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Life is precious with positive quotes & Travel videos

Landscape photography with life quotes, enjoy your precious life and enjoy your wonderful life in this scenery

Travel and add more experience because life is precious

  • First, your life is precious and use it to travel to other places.
  • Second, life is a precious gift from God and spend your time wisely.
  • Third, spend your valuable life on these awe-inspiring scenery.
  • Moreover, you spend your valuable time with these captivating scenery. This place you can find it on the farm fields in the ( Harz) Lower Saxony, Germany.
  • Also, I took these photos in the farm fields (Harz) while the train is running, because I like the scene from farm fields.
  • In addition, I feel happy and relax to look at this view through the window of the train.
  • Before you can arrive in Seesen you will find this beautiful scenery in the Harz. As well as you can relax your mind while traveling in this region.
  • In other words, only simple things to enjoy your precious life.
  • Subsequent, what you can do while traveling to other places. Take photos as memories during your travel.
  • To me, I love watching this charming farm fields to enjoy my precious moments. So don’t waste it on negative thought and focus on happy moments.
  • Then don’t think about sad and unhappy moments in your life.
  • Also, It’s a perfect time to travel while the weather is good because it’s a summer season in Germany.
  • Besides, while traveling you can see different places and you feel something good because you use your precious time and life.
  • I am sure you like to travel and spend your time outdoors. The weather is great when we’re going to Seesen.
  • Of course, I love to enjoy my precious life and travel to different cities.
  • Above all, you love what you do and you are enjoying what you do. To spend your precious time and wisely. That’s the important thing to do.
Pablo Picasso quotes, Life quotes, life is precious and to enjoy it. Harz, Lower Saxony, Germany

Read the motivational words and spend your precious moments wisely because life is precious

I’m amazed at these scenes and I have a chance to take photos during my visit.

And in that way, I used the chance to appreciate the beauty of nature. Further to enjoy every moment of my precious life on this wonderful scenery.

In my own opinion, I prefer this urban landscape view during summer vacation to visit. Besides, not only vast farm fields scenery but also the stunning clouds like cotton.

Including the beautiful windmills on the farm fields and also the amazing clouds formations.
Above all, I share these photos that you can see pictures in the Harz and be happy with your precious life. Try to enjoy your amazing moments and precious life.

Dr Seuss quotes and a motivational words about life, a scenery view from Harz, Lower Saxony, Germany, positive quotes and messages life is precious.

Discover something new because life is precious to be upset

  • For instance, you have a chance to discover new things outside of your comfort zone and to be optimistic.
  • Indeed, use your chance to go out and discover something new because life is beautiful and full of adventures.
  • Not only adventures but also ups and downs. But you can choose to be happy instead of to be sad.
  • In other words, you have to face your fears and push yourself to do something useful.
  • In fact, you can do so many things in your life but you need to find a way. So don’t be afraid to make mistakes in your life. Even though you’re not perfect and so many flaws.
  • Simply follow your dreams and reach your goal because it’s not too late to start a new beginning. Additionally, Travel and enjoy the beauty of the universe. Moreover, you can unwind yourself with all the problems you have struggled with.
  • As a result, you can think of new plans and new ideas to spend your precious life.
Farm house and street pictures, awesome life to live here, Spend our precious life with awesome nature, german vocabulary, german language learning, deutsch lernen, englisch lernen, learn german vocabulary list, germany, lower saxony, harz, scenery.

Harz mountain railway and harz mountain Germany videos

Harz mountain railway and harz mountain germany
Beautiful colors of the mountain view and trees in Harz Germany
  • A Simple Farmhouse in the Harz and nice to live here with precious time and life.
  • As you can see it so a peaceful place to live on this farm. You can use your precious life to live and do something new. Walking on the farm fields and look at the landscape view.
  • Now, you have new ideas to pursue your goal and start now. Next, you do it step by step and you have to do it with full of hope to reach
  • Consequently, Don’t just sit at home and worrying too much with all the problems you have.
  • Rather, you need to go out and to spend your precious life with a desire to achieve your dreams. Anyway, if your worrying so much it doesn’t help you and it makes you worthless. It’s not the end of the world and stands up do the right thing in your life.
  • Of course, you can do so many things like learning a language or write a blog. As for me, I think to study a new language is a great idea to do.
  • Always remember that you can do it, Never waste your chance and your precious life.
  • Positively, That is the best what you can do. But I’m not an expert that’s only my idea. You can choose what’s the best thing to do in your precious time and life.
  • Lastly, always think positive and take care of yourself. Because we have only one life and that is precious. But we need to live every day in our precious life.
Amazing life in farm, landscape pictures, because life is amazing, Tonny Robbins quotes , positive quotes, german language learning and german vocabulary, deutsch lernen.

