung
  • secretive – verschlossen
  • to clear – räumen
  • to crawl – krabbeln
  • to look after – versorgen
German vocabulary | deutsch vokabeln liste | wortschatz | englisch
  • to lotion – eincremen
  • to nurture – erziehen
  • to read aloud – vorlesen
  • to wash – waschen
  • assistance – die Aushilfe
  • children’s home – das Kinderheim
  • diaper pail – der Windeleimer
  • doll – die Puppe
  • doll corner – die Puppenecke
  • fighting – Kämpfen
  • handicrafts – werken
  • relaxation room – der Ruheraum
  • sandbox – der Sandkasten
  • sliding – Rutschen
  • to bolster – Mut machen
  • toddler’s group – die Krabbelstube
English language | Deutsch language | words in german and englissh | list of vocabulary kindergarten
  • to fight – kämpfen
  • to keep something safe – verwahren
  • to mediate – schlichten
  • to moan – jammern
  • to offend – schimpfen
  • to try out – ausprobieren
  • to settle a dispute – einen Streit schlichten
  • trainee – die Praktikantin
  • wet wipe – das Feuchttuch
  • bibs – das Lätzchen
  • building brick – der Bauklotz
  • coloring book –  das Malbuch
  • cuddly toy – das Kuscheltier
german vocabulary | Deutsch lernen| Englisch sprache lernen | deutsch als fremdsprache | deutsch wortschatz
  • daycare center – die Kindertagesstätte (Kita)
  • doll’s kitchen – die Puppenküche
  • infant – der Säugling
  • pre-kindergarten – die Krippe
  • role-playing – Rollenspiel
  • role-playing room – der Rollenspielraum
  • shovel – die Schaufel
  • slide – die Rutsche
German language learning | Vocabulary in English and Germany | deutsch lernen | englisch lernen | learn english
  • snack – die Brotzeit
  • storybook –  das Bilderbuch
  • to dress – sich anziehen
  • to do arts and crafts – basteln
  • to guide – betreuen
  • to scream – schreien
  • to show courage – Mut beweisen
  • to swing – schaukeln
  • yelling – das Geschrei
German words | list | vocabulary learning | deutsch wörter | deutsch lernen | learn english | german english vocabulary list

What to do learning a foreign language?

Firstly, Everyday write a vocabulary list even if only 10 words a day.

Secondly, I use encouraging quotes so that it’s inspired me to study the language and do some sightseeing. But I’m not an expert but that’s only my suggestion to learn a new language.

Thirdly, Just find interesting books you can read every day to learn the language.

In short, language is difficult but only patience to practice daily and be confident to talk.

It seems I want to give up on learning the language but I’m using the opportunity and my time to practice more. Likewise, visit more beautiful places in Braunschweig city, and most especially to take a photo from a statue.

For me, the best solution to learn more is to explore the places and use language.

Most importantly, I need to strive more and do extra efforts to learn a foreign language with all my heart.

Reason in visiting Braunschweig

  • Since I’m already here I used the chance to travel in  Braunschweig to look at the statue or arts and encourage myself to talk more in German.
  • Keep on exploring and be creative so that you know more about the language.
  • Most important study daily German vocabulary, repeat what you’ve already read or learned.
  • About the fare going to Braunschweig, we use a ticket one day ticket. But before we ride a train only 10-14 euros was my budget. I ride the train and the next is a tram that’s a 1-day ticket.
  • Things to do when you’re traveling in Braunschweig visit the museum or castle but I did not yet try to visit it. Maybe next time, I’m not sure if I can take a photo and also you need to pay entrance, I’m looking for free or budgeted travel, I want only not so much to pay while I’m traveling.
  • Lastly, keep on searching the landmarks and it helps you to know the places and guide you to travel while learning a new language.

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