Braunschweig germany, places to visit in braunschweig
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Places to visit in Braunschweig

City of lion , Braunschweig, Lion statue, Places to visit in City of Braunschweig



Deutsches Haus Hotel in Braunschweig, One of the places to visit in Braunschweig


Braunschweiger Dom /Brunswick Cathedral (Dompl. 5, 38100 Braunschweig)

 Address: Dompl.5, 38100 Braunschweig, Cathedral in Brunswick or Braunschweig Dom

To check more the information of Braunschweig cathedral check in Google,

Cathedral in Braunschweig

Portrait inside the cathedral

        It was a nice experience to see this beautiful cathedral.

Because you can see the different historical things in this cathedral

Inside the cathedral cathedral or Braunschweiger Dom , places to visit
During I’m inside the cathedral, Braunschweiger Dom /Brunswick Cathedral

Places to visit in Braunschweig

That is Braunschweig Cathedral the beautiful silver organ and also big.

Other churches in Wolfenbüttel Church and it’s a very old church and picturesque.

That’s near to Deutsches Haus (hotel) walking distance from Regierungsbezirk.


Fascinating Cathedral in Braunschweig

  Fascinating Brunswick Cathedral or Braunschweiger Dom

While I’m in the cathedral I took a picture that I have a remembrance that I already visited this church.

That was a great experience to visit these places in Germany. Also to learn the culture and history.

So while learning the language I want also to visit different attractions in Germany.

But Braunschweig is the nearest City in my town.

So I used the chance to visit this beautiful city with so many historical buildings.

Altar in Cathedral Brunswick, Places to visit the Cathedral in Braunschwig

Brunswick Cathedral Altar and Church Organ

Also, you can see the seven-branched candelabrum and the silver organ.

Though still like a new and it’s the same because they take care of it.

Anytime you can visit here. So if you want to see this beautiful historic church and a big organ.


Braunschweig germany, places to visit in braunschweig

Great Places to visit in Braunschweig:

  • Firstly, that’s my first one day visit to Braunschweig or Brunswick. Awesome places to visit.
  • In my opinion, they have a beautiful castle and also the cathedral in Brunswick or Braunschweiger Dom.
  • For example, you can find in this place a nice castle and old building in Braunschweig. Until now they have this building. That is a historical building was built 1173 and this church was built by Henry the Lion. So this place is very historical and amazing architecture.
  • At the same, you can explore the statue of Lion and also you can visit this place near the Cathedral in Braunschweig.
  • Another building you can also visit the Museum. But we don’t visit that time only in Cathedral or the Braunschweiger Dom.

Top places to visit in Braunschweig

  • You can see so many old things inside the Church. For instance, the portrait hangs on the wall. That church is big and tall.
  • Furthermore, the statue of Lion was built in 1166 from the time of Henry Lion. But before it was designed gold-plated by Henry Lion. In other words, this statue was so long time there.
  • Another building you can see the Deutsches Haus Hotel in Braunschweig. That is walking distance from the statue of a lion near also in the Museum. They called it in German Burglöwe or lion statue located in Burgplatz Braunschweig.
  • That was an amazing day to visit the different places in Braunschweig

Things to do in Braunschweig City

  1. So if you want to visit Braunschweig City, You can visit and take a photo in Burgplatz because they have big Lion or Löwe Statue.
  2. In addition, that’s near the malls, restaurants, and hotels. You can walk going to Karstadt. Only a few minutes on foot if you want to visit in Karstadt.
  3. You can find so many restaurants, a clothing store if you want to go shopping and there are so many branded clothing store.
  4. We ride the tram from Hauptbahnhof in Braunschweig Train station going to Karstadt, But we go out in the near of Galeria Kaufhof. That is a shopping mall in Braunschweig.
  5. So we used the same ticket from the regional train and tram. That’s a one day ticket and we only show our ticket. The amount of the ticket is 14 euro.
  6. Most importantly, we have visited different places in Braunschweig after our appointment. Because that day we have an appointment and we bought a day ticket. So better to consume it we visited different attractions in that City.
  7. Above all, even if that’s only a one day visit I enjoyed it very much while visiting this city. Because I saw many different places and also a historical building.