Popular Life Quotes from Goodreads to read to motivate your precious life and moments:

“Everything you can imagine is real.” Pablo Picasso

“Where there is love there is life.” Mahatma Gandhi

“Life is always happening for you, not to you. Appreciate that gift, and you are wealthy, now and forever.”- Tony Robbins

“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.” – Marcus Aurelius

“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”- Dr. Seuss

“Pause and remember: Life is a precious gift. Use your days wisely.”

-Jenni Young

Words to remember:

English – Deutsch

German words, learning new language , vocabulary in german and english
  • absolutely right – vollkommen richtig
  • affirmation – Bejahung
  • aim – Ziel
  • appreciate – Verständnis, hochschätzen
  • appreciated – geschätzt/ gewürdigt
  • appreciated opinion – geschätzte Meinung
  • appreciation – Wertschätzung
  • basic trust – Urvertrauen
  • change – Veränderung
  • complicated – kompliziert
  • complicated question – schwierige Frage
  • contemporary – zeitgenössisch
  • decisions – Entscheidungen
  • demonstrable – nachweisbar
  • deployment – Einsatz
  • diligence – Fleiß
  • diligent – fleißig
  • disadvantage –Nachteil
  • doubtless – ohne Zweifel
  • early – zeitig
Deutsch vokabeln lernen, german english, deutsch language, lernen
  • early shift – Frühschicht
  • expectations – Erwartungen
  • expenditure of time – Zeitaufwand
  • flawless – ohne Fehler
  • freedom – Freiheit
  • freelance – freiberuflich
  • full of mistakes – voller Fehler
  • gain of time – Zeitgewinn
  • grateful – dankbar
  • great wisdom – große Weisheiten
  • indifinitely – unendlich
  • in doubt – im Zweifel
  • interval – Zeitspanne
  • lack of time – Zeitmangel
  • late shift – Spätdienst
  • Let’s be grateful – Seien wir dankbar.
  • Let’s be thankful – Lasst uns dankbar sein
  • limit – Begrenzung
  • low- esteem – geringe Wertschätzung
  • shift Duration – Schichtdauer
  • shift duty – Schichtdienst
german language learning, keep on learning new words. deutsch lernen,
  • I’d really appreciate it. – Das wäre sehr nett von dir.
  • infinite love – unendliche Liebe
  • infinitely grateful – unendlich dankbar
  • inner harmony – innere Ausgeglichenheit
  • make a decisions – Entscheidungen fällen
  • meet – erfüllen
  • meet expectations – Erwartungen erfüllen
  • mistake – Fehler
  • nightly – nächtlich
  • occasionally – zeitweise
  • outlook – Einstellung
  • patience – Geduld
  • personal development – Persönlichkeitsbildung
  • positive attitude – positive Einstellung
  • reward – belohnen
  • schedule – Zeitplan
  • sense – spüren
  • sense of responsibility – Verantwortungsbewusstsein
German english, vocabulary in english, learn german vocabulary
  • simultaneously – zeitgleich
  • staff shortage – Personalmangel
  • temporarily – zeitweilig
  • Thank you, I appreciate it. – Vielen Dank, sehr nett von Ihnen.
  • time-consuming – zeitraubend
  • timeless – zeitlos
  • time-saving – zeitsparend
  • to achieve – verwirklichen
  • to allot time – Zeit einteilen
  • to categorize – einteilen
  • to convey a message – eine Nachricht mitteilen
  • to research – recherchieren
  • to work freelance – freiberuflich tätig sein
  • to work in shift – Schichtdienst machen
  • travel through time – Zeitreise
  • unending patience – unendliche Geduld
  • up-to-date – zeitgemäß
  • waste of time – Zeitverschwendung
  • wisdom – Weisheit
german language, learning foreign language and english words, englisch sprache, deutsche sprache lernen, deutsch vokabeln, learn english language
  • auspicious – glückverheißend
  • costlier – aufwändiger, kostspieliger
  • costly – kostspielig
  • delectable – köstlich, erfreulich
  • exceptional – exzeptionell
  • exquisite – exquisit, auslesen
  • hallowed – geheiligt
  • highly valued – hoch eingeschätzt
  • palatable – genießbar, angenehm
  • priceless – preislos
  • pompous – pompös, hochtrabend
  • rare – rar, selten
  • resplendent – prangend
  • suave – verbindlich, weltmännisch
  • sublte – fein, subtil
  • sumptuous – sumptuös, prächtig

How did you learn the German Language?

