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“Love is not consolation. It is light.”

“Love is not consolation. It is light in Ayala Makati City Philippines

“Love is not consolation. It is light.” Friedrich Nietzsche

  • Makati city is a beautiful city here in the Philippines. They have so many restaurant and shopping malls.
  • If you want to eat some, they have a different restaurant in this city.
  • Makati it’s a bit expensive unlike in other cities. Ayala triangle has a Christmas light every Christmas season.
  • You can visit it every Christmas season. Different colors and so many people to visit here. You don’t need to pay to go to this Ayala garden.
  • So many people spend their time here to relax.
  • Some just sit on the grass and enjoy the green plants and trees. Even if it’s a city you can find so many trees in this place.
  • Ayala triangle has a Christmas light every year during Christmas season. You can visit it every Christmas season.
  •  It’s safe so many security guards in this place or police roaming around. To look for the safety of the people. Have a different hotel and banks.
stunning christmas lights Ideas in Ayala Triangle Makati City, Metro Manila, Luzon, Philippines

Twinkling lights in Ayala Triangle Garden, Makati City Metro Manila, Philippines

  • Another thing to see in Ayala Triangle. “Sunflower in Ayala” you can find so many flowers in Ayala triangle garden. If you want to visit this link.
  • Furthermore, Visit this City in the Philippines to explore and enjoy your vacation. Explore Taguig City This place Taguig city, that’s so beautiful and tourist spot looks like Venice in Italy.
  • Maybe you like to go shopping in a big Shopping mall just try to visit this mall. In this link, you can find A picture is worth a thousand words “Mall of Asia in the Philippines, it’s a big shopping mall, overlooking the Manila Bay.
  • In addition, If you want to visit more in Manila you can visit  Wildlife Park.
  • So You can find it in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines.
  • While visiting Wildlife Park you can see different animals and eagles. And then you can spend your vacation to visit the animals and lake there.
  • But they ask for an entrance fee. If your senior citizen, you don’t need to pay. But in same like me 30 pesos you need to pay and younger or kids 15 pesos.
Awesome christmas lights in Ayala Triangle Makati city Metro Manila, Philippines

What’s your experience in Ayala Triangle Makati, Philippines?

Do you like Makati City? or do you like in the province to visit than in the Big city? Do you have a nice experience in Makati? or Bad experience? I only don’t like in Makati when you ride the taxi is a little bit expensive, so many vehicles. If you don’t like traffic, better you go to a province. You have a peaceful and not so hectic like Makati. There is so many beautiful and nice place in the Philippines. For example, there is so many beach and island you can spend your vacation. But it depends on what you like.

Creative outdoor Christmas Lights in Ayala Triangle Makati City

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