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One day visit at Neustadt am Rübenberge

Awesome fountain in Neustadt am Rübenberge, Hannover

Railway in neustadt hannover , #neustadthannover

Railway in Neustadt am Rübenberge, Hannover

  • So fabulous day in the park of Neustadt, Hannover, Germany.
  • While walking on the playground and we saw this beautiful park with a fountain and waterlilies.
  • Furthermore looks great to visit this park in Neustadt Hannover.
  • So my daughter plays with swing and walks around the park while we’re sitting on the bench because we are waiting at that time. While sitting in the park with fresh air and green trees.
  • That is a beautiful park and also they have swings with a small playhouse that kids can play together with their parents.
  • Maybe to let the kids play in that playground to have some fun. Because at home the kids can’t take breathe fresh air like in the park.
  • In addition, so lovely waterlilies in that small pond with a fountain that’s an awesome view in that park. Also, I enjoy taking pictures of that fountain.
  • Do you like to see a fountain? Where is the best fountain you have seen before?
  • For me, I saw a beautiful fountain in Hongkong and also in the Philippines. But here it is different because of waterlilies.

Visit on a farm

  • While exploring other cities here in Germany and I took this photo in my travel.
  • Almost 30 minutes to 1 hour by the car going to Hannover, the same as the train but sometimes the train is not on time maybe 10 to 15 minutes late when the weather is good.
  • But I never tried by bus going there because of only by a car and train we drive.
  • In addition, we ride the train 27 euro for one day ticket from Salzgitter to Hannover, But by a car around 80-90 kilometers to drive it.
  • So my next plan to ride a bus from Salzgitter to Hannover. Also, I check how long will it takes.

Napoleon Hill quotes:

“Success requires no explanation. Failure permits no alibis.”
Napoleon Hill
“Cherish your vision and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.” Napoleon Hill

“Our only limitations are those we set up in our own minds.”
Napoleon Hill


  • First of all, don’t limit yourself go out in your comfort zone and also go to a farm. Moreover, meet some new people.
  • Secondly, surround yourself with positive people that will encourage you, in addition, be creative every day,.Do whatever you like and also never mind what other people think of you.
  • For example,travel and discover new things and learn from them. Also, start thinking of new possibilities, don’t be afraid to meet new people even if you’re not fluent in the language.
  • In short, you can do anything that you want and don’t be shy to ask something that can help in your life.
  • Most importantly, don’t mind the judgment of other people. Rather learn more and appreciate your efforts. Also, respect yourself and do what’s best in your life.
  • Above all, It depends on our expectations in life to become happy in life.  But to succeed in life just try it one more time and more hope about your future.
Church in Neustadt am RübenbergeHannover #neustadtamrübenbergehannover

Liebfrauenkirche in Neustadt am Rübenberge Hannover Germany   An old church in Neustadt and remembrance in my visit.

Village near Hannover

  • Our friends live in Neustadt, Hannover. and also they have cows and chicken on the farm where they live. Furthermore, the owner of this farm makes a home-made sausage from their own animals.
  • So I already tried the sausage and also it tastes good and then we bring some at home.
  • When we meet new people and talk in German in that way you also learn the language because you interact using the language. Therefore, if you meet new people don’t be shy to talk and be confident to speak while you’re traveling to other places.
  • Maybe in the first meet, it’s a little bit difficult to talk in German, but we understand each other even if I’m not fluent in German. So you need to be strong and face your fears in order to overcome the difficulties in learning a new language.
  • This beautiful village is far from the City of Hannover, 20 to 30 minutes in the car.
  • A few people live here because of it’s a small village more on the farm fields and the people live in a city rather than a farm or village.
  • Country living is a peaceful life but another reason you have so much work to do on this farm. Because you need to take care of all the things and also the farm and animals. Therefore, it’s not easy to live on the farm and while in the city you have not enough space to live in.
  • Many people like to live in a city than on a farm because of school or a job.

Do you like waterlily? Have you ever seen a waterlily in your town or city?

Such a nice waterlily in Neustadt Park,  there are so many waterlilies. I remember the waterlilies in the fish pond in the Philippines, I never expect to find a waterlily here.  On our farm had a fish pond so many waterlilies grow. Like, most waterlilies have different flowers and shapes.

Waterlily in Neustadt Hannover, #waterlily #Neustadtam Rübenbergehannover

Park in Neustadt am Rübenberge Hannover

So nice park but they have a little pond with waterlilies and also so many trees in that park with a playground for children who wants to play.

While I’m walking in the park I saw this beautiful footbridge and so many awesome waterlilies. But I saw a fountain and around that fountain, there’s so many waterlilies and other plants.

Our first time to visit this park in Neustadt am Rübenberge, Hannover.

Where do you want to live when you get old or retired?

Firstly, the good quality of living depends on our choice or decision because of what’s best for our job or work.

A village is healthy to live far from a chaotic life in the city. But when you live in a village all the things you need to buy in the city.

Living in a city so many people, more traffic and pollution and also the food is not always fresh for example, vegetables or fruits. City life is also expensive unlike in a village you can plant your own fruits and vegetables.

