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Germany Nature

Swans in Salzgitter Lebenstedt, Germany

Dale Carnegie quotes with swans in Salzgittersee, Lebenstedt Salzgitter, germany, wonderful swans with sunset, travel in Salzgitter, Niedersachsen

Tour in Salzgitter lake or Salzgittersee

  • First of all, I’m Looking at the sunset and watching the birds flying in the sky here Salzgittersee.
  • Secondly, We go out and enjoy the time of my family in Salzgittersee or lake. For example, you can play with your kids here on the playgrounds or Spielplatz in Salzgittersee.
  • In addition, This place is a lake with a playground that children can play here and it’s free to play. You don’t need to pay and it’s open for the public.
  •  Also, Here it is so quiet and you can take fresh air. We went to the lake in Autumn. But It’s only a little bit of people visiting because it’s cold.
  • But when it’s summer so many people enjoying a sunny day.

Words to read and travel now in Salzgitter lake

  • Work harder and we have to do some more effort.
  • Don’t lose hope, If you fail at something, try again and learn from it.
  • Challenge yourself to become a better person.
  • We have mistakes and failure but we can continue to change our mistakes into positive things.
  • Perseverance and resilience is the key to change your failure into a new positive change in our life.
  • Make an effort and train yourself to do what you love.
  • For example, I have mistakes but I want to change myself to be a better person.
  • Train your mind to positive.
  • Getting rejected in our life doesn’t mean we don’t have a chance anymore.
  • As long you want to learn and continue what you’ve already started and you want to accomplish something. 
  • Don’t be afraid of challenges, be brave and faced it. Try and try until you reach your dreams.
  • Learning a new language is a very challenging task to do.
  • Accomplish the things you want to achieve like learning a language or you want to be fluent in a foreign language, just try it. 
  • Nobody knows one day you will become fluent because of your hard work.

Be optimistic and visit the Salzgitter lake

  • I used these quotes to inspire or to challenge myself to strive more.
  • Be brave to face so many hindrances and obstacles in our life.
  • It’s exciting to wake up every morning with more hopes to live in this world. 
  • Writing this blog is to be more optimistic in my life.
  • Someday I looked back and remember how many obstacles and hindrances I’ve faced. 
  • Live your life and enjoy it, because we don’t know how many days we left in this world. We have a chance to live
  • Do something to make yourself busy and learn something that you can use in daily life.
  • Every day I learn German vocabularies to add more knowledge and to face my fear of talking to a native speaker.
  • Listening to music in German or watching movies. Don’t stop learning and don’t be discouraged that you’re not smart, just think you can do it. “I can do it.” always think positive. 

Famous quotes to motivate yourself while visiting in Salzgitter

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein Quotes, Quotes of genres, famous quotes with salzgitter swans in salzgittersee, germany

“Do not stop thinking of life as an adventure. You have no security unless you can live bravely, excitingly, imaginatively; unless you can choose a challenge instead of competence. ” Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt quotes, positive quotes, inspirational quotes, quotes of genres, salzgittersee in salzgitter lebenstedt, germany with swans and ducks

“Understanding is the  first step to acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be recovery.” J.K.Rowling 

“Take a chance! All life is a chance. The man  who goes farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare.” Dale Carnegie

Things to see in Salzgittersee in Salzgitter Lebenstedt

First, you can see swans and they are very relaxing while looking into a beautiful sunset.

Second, swans are calm and quiet and they are enjoying the lake.

Moreover, they have white feathers to protect in cold weather.

Do you like swans?

Now the exact address of the lake is in Salzgittersee in Lebenstedt here in Salzgitter, Germany

Twice I visited here just to looked at the beauty of lake and swans.

You can visit the park in Salder and the castle museum in Salder Salzgitter Germany

At the back of the Schloss Salder you can find this beautiful park and relaxing nature
Schloss Salzgitter in Salder Salzgitter Germany
Castle and park in Salzgitter Ringelheim, Germany
Salzgtter Ringelheim Germany| Innerste | River

The city of Salzgitter has a lake, farm, some small shopping center, unlike in other cities, they have a big shopping center or malls.

words to remember:

dictionary i used .dict.cc/

English – Deutsch

englisch lernen| deutsch vokabeln lernen| german vocabulary list |english vocabulary | kostenlos| website |salzgitter lebenstedt |germany
  • anxious – bange
  • anxiety-free – angstfrei
  • concentration exercise – Konzentrationsübung
  • correspondence – Schriftverkehr
  • daily – tagtäglich
  • dateless –uralt
  • grasp – Griff
  • informations gap – Informationslücke
  • insignificant – unerheblich
  • official – amtliche
  • orthography – orthographies
  • priorities – Prioritäten
  • punctuation – Zeichensetzung
German and english words list | deutsch vokabeln lernen |englisch lernen| englisch wortschatz liste | deutsch als fremdsprache lernen |salzgitter lebenstedt germany
  • scheme – Schema
  • serenity – Gelassenheit
  • stressed-out – stressgeplagt
  • to capture – aufgreifen
  • to overcome – überwinden
  • to produce  – erzeugen
  • unbeatable – unschlagbar
  • unexpected – unvorhergesehen
  • aimed – gezielt
  • arranged – angelegt
  • conceivable – erdenklichen
  • contains – beinhaltet
  • conversation techniques – Gesprächsführung
  • descriptive – anschaulich
  • develop – entstehen
German language learning with english | german words list | deutsch wortschatz liste |deutsch als fremdsprache
  • discussions forum – Diskussionforum
  • discussionsforums– Diskussionsforen
  • enrichment – Bereicherung
  • exceeding – überschreitend
  • hiesig – local
  • in celebration – anlässlich
  • indulgence – Frönen
  • informative – aufsschlussreich
  • large-scale – groß angelegt
  • organized – geordnet
  • positive answer – Zusage
  • restructing – Umstrukturierung
  • temptations – Verlockungen
  • to address – ansprechen
german language learning| learn german vocabulary list with english | deutsch wortschatz liste | deutscha als fremdsprache lernen| englisch lernen| salzgitter | germany
  • to exceed – überschreiten
  • burden – Belastung
  • careless – achtlos
  • characteristic – Ausprägung
  • chill-out area – Ruhebereich
  • courtly – höfisch
  • occasionally – bisweilen
  • overlook – Aussichtspunkt
  • personality trait – Persönlichkeitsmerkmal
  • relaxation exercise – Entspannungsübung
  • survival training – Überlebenstraining
  • task sharing – Aufgabenteilung
  • to ask – anfragen
  • to limit – einschränken
german words list and english words liste, englisch wortschatz liste | deutsch wortschatz liste |deutsch lernen  salzgitter| lebenstedt
  • to need – benötigen
  • to overcome – überwinden
  • to pass by -vorübergehen
  • to produce – anfertigen
  • to reduced – verringert
  • to relieve tension – Spannung abbauen
  • to stroll – bummeln
  • to take rest – ausspannen
  • to unwind – abschalten

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  1. Impossible not to love swans. They make beautiful look so effortless

    1. thank you @cathysrealcountrygardencom for visiting my page, i love swans they have really nice beauty

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