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Nothing is worth more than this day

Video in Hanover during summer

Nothing is worth more than this day visit in Hanover

“There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge.”Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill quotes very inspiringly because you can use it to pursue your dreams. If someone tells you that you can’t do it. But If you don’t limit yourself, because you achieve if you challenge yourself. Most important trust yourself because you are the author of your life.

Amazing Nature

Summer in Hannover

Be passionate

“Until you have learned to be tolerant with those who do not always agree with you, you will be neither successful nor happy.” Napoleon Hill

Worth it quotes:

  •  Quotes from Napoleon Hill it’s inspired me to travel even if it’s not luxury travel but I try to know the place and visit it.
  •  Creating experiences is worth it and treasure it as a beautiful memory in your life. It’s priceless to experience traveling to other countries.
  • When your traveling in a foreign land, collecting more knowledge and memories. In other words, you are more contented and happy in your life.
  • I appreciate and love yourself and your life.
  • Traveling is a good experience moreover you feel stronger while your traveling in different lands.
  • Knowing the culture in other countries will make you understand.
  • Experience is an expensive school, the more experience you have the more you will learn more about life.

“Don’t lower your standards to keep anyone, if they’re not making you happy, it’s time to find someone who does.”  Robert Tew

Hannover, Germany , Center of hannover and also the clock #clock #citylife #builings #germany #hannovery #germanytravel #travelhannover #facade #design #creative #beautifulbuilding #buildingphotography #city # construction #architectural #architecture#
Beautiful building and Kröpcke Uhr or clock

Hannover, Germany

  • The third visit to this city because we went to my doctor, afterward strolling the street in Hanover.
  •  Sightseeing in historical buildings during our visit we did not see all the places because it’s a big city here in Germany.
  • Impressive buildings and old buildings what I’ve seen in this city.
  • In my next visit, possibly I want to visit different landmarks and castle. I’ve heard they had a castle and a stunning garden.
  • Someday I will tour different places perhaps castles and a big garden.
  • I have already visited a small town in Hannover, therefore I’m planning to explore the magical castle or garden.
  • To look at the amazing garden, the scenery also blooming flowers.
  • Maybe in the summer, I go downtown to see the castle and take some photos.
  • It’s better to visit July or August than the winter season because there are so many beautiful flowers.
  • Meanwhile, a little bit cold but it’s best to visit when the weather is not cold. The garden has an entrance fee and it’s not free. During winter it’s free but the flowers and plants die.
  • Hanover has a big population compared to a town where  I live.
  • Salzgitter is a few historical buildings and not many beautiful buildings, though I prefer where I live now, a calm place not so much traffic and only a small village.
  • I love to visit the beautiful castle in Hannover but this time we don’t have time because the city is so big. Therefore in our next visit, we plan to explore the astonishing castle or the big garden.

Words to remember:

English- Deutsch

learn german vocabulary | deutsch lernen| englisch lernen| wörter | vocabulary list | german english

  • accounting and taxation – Rechnungs und Steuerwesen
  • business tax – Unternehmensteuer
  • capital tax – Vermögenssteuer
  • church tax – Kirchensteuer
  • deductible from income tax – einkommensteuerabzugsfähig
  • foreign taxation – ausländische Besteuerung
  • insurance taxation – Versicherungsbesteuerung
  • joint taxation – Haushaltsbesteuerung
  • law of taxation – Steuerrecht
  • minimum taxation – Mindestbesteuerung

englisch sprache lernen | german language learning| german vocabulary | learn english | deutsch lernen| sprache lernen

  • tax – Steuer
  • taxation – Besteuerung/Steuerwesen
  • taxation office – Finanzamt
  • tax-deductible – Steuerabzugsfähig
  • to tax – besteuern
  • capital expenditure – Kapitalaufwand
  • contribution – Beitrag
  • economic growth – Wirtschaftswachstum
  • excise tax – Verbrauchssteuer
  • expenditure – Ausgabe
  • finance and tax law – Finanz-und Steuerrecht

deutsche sprache lernen | deutsch lernen| vokabeln lernen| englisch wörter lernen| learn english | learn german  german vocabulary