Words to remember:

English- Deutsch

  • civil code – Zivilgesetz
  • civil court – Zivilgericht
  • code of law – Gesetzbuch
  • deputy head of government – stellvertretender Regierungschef
  • district government – Bezirksregierung
  • duration of government – Regierungsdauer
  • federal court – Bundesgericht
  • electoral – Wahl
  • electoral committee – Wahl ausschuss
  • electoral duty – Wahlpflicht
germany language | english language |learn german vocabulary | german language learning | deutsch wortschatz liste |englisch wortschatz liste
  • electoral votes – Wählerstimmen
  • government – Regierung
  • governance – Regierungsführung
  • interior minister – Innenminister
  • law enforcement – Gesetzesvollzug
  • lawmaker – Abgeordnete
  • legal knowledge – Gesetzeskunde
  • local government – Stadtrat
  • minority government – Minderheitsregierung
german vocabulary | germany language  | deutsch language |german english vocabulary learning deutsch lernen| englisch lernen
  • bill – Gesetzesvorlagen
  • civil servant – Berufsbeamter
  • civil service commission – Berufsbeamtenausschuss
  • constitutional – Verfassungs
  • executive body – Organ
  • federal labor court – Bundesarbeitsgericht
  • federal office for the protection of the constitution – Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz
  • federal supreme court – Bundesgerichtshof
  • intelligence service – Verfassungsschutz
german words list and english words list | deutsch wortschatz | englisch wortschatz |deutsche sprache
  • judicial system – Rechtsprechungssystem
  • legal adviser – Rechtsberater
  • majority party – Mehrheitsfraktion
  • majority rule – Mehrheitsregierung
  • majority vote -Mehrheitsbeschluss
  • minister for science and research – Minister für Wissenschaft und Forschung
  • party leader – Parteivorsitzende
  • party executive – Parteivorstand
  • political opponent – Parteigegner
german language and english language | learning german vocabulary | english vocabulary list | englisch sprache lernen| deutsche sprache lernen
  • constitutional body – Verfassungsorgan
  • defensibility – Verteidigungsfähigkeit
  • district court – Amtsgericht
  • federalism – Föderalismus
  • federal chancellor – Bundeskanzler
  • federal ministry for economic affairs and energy – Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie
  • federal ministry of justice  and consumer protection – Bundesministerium Justiz und für Verbrauchersschutz
german vocabulary list with english | deutsch lernen und englisch lernen| foreign language | deutsch als fremdsprache | deutsche sprache | deutsch wortschatz liste
  • foreign minister – Außenminister
  • free mandate – freies Mandat
  • legislation – Gesetzgebung
  • local district court – Amtsgerichtsbezirk
  • ordinances – Verordnungen
  • parliament – Bundestag
  • parliamentary committees – Parlamentsausschüsse
  • parliamentary session – Parlamentssitzung
  • regional court – Landgericht
  • senior civil servant – Regierungsamtsrat
  • social court – Sozialgericht
german language with english, deutsch vokabeln lernen | deutsch wortschatz liste |german words list| deutsch lernen

Vocabulary learning

  • Firstly, Learn the vocabulary in German and English and have fun learning the language.
  • Secondly, Keep on reading and learning the vocabulary.
  • Maybe you can use it one day to add more knowledge and also to know more about the language.
  • So do it as a habit of learning the language. Because if you learn daily the more it’s easy to understand the vocabulary or words. Most important you have so many vocabularies that you can interact with other people or locals.
  • Therefore, you’re not afraid to talk because you know some vocabulary about this topic. If someone asks you about this topic and then you can answer them if they ask your opinion.
  • At the school, you will learn politics and if you have an exam maybe you can use it too. Just read and learn daily. Keep on learning and enjoy while learning.
  • Don’t forget to read and write down the words to remember.
  • I hope it can help you while you’re learning the language and history of Germany.
  • Lastly, believe in yourself and I know you can do it and be confident.

Other places to visit in Braunschweig

  • Another attraction you can visit in Germany.
  • So If you want more about quotes and travel you can look or read another post.
  •  What’s your experience visiting historical buildings? or Do you like to visit like a church or castle?
  • What’s the best thing to do in your town? Do you have historical places to recommend?
  • Do you have suggestions or comment please write down below.
  • I think I visit more attractions on my next visit but it depends on my budget.
  • Travel more and learn the culture of Germany, and also the historical places.
  • I believe if you travel and learn about the culture. In short, you also learn the language.  I feel you it’s difficult in the beginning. But you can overcome this difficulty.

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