Flowers on the foot bridge in Klein Venedig Wolfenbüttel
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Little Venice or “Klein Venedig” in Wolfenbüttel Germany

Little Venice or Klein Venedig Wolfenbüttel

You can watch on my youtube channel the video of my walking tour in Wolfenbüttel Germany

Little Venice Or Klein-Venedig at Wolfenbüttel. That you can visit also not the only museum, old churches but they have also little Venice.

An awesome view of Wolfenbüttel with all the beautiful traditional houses in Germany. That’s an amazing house you can find here in Germany. Mostly the house here is like that.

In my country we don’t have like that style, that’s a unique style of the house.

Wolfenbüttel little venice or klein venedig , Footbridge with flowers and awesome tulips

Colorful flowers on the footbridge Klein Venedig Wolfenbüttel

That’s a lovely flower in little Venice or Klein Venedig in Wolfenbüttel, Germany. There are so many flowers on the footbridge and they always take care of it to grow these beautiful flowers.

Another nice idea to put flowers on the footbridge Klein Venedig Wolfenbüttel because it makes more beautiful the surroundings.

Most importantly, to see beautiful flowers while traveling the city, even if it’s far from the flower garden.

But you can find in Wolfenbüttel so many flowers on the street or display on the footbridge.

So they have different flowers like tulips and different colors too.

Most noteworthy, I enjoyed taking pictures with this footbridge with beautiful flowers. In addition, they have padlock like in Paris on the bridge.

Flowers on the foot bridge in Klein Venedig Wolfenbüttel

What are your tips while traveling in another city or place? Do you like tulips? What are the best attractions in your city? Do you have so many flowers in your city?

What is the style of the house in your country? Do you like this style of house in Germany or do you like a modern house?


Words to remember:



german words | deutsch lernen|| german vocabulary | englisch lernen| learn german | englisch language | learn english |

  • abundant – überreich
  • borrowing – das Leihen
  • concealment – das Verschweigen
  • defeat – Niederlage
  • dejected – Niederschlagen
  • express promise – ausdrückliches Versprechen
  • fabled – Sagenhaft
  • huge – ungeheuer
  • humanity – Menschheit
  • humble – bescheiden
  • illiterate – des Schreibens unkundig
  • legendary – sagenumwoben
  • nevertheless – nichtsdestoweniger
  • rewriting – nochmaliges Schreibens
  • shelter – Obdach

deutsch lernen| englisch lernen| learn english | wortschatz | deutsch vokabeln | liste | german vocabulary

  • fortunately – glückerweise
  • flow – fließen
  • recognize – wiedererkennen
  • stand around – herumstehen
  • to concentrate – sich konzentrieren
  • to consider – überlegen
  • to curse – verfluchen
  • to give in – nachgeben
  • to look forward – sich freuen auf
  • to move – sich bewegen
  • to relax – sich entspannen
  • to remember – sich erinnern
  • to struggle – kämpfen
  • to train – trainieren
  • to tremble – zittern
  • watch out – aufpassen
  • wonder – sich fragen

deutsch language | deutsch lernen| german vocabulary | learn german | englisch lernen| learn englisch | sprachen lernen|

  • catch – fangen
  • deal – handle von
  • forbid – verbieten
  • get to know – kennenlernen
  • overwhelm – überwaltigen
  • mean – meinen, bedeuten
  • reach – erreichen
  • react – reagieren
  • strike – stoßen
  • to beat – schlagen, besiegen
  • to retell – nacherzählen
  • to rise – aufstehen, aufgehen
  • to teach – lehren
  • unimportant – unwichtig
  • unknown – unbekannt

English | Deutsch language | deutschlernen| german vocabulary | englisch lernen | learn english

  • shelterless – obdachlos
  • to allow – erlauben
  • to answer – beantworten
  • to approve – bewilligen
  • to borrow – borgen
  • to disobey – den Gehorsam verweigern
  • to forbid – verboten
  • to entrust – anvertrauen
  • to forgive – verzeihen
  • to fulfill a desire – einen Wunsch erfüllen
  • to give – geben
  • to keep a promise – ein Versprechen halten
  • to owe – verdanken
  • to promise – versprechen
  • to quote – zitieren

german vocabulary| englisch lernen| sprachen lernen| deutsch lernen| learn english | german

  • to rebuke – entziehen
  • to refuse acceptance – die Annahme verweigen
  • to recommend – empfehlen
  • to remove – wegnehmen
  • to reject – verweigern
  • to send – schicken
  • to send an order – einen Auftrag schicken
  • to show – zeigen
  • to tell – erzählen
  • to write – schreiben
  • void – nichtig
  • wish – der Wunsch
  • writing – das Schreiben
  • Your wish is my command – Dein Wunsch ist mir Befehl.

Read and study vocabulary

Learning new vocabulary helps you to improve yourself. Because learning a new language it’s not easy.  In other words, study more, try and try until you master the language. Also, every day read and study. Because I know you will learn some. Don’t forget to be positive and believe in your strength.

Of course, in the beginning, it’s not easy but only try your best and believe in your capability. Furthermore, learn and keep on reading while studying the language or even if you’re doing self-study. Above all, don’t worry if your only a self-study just do more hard work to achieve your dreams.

Beautiful Architecture in Wolfenbüttel: 

Door in Wolfenbüttel, little venice or klein venedig, #wolfenbüttel #door

      Red door in Wolfenbüttel, Germany

When I was visiting the city of Wolfenbüttel and I took this picture of the Red door in Wolfenbüttel with amazing flowers hang on the door. That is a nice house in Wolfenbüttel and also an old house. But still, that is the attractions of the city. Half-timbered houses in Wolfenbüttel.

Moreover, there are so many houses like this and still, well-maintained and they take care of this house. They don’t change the design of the house.

Awesome house in Wolfenbüttel, Lower saxony , Germany


So a beautiful restaurant in Wolfenbüttel, Germany and also a small river near the restaurant.

Restaurant and house in Wolfenbüttel, germany

Lastly, you enjoy exploring other places even if only the beauty of the city or a small village.

As long as you try to go to travel to other places or the city. Do you like exploring the place on foot or by car? For me, I like more walking that I can find a different attraction in the city.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Now I’m busy a bit but I want to share more of my adventure.

Wolfenbüttel , little venice or klein venedig, germany , travel pictures, houses

Travel by bus going to Wolfenbüttel Germany 

beautiful architecture and nice attractions ( Klein Venedig) in Wolfenbüttel Germany

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