  • financial expenditure – Geldausgabe
  • fixed liability – langfristige Verbindlichkeit
  • import sales tax – Einfuhrumsatzsteuer
  • liability – Verbindlichkeit
  • liability law -Haftungsrecht
  • minimum contribution -Mindestbeitrag
  • monetary -Währung
  • levies – Abgaben
  • property tax- Vermögenssteuer
  • sales tax –Verkaufssteuer
  • tax accounting law – Bilanzsteuerrecht
  • agreed wages – Tariflohn

german vocabulary | german english words deutsch lernen | englisch deutsch | deutsche wörter | learn german vocabulary | deutsch | german language

  • allowance/salary – Vergütung
  • apprentice’s wages – Lehrlingsentgelt
  • basic wages – Grundlohn
  • economic conditions – Wirtschaftsverhältnisse
  • economic stability – Wirtschaftsstabilität
  • foreign economic – außenwirtschaftlich
  • maximum wage– maximum lohn
  • national economic – Volkswirtschaftlich
  • real wage – Reallohn
  • savings deposits – Spareinlagen
  • time card – Zeitkontrollkarte
  • time keeping – Zeitkontrolle

language in german | englisch lernen| learn english | learn german vocabulary | englisch vokabeln | german vocabulary | economics | learn german vocabulary list | deutsch lernen | vokabeln

  • time sheet – Zeitkonto
  • wages – Lohn
  • wages slip – Lohanbrechnung
  • wages tax – Lohnsteuer
  • workload – Pensum
  • capital gain – Kapitalzuwachs
  • compensation – Abgeltung
  • federal tax – Bundessteuer
  • government revenue – Staatseinkünfte
  • local tax – Gemeindesteuer
  • nursing care insurance – Pflegeversicherung
  • pension insurance – Rentenversicherung
  • private health insurance – Privatkrankenkasse

deutsch lernen| study german | language resources | english language | learn english | englisch lernen | vokabeln| learn german vocabulary

  • public unemployment insurance – gesetzliche Arbeitslosenversicherung
  • social security benefit – Sozialleistung
  • social security – Sozialhilfe
  • solidarity surcharge – Solidaritätszuschlag
  • statutory nursing care insurance – gesetzliche Pflegeversicherung
  • tax advantage – Steuervorteil
  • tax rebate – Steuerrabbatt
  • unemployment insurance – Arbeitslosenversicherung
  • all citizen’s health insurance – Bürgerversicherung
  • automobile tax – Kraftfahrzeugsteuer
  • fiscal policy – Fiscalpolitik
  • flat rate withholding tax – Abgeltungssteuer

study german online | economics| deutsch vokabeln lernen| deutsche sprache lernen| deutsch | englisch lernen| wortschatz | german vocabulary

  • import sales tax – Einfuhrumsatzsteuer
  • individual  shareholder – Einzelaktionär
  • income tax payer – Einkommensteuerzahler
  • miner’s health insurance – Knappschaftkasse
  • net trading profit – Nettobetriebsgewinn
  • property tax – Grundsteuer
  • sales tax identification number – Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer
  • shareholder – Aktieninhaber
  • tax burdened – steuerlich belastet
  • tax-exempt – Steuerfrei/Steuerbefreit
  • to collect tax – Steuer erheben
  • taxation and auditing – Steuerlehre und Wirtschaftsprüfung

Something worth reading 

  • Do you like to visit Germany? What’s your experience of studying a new language? The German language learning very important and it’s worth it in the end, because once you learn it’s not difficult to talk to other people.
  • What’s your preferred new language to study? If you have suggestions on how to learn the new language? Then if you have an idea just comment or message me.
  • I hope you learn some in my German vocabulary.
  • In my own opinion, it’s worth studying a new language to add more knowledge. So it helps in our daily life.

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