Life is precious

Life is precious

Trees #nature #naturehotography #mountain#fields #farm life is precious

So beautiful and awesome to spend your precious life here. 

Some trees in the farm in Harz and I took this photos while the train is running.

That time when we’re going to Seesen and the weather is perfect.


Life is precious and full of hopes

Life is precious and enjoy it.#nature #naturehotography #mountain

First of all, spend your time wisely and enjoy it. because life is precious and a gift.

Nature photos#nature #naturehotography #mountain windmill life is precious

In my own opinion, I love that landscape and warm weather, moreover the beautiful clouds like cotton.  So, Lovely windmills on the farm that’s in the Harz


  So an excellent scene from the farm  and while we’re going to Seesen, Germany

#nature #naturehotography #mountain #trees #view #train, life is precious

  That is a wonderful view with a farmhouse and so quiet place on the farm.

 Mahatma Gandhi#nature #naturehotography #mountain, life is precious

“Where there is love there is life.” Mahatma Gandhi

nature #naturehotography #mountain #trees #view #train life is precious

“Everything you can imagine is real.” Pablo Picasso


“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”- Dr. Seuss

 nature #naturehotography #mountain #trees #view #train life is precious

That is wondrous farm scenery and fabulous to spend on these fields


Use your time wisely because life is precious

  • First of all, go out and discover something new, face your fears. Therefore, Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.
  • Also, Enjoy the beauty of nature and refresh your mind that you can think of new thoughts. However, don’t sit at home and learn, but, you need to go out and to spend it wisely.
  • Maybe, worrying so much it doesn’t help you. Most importantly think positively and take care of yourself because life is precious and beautiful. In addition, study the language and always remember that you can do it
  • So, don’t stress yourself because it takes time before all the words stuck in your mind.
  • For instance, Be motivated and be positive thinking. Such as, do what you feel enjoyable about learning a language. Furthermore, listening to music, reading, watching movies or talk to your friends in German.
  • Because, Language is a matter of getting used to, but you need to expose yourself.
  • Also, the more you spend time with the language, moreover, the more you learn. For example,  Discover the culture, food, or anything you feel comfortable to learn.
  • Most importantly, don’t mind what other people say with your foreign language. So, if they say your not fluent in your grammar or you have mistaken the way you write or speak. Also, It doesn’t matter as long as you don’t stop to learn something new.
  • Like showing them you can do it alone by yourself. Moreover, don’t be discouraged about them.
  • Because you know by yourself and you try your best to learn.
  • Most importantly, you can go alone without any help from other people. Because you need to do it and try to be independent.
  • For example, step by step learning German vocabulary. Therefore, learning a new foreign language is not easy. But you need to be consistent and every day you try to read or write some vocabulary.
  • Lastly, try to talk in German with other people you meet or in a local or public area. So learning by doing and expose yourself and keep in your mind all that you’ve learned. Because one day you’ll look back what you’ve already accomplished.



Words to remember:

English – Deutsch


German language#germanlanguagelearning #learngermanlanguage #learning #learn #learnenglish #learninglanguage #language #germanwords #vocabulary #sprache #deutschlernen #deutsch #english #englisch #wortschatz #germany #vokabeln


  • absolutely right – vollkommen richtig
  • affirmation – Bejahung
  • aim – Ziel
  • appreciate – Verständnis, hochschätzen
  • appreciated – geschätzt/ gewürdigt
  • appreciated opinion – geschätzte Meinung
  • appreciation – Wertschätzung
  • basic trust – Urvertrauen
  • change – Veränderung
  • complicated – kompliziert
  • complicated question – schwierige Frage
  • contemporary – zeitgenössisch
  • decisions – Entscheidungen
  • demonstrable – nachweisbar
  • deployment – Einsatz
  • diligence – Fleiß
  • diligent – fleißig
  • disadvantage –Nachteil
  • doubtless – ohne Zweifel
  • early – zeitig


Vokabeln #germanlanguagelearning #learngermanlanguage

  • early shift – Frühschicht
  • expectations – Erwartungen
  • expenditure of time – Zeitaufwand
  • flawless – ohne Fehler
  • freedom – Freiheit
  • freelance – freiberuflich
  • full of mistakes – voller Fehler
  • gain of time – Zeitgewinn
  • grateful – dankbar
  • great wisdom – große Weisheiten
  • indifinitely – unendlich
  • in doubt – im Zweifel
  • interval – Zeitspanne
  • lack of time – Zeitmangel
  • late shift – Spätdienst
  • Let’s be grateful – Seien wir dankbar.
  • Let’s be thankful – Lasst uns dankbar sein
  • limit – Begrenzung
  • low- esteem – geringe Wertschätzung
  • shift Duration – Schichtdauer
  • shift duty – Schichtdienst

German language #germanlanguagelearning #learngermanlanguage #vokabeln


  • I’d really appreciate it. – Das wäre sehr nett von dir.
  • infinite love – unendliche Liebe
  • infinitely grateful – unendlich dankbar
  • inner harmony – innere Ausgeglichenheit
  • make a decisions – Entscheidungen fällen
  • meet – erfüllen
  • meet expectations – Erwartungen erfüllen
  • mistake – Fehler
  • nightly – nächtlich
  • occasionally – zeitweise
  • outlook – Einstellung
  • patience – Geduld
  • personal development – Persönlichkeitsbildung
  • positive attitude – positive Einstellung
  • reward – belohnen
  • schedule – Zeitplan
  • sense – spüren
  • sense of responsibility – Verantwortungsbewusstsein

German words #germanlanguagelearning #learngermanlanguage #learning

  • simultaneously – zeitgleich
  • staff shortage – Personalmangel
  • temporarily – zeitweilig
  • Thank you, I appreciate it. – Vielen Dank, sehr nett von Ihnen.
  • time-consuming – zeitraubend
  • timeless – zeitlos
  • time-saving – zeitsparend
  • to achieve – verwirklichen
  • to allot time – Zeit einteilen
  • to categorize – einteilen
  • to convey a message – eine Nachricht mitteilen
  • to research – recherchieren
  • to work freelance – freiberuflich tätig sein
  • to work in shift – Schichtdienst machen
  • travel through time – Zeitreise
  • unending patience – unendliche Geduld
  • up-to-date – zeitgemäß
  • waste of time – Zeitverschwendung
  • wisdom – Weisheit



In other words, Experience is the best teacher, therefore, go out there and talk to the people. For example, the bus driver or cashier, you need to use the words what you have learned. Furthermore, make a hobby of learning a new language. Because it’s easy to absorb in your mind.

Also, relax, don’t be panic or afraid in the first month you can’t talk fluently. Because It takes time to be fluent in the German language.

So as long as your learning daily and keep on reading. That is a start to be more familiar with your new vocabulary list.

Most importantly, Always motivate yourself do it regularly and always have a hope that you can do it. In addition, Enjoy and learn with all your heart.

Are you a nature lover? Do you like to take photos of scenery or spectacle? Do you like to live more in the city or in the countryside?

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Love your life

keep calm and enjoy a clearwater bay

Tai Mei Tuk

Bad Harzburg


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