Playground in germany during winter
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“It takes a little crazy to make a difference.”

snow day in germany, it's a little bit and white surroundings

“It takes a little bit cold in this weather

Today when I wake up in the morning without Sun, only dark and snowy. It takes a bit cold feet.

snow through the window


  • Snow falling down and getting colder here in Germany. Our Street full of snow and the temperature is getting down.
  • On the top of the car full of snow, it’s freezing to get out all the snow on the top of the window.
  • This time we need to be careful walking on the street a bit slippery.
  • I saw kids playing outside with their parents and she doesn’t feel cold. What a brave kid.
  • I hope you in a warm place now and enjoying the warm weather with your family and friends.

Bad harzburg winter time

Focus on remedies, not faults

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step

Playground in germany during winter

“Kindness is like snow- it beautifies everything it covers.”

Kahlil Gibran


Cold days in Germany

White and full of snow and a little bit cold in our place now

    • I went outside and snowing, I took photos and enjoy the cold weather.
    • Before I came here in Germany, I love snow and I love white or it’s like crystals. The same with  Frozen song I’ve ever seen on YouTube.
    • When I started to live here, I understand now that people who live in a cold weather place, they don’t like the snow,  their favorite is a sunny or warm place to enjoy the sun.
    • In the Philippines is warm, we don’t have a winter season. I love more cold weather.
    • But I realized that it’s not easy to live in a cold place, you need so many clothes and a long time to change your clothes.
    • What’s your favorite weather? I need to wear double clothes that I don’t feel the frosty weather. I can’t stop myself to go out and enjoy the snow, it can refresh your mind, smell the fresh air.
    •  What do you do to enjoy the snowfall or winter time? I’m sure, you do some different sports or activities in the winter time.
    • Vocabularies to learn the German language, in that way I can memorize or familiarize it
    • Listening to my favorite music. I love listening to music and staying warm with a blanket.
    • Drinking my favorite a cup of lemon juice with honey and learning the language.
    • Gray sky and cold winter time get you sadder, but I find a way to make myself more productive. Be happy even if it’s winter.


weather in germany , and a little bit cold weather

a simple snow scene in my backyard outside

words to remember :

source of my  English – Deutsch


german words #deutsch#englisch


  • a lot of snow fell – Eine Menge Schnee fiel.
  • black ice – Blitzeis
  • blizzard – heftiger Schneesturm
  • covered in/ with snow – verschneit
  • covered snow – beschneit
  • footprints in the snow – Fußstapfen im Schnee
  • footprints – Fußstapuren
  • ice storm – Eissturm
  • melting of snow – Schneeschmelze
  • snow forecast – Schnee prognose
  • snow shoveling – Schneeräumen
  • Snowpocalypse – Schneechaos
  • Sleet – Schneeregen
  • Slush – Schneematsch
  • Thaw – tauen
  • The snow has melted – Der Schnee ist weggetaut.
  • weather outlook announcer – Wetteransager
  • weather radar measurements – Wetterradarmessungen

Language learning #germanwords


  • atmospheric – atmosphärisch
  • atmospheric observation – Atmosphärenbeobachtung
  • atmospheric research – Atmosphärenforschung
  • atmospheric sciences -Atmosphärenwissenschaften
  • blanket of snow – Schneedecke
  • climatology – Klimatologie
  • dry weather – Trockenwetter
  • metrology – Meteorologe
  • Snowdrift – Schneewehe
  • weather alert – Wetterwarnung
  • weather conditions – Witterungsbedingungen
  • weather phenomena – Wettererscheinungen
  • weather  observation – Wetterbeobachtung

Cold and freezing months in Germany 

  • are cover with snow, all is white the trees and leaves were gone.
  • Winter in Germany is freezing, even if there’s not much snow unlike in other countries.
  • One day I walked outside during winter season and There’s a lot of snow fell.
  • My feet were so painful and I can’t really walk.
  • That’s my first time experience in winter and  I got sick. After that, I take care of myself and wear a thicker winter jacket.
  • In my own opinion, who lives in a warm country is blessed, they don’t feel the freezing weather.
  • They can walk outside every time they want to go out and they don’t need thick clothes to make them warm.
  • But other countries who live in warm weather they are wishing to experience the wintertime and the frost weather.
  • They are wishing to play in the snow and make the snowman. They don’t need a air-condition to make them feel cool.
  • Some people wish to experience the winter and also to travel in a cold country.
  • To experience in the snowy place and live.
  • I love snow but I like also the warm weather.
  • What I missed is the beach and also walking only t-shirt to wear and shorts. I don’t need to wear a winter jacket and boots to make me warm.

Cold advantage and disadvantages:

  • Living in a pleasant country they need to thank because they don’t feel the pain in their body because of freezing weather.
  • People living here they want to travel to the other country and enjoy the beach, setting under the sun. Enjoying to live without pain.
  • Sometimes living in summery weather have advantages and disadvantages.
  • Anytime you can go out and you don’t feel cold.

Where do you live in a warm or cold country? Are you wishing to travel and experience the snow?

What’s your favorite cold or warm country? Do you wish to play in the snow and make a snowman?

Thank you for coming and if you have comments or suggestion, just write down.

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