Ocean adventure in Philippines

Ocean adventure in Philippines

Dolphin and ocean adventure in the Philippines:

  1. To enjoy your life go out and make some adventure.
  2. Loving nature and taking care is one of the best things to do.
  3. I share my experience, especially in ocean adventure, blue skies, dolphin jump shot.
  4. There so many tourists to visit the beach and so many for fish and dolphin show.
  5. They have a hotel in this place.

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“Ocean adventure with dolphin show

ocean adventure beach, dolphin show, Philippines, Subic #dolphin


  • We visited here because of the field trip of my daughter.
  • The school who booked the ticket and also the Subic safari.
  • By bus, the mode of our transportation going to Ocean Adventure

Ocean Adventure – Subic Bay Camayan Wharf, West Ilanin Forest Area Subic Bay Freeport Zone 2222, Philippines Phone: (047)252-9000

ocean adventure in Philippines Subic Philippines, travel, #dolphin #philippines #oceanadventure

Here we looked at the dolphin show while they are in the water with the trainer.

ocean adventure philippines view from beach of the ocean adventure with dolphin

dolphin in ocean adventure philippines #dolphin

Sightseeing in a Dolphin show in Ocean Adventure in Subic

  • They have a garden and a cottage inside the beach in ocean adventure.
  • This is the sea lion show in ocean adventure Subic first time to saw a sea lion in real.
  • Nice view from the cottage, that’s a sunny day when we went there. you can see the beach is blue and clear.
  • Warm weather you can spend your time here in a cottage of ocean adventure if you want to eat your lunch. if you want to swim at the beach, you have the place to leave your things.
  • They give fish for the dolphin in that dolphin show.
  • The trainer gave fish for the dolphin and they made a show.

Wildlife Park

Quotes that inspired Joylandz Travel

Hope is a waking dream

Every experience is valuable

The City of Gentle People

The dolphin’s jump together for the show and that’s so beautiful experience.

Jump shot from dolphin in ocean adventure philippines #dolphin

The different style of an exhibition of the dolphins, they made it’s like they are walking on the water.


ocean adventure beach #dolphin in the philippines

http://www.oceanadventure.com.ph/ if you want to search more here is the page of ocean adventure 🙂

I hope you like my journey and I want to hear about your ocean adventure too and if you have a question you can comment and message me [email protected]

thank you for visiting my page.

Vielen Dank (thank you very much)


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  1. I also like sea/ocean and blue sky. Loved the photos. I always wished to swim with the dolphins. It is nice how you chose the quotes for this post.

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