To live in a city so many opportunities and living in a village is not much but however, if you live in a village you also need to work harder in order to survive in daily life.

Most importantly, where you feel comfortable and happy to live for the rest of your life.

Round hay bales in the farm

Round hay bales on the farm and they stock it for the cows because it’s summer season the grass gets dry. So they have extra food for the summer season.  They called it Heurolle -round hay bale.

Farm in Neustadt am Rübenberge Hannover, Lower Saxony

The poultry farm and livestock in Neustadt Hannover

First of all, Farming is a simple life. But you need to do so much hard work. Also, all with your energy in other words farming is not just a way of life. But it also keeps everybody alive and helps people to have food on the plate.

Secondly, when the farmer doesn’t work on the farm. Therefore, people can’t buy fresh food, vegetables, fruits, and poultry.

So we’re thankful for the hard work of the farmers. Because if the farmer doesn’t do that we can’t eat fresh vegetables and fruits.

Poultry in Neustadt am Rübenberge Hannover , #travel #neustadthannover

Poultry in the farm 

Moreover, I remembered when I was young working on our farm, rain or shine but we need to help to finish the work on the farm. Same like this farm in Neustadt Hannover far from the city life and moreover, green scenery farm fields.

Feeding our chickens, ducks and also taking care of our pigs. Furthermore, life on a farm is not easy but however, you will learn it. Also, Farm kids understand and appreciate hard work because living on a farm you will enjoy the fresh air and sunshine

Words to remember:

the dictionary I used dict.cc

English – Deutsch

  • animal welfare – Tiergerechtheit
  • appetizing – appetitlich
  • belly – Bauch
  • boning – Ausbeinen
  • breaded – paniert
  • butchery – die Schlachterei
  • butcher’s shop – die Fleischerei
  • canned meat – Büchsenfleisch
  • cold meat – der Aufschnitt
  • deer – Reh
  • farm animal welfare and housing – die artgerechte Tierhaltung
  • meat market – die Metzgerei
  • quality control – Qualitätskontrolle
  • rib – Rippe
  • slices of sirloin – Rinderfiletscheiben
  • smokehouse – Räucherkammer
  • spareribs – Rippchen
  • to pickle – pökeln
  • to scald – brühen
  • utility knife – Cutter
  • cooking – Garen
  • cooked – gar
  • corned – gepökelt
  • date of expiry – Haltbarkeitsdatum
  • diced – würfelig geschnitten
  • gourmet food – Feinkost
  • half-cooked/medium-rare – halb gar
  • meat hygiene law –fleischhygienegesetz
  • meat inspection – Fleischbeschau
  • meat supply – Fleischversorgung
  • non-perishable – haltbar
  • parboiled – halb gekocht
  • perishable – begrenzt haltbar
  • ready-to-serve meal – Fertiggericht
  • to cook well – gar kochen
  • to deep-fry – frittieren
  • to garnish – garnieren
  • apron – Schürze
  • bone marrow – Knochen Mark
  • braising – Schmoren
  • cut – Schnittverletzung
  • cutting machine – Schneidemaschine
  • factory farm – Massentierhaltungsbetrieb
  • food law – Lebensmittelrecht
  • general food law – Allgemeines Lebensmittelrecht
  • herbs – Kräuter
  • knife handle – Masserheft
  • large-scale livestock farming – Massentierhaltung
  • liver paste – Leberpastete
  • low fat – mager
  • shopkeeper – Ladeninhaber
#germanwords #englishdeutsch german language, learn german with english, germany
  • bacon – Schinkenspeck
  • boiled belly pork – Wellfleisch
  • boneless – Knochenfrei
  • butchering – schlachten
  • cartilage – Knorpel
  • conservation measures – Konservierungsmaßnahmen
  • display counter – Verkaufstheke
  • drumstick – Keule
  • knuckle of veal – Kalbshachse
  • kosher slaughter knife – Schächtmesser
  • ostrich – Strauß
  • preservatives – Konservierungsstoffe
  • sirloin – Ledenstück
  • ready to cook – Küchenfertig
  • tenderloin – zartes Ledenstück
englisch lernen, deutsch vokabeln lernen, Essen, food vocabulary, german language learning, #deutsch
  • salted pork leg – Eisbein
  • smoked – geräuchert
  • spoiled – verdorben
  • slaughterhouse waste – Schlachtabfall
  • slaughtering business – Schlachtbetrieb
  • tendon – Sehne
  • to braise – schmoren
  • to marinate – marinieren
  • to pan-fry – kurzbraten
  • to season – würzen
  • to sharpen knife – ein Messer schärfen
  • to stew  – schmoren
  • to weigh out – abwiegen
  • well done – voll gar
  • wholesale slaughter – großes Schlachten
Deutsch wörter, german words, vocabulary, food, englisch lernen #learngerman #englischlernen

Thank you once again for reading here on my blog. And I hope you learn some German words or German vocabulary. Deutsche Sprache verbessern.

Where do you want to live in a city or in a village?

What’s your farm experiences? Where do you want to live in the future?

Are you living in a city or a farm?

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