  • Firstly, always read and watch the news every day.
  • Secondly, go out and talk to other people. Honestly, Experience is the best teacher. For example in the supermarket to spend your time talking to the cashier, bus driver or other people you meet and in that way, you can practice it. You need to use the words what you have learned.
  • Make the habit of learning a new language and collect vocabulary list. So it’s easy to absorb in your mind.
  • Instead of being afraid to talk, just relax, don’t be panic or afraid in the first month if you can’t talk fluently. Because it takes time to be fluent in the German language.
  • As long as your learning daily and keep on reading your list of vocabulary.
  • That’s a great habit of learning the language. Hence, Concentrate on your study and avoid distraction.
  • Of course, you need a lot of patience to reach your goal. The most important things to do while learning the language. You start to learn more or study a new German vocabulary list.
  • In my own opinion, Enjoy your precious life and learn with all your heart.
  • It’s up to you what you want to do and you decide what’s you want. Always try your best and more patience to do more effort.
  • Most importantly, Always motivate yourself and do it regularly. With full hope that you can do it.

Motivate yourself and use your opportunity to learned language

  • Force yourself to study and don’t be lazy. Instead of, worrying too much. Don’t stress yourself while learning the language.
  • Well, it takes time before all the words absorbed in your mind and simply learn more.
  • In my experience, I just tried it until I learned and don’t be sad. Thus try your best to learn more and keep on repeating.
  • Only enjoy the language while learning and don’t think too much negative.
  • Of course, it’s not easy to learn the language but with your hard work, you can do it.
  • Be motivated and thinking positive will help you to achieve your goal in life.
  • Absolutely, Try to do it step by step and you will see your hard work.
  • Such as, do what you feel comfortable about learning a language. With an eager desire to learn more and strive to achieve your goals.
  • Again, I would suggest to listen to German music and read newspapers.
  • Every time you watch a movie, try to watch your favorite movie in German and repeat it daily until you understand it.
  • However, you need to expose yourself and meet people in your place. Enjoy while learning the German language because life is precious and don’t waste your time to think negative.
  • Most importantly, always talk to your friends in German. Because language is a matter of getting used to.

Study and use your precious life to learn the German language and be confident.

  • In fact, the more you talk to other people the more you feel at ease and confident.
  • Thus, the more you spend your time learning the language and always do a repetition.
  • Soon you will see the result with all the hard work you made and you will be proud of yourself that you have learned. Learn the culture, food, or anything you feel comfortable to learn.
  • Hence, if they say your not fluent in your grammar or you have mistaken. But it doesn’t matter.
  • As long as you don’t stop learning the language and try to learn new vocabulary. That is important and you are proud of yourself that you did it.
  • One thing you can do, correct your mistake and continue learning the language. Just always practice every day and be happy.
  • Most noteworthy, don’t mind what other people say with your grammar and the way you talk. Don’t forget to practice it daily.
Jenni Young Quotes, life is a precious gift., Windmill photography in Germany, Germany travel destinations, landscape photography, farm scenery, german language learning, deutsch lernen, englisch lernen, german english, learning german language, deutsch als fremdsprache lernen, german language learning beginner

Travel and use your time to visit other city or country

  • Aside from farmhouse, you can also see a Windmills in Salzgitter, Germany
  • My one day trip to Seesen is not enough but maybe next time I will visit more to other cities. Such a wonderful landscape to take in your camera while traveling in the Harz.
  • How about you? Which places do you like to travel and explore?
  • What are your favorite things to do when you travel by train? Do you like to travel by train? What is the number one vacation on your bucket list?
  • If you would go on vacation just once a year, where would you go? For me, I like the beautiful view of nature to spend my vacation.
  • For instance here in Germany only in the near cities or places.
  • I hope this may help you to learn the German language. Only continue learning the language and don’t waste use your precious time.
  • And I know you can achieve it and always try your best.
  • In the end, you will be happy and confident to talk to other people. Just do whatever you like to do as long as you enjoy while doing it.

Places to travel and visit while learning the language

Some of the places I visited before and if you want to read more just click the link below. keep calm and enjoy a clearwater bay, Tai Mei Tuk, Bad Harzburg, Braunschweig.

There is more German vocabulary list and you can find it here. German words, Hildesheim. Then If you like to share just feel free to share. You can share it to your friends or family. Save or Pin in your Pinterest board and don’t forget to follow me. Happy learning and be positive.

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