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Learning German vocabulary

Today I share with you some German vocabulary list to learn while you’re learning the language.

And I only share with you some vocabulary list maybe it can help and if you like it just read daily

You can learn step by step, just try your best and collect more vocabulary.

❝Learning is a treasure, we can use in our life”

Moreover, you can write down on your notes and repeat them daily and you can easily remember. But don’t worry you can do it and always try your best.

In addition, you can read more books or newspapers to add more knowledge. Furthermore, you can also watch youtube videos to listen to your favorite music.

Reading and writing

Besides, there are so many learning materials that you can use to learn the language. And of course, it depends on you what you want.

Always research something new and use it daily.

Words to remember:

English -Deutsch

  • administrative sciences – Verwaltungswissenschaften
  • animal sciences – Nutztierwissenschaften
  • business sciences – Wirtschaftswissenschaften
  • cultural sciences -Kulturwissenschaften
  • educator – Pädagoge
  • earth sciences – Geowissenschaften
  • economic sciences – Wirtschaftspädagogik
  • education-related – bildungsbezogen
  • health sciences –Gesundheitswissenschaften
  • higher education – Gymnasialbildung
  • human sciences – Humanwissenschaften
  • linguistic  sciences – Sprachwissenschaften
  • master of law – Magister der Rechtswissenschaft
  • moral sciences – Geisteswissenschaft
  • pedagogy – Erziehungswissenschaft
  • social education worker – Sozialpädagoge
  • sociology of education – Bildung und Erziehungssoziologie
  • software engineer – Softwareingenieur
  • special education teacher – Sonderpädagoge
  • studies in architecture – Architekturstudium
English Deutsch wörter, German language learning, words to read daily
  • classmate – Kommilitone
  • communication science – Kommunikationswissenschaft
  • dietician – Ernährungswissenschaftler
  • education finance – Bildungsfinanzierung
  • enrollment fee – Immatrikulationsgebühr
  • extend of studies – Studienumfang
  • health care provider – Gesundheitsversorger
  • language acquisition  – Spracherwerb
  • linguistic change – Sprachwandel
  • motivational letter – Motivationsschreiben
  • number of semesters allowed – Studienzeitvorgabe
  • numerus clausus – Zulassungsbeschränkung
  • student loan – Studiendarlehen
  • student teacher – Studienreferendar
  • study conference – Studientagung
  • study of language and literature – Philologie
  • university admission – Hochschulzugang
  • university  entrance qualification – Hochschulzugangsberechtigung
Deutsch lernen, Englisch lernen, Bildung,
  • cognitive – geistig
  • cognitive performance – Gedächtnisleistung
  • cognitive science – Kognitionswissenschaft
  • critical thinking – kritisches Denken
  • cultural artifact – Kulturgut
  • cultural heritage preservation – Denkmalpflege
  • cultural sociology – Kultursoziologie
  • culture creativeness – Ideenreichtum
  • ethnic – Volkszugehörigkeit
  • ethnic minority regions – Minderheitengebiete
  • ethnicity – Ethnizität
  • heritage – Erbe
  • high civilization – Hochkultur
  • human anatomy – Humananatomie
  • humanities scholar – Geisteswissenschaftler
  • ideological belief – Weltanschauliches Bekenntnis
  • ideologically – weltanschaulich
  • intellectual heritage – geistiges Erbe
  • ritual norms – ritualnormen
  • social behavior – soziales Verhalten
Learning the german language with english, englisch sprache lernen
  • In my opinion, Learning a second language is not easy however when you learn by heart, so you can overcome the daily things that need to be done. Further Learning a new language is an accomplishment, anyone can be proud of it and is very satisfying.
  • Your hard work and effort have paid off, you will encounter many benefits associated with learning a new language and you will have a self- confidence and socialize.
  • As long as you don’t stop studying why not? It’s not wasting time but add more knowledge on how you deal with other people or a new culture.
  • This is the school where I study my German language in Salzgitter.
  • If you want to look more about my words to remember you can check it, and more travel, museum, quotes, beach, castle.
  • thanks for coming by, I hope you like my words to remember and hope you learn something.

Most importantly, you like what you do and what to learn. But don’t stop learning and continue to read more. If you like to write down some vocabulary feel free to visit my blog.

I will add a more german vocabulary list. You can share it with your friends and family.


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