Flower show pictures in causeway bay
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Flower Market at Causeway Bay

Flower show in Causeway Bay, Hongkong

Flower show in Victoria Park causeway bay, island of hongkong

First of all, that is a Flower show in Victoria Park, Causeway Bay with a creative and beautiful flower and garden ideas.

Secondly, that is only a day tour in Victoria Park to look at the flower show.

Moreover, Just to look around causeway bay and visit this flower show and take a pictures after that I walked in the park to see the different style of flowers and kind of flowers.

Furthermore, That was a great experience to saw a beautiful garden landscaping with differents flowers.

For example, horse design and different kinds of flowers. An awesome sculpture and excellent flower show.

A wondrous garden landscaping in flower show with different flowers. Some are fish and seahorse design or art.

A creative garden landscaping in a flower show in causeway bay

It is simple that gives us relaxation, this beautiful arrangement in Victoria Park, Causeway, Hongkong. A beautiful and amazing flower arrangement.

A garden ideas to decorate your backyard or garden.

Pictures of awesome flower show in Victoria Park, Causeway Bay.

Creative garden landscaping

During my first visit and it was early in the morning around 8am. I saw these differnt kinds of flowers and different colors of flower in the flower show.

There are so many photographer who took a pictures of the flower show in Causeway Bay.

The colours of the blossoming and smell of the flowers was so great.

It was a great time to visit and a few people who visit because it’s only 8 in the morning when I visited.

Cause way in Hongkong island, flower market and different colors of flowers

In joy or sadness flowers are our constant friends.” Kakuzō Okakura

Creative flower arrangements

Another idea of garden and flower arrangement. Also to give you more new ideas to make new flower and garden arrangement.

So this style of flower arrangement is stunning ideas to make your home beautiful and relaxing.

Flower Market Victoria Park, causeway bay, Hongkong

Such a wonderful flower market at Causeway Bay in Hongkong.

In addition, to use this flower arrangement in your party or wedding ideas to decorate. It’s a stunning style to decorate your house with a lovely umbrella with different colors of flowers.

Just visit in flower show in Causeway Bay, Victoria Park, Hongkong. Every before Chinese new year. Because so many people buy flowers to decorate theirs for Chinese new year.

Most importantly, you enjoy decorating and happy to do flower arrangements.

Differe colors and different kinds of flower they made a display. flower show in causeway bay

Beautiful garden art in Hongkong

It’s so beautiful flowers displayed there and different colors and flowers. There are so many photographers who took photos and enjoying the man-made garden. You can visit it in Causeway Bay Hong Kong Island. 

They called it Lunar New year Fair (flower market) in Hongkong Victoria Park.

What is your favorite destination to visit flower show?

Do you have experience to visit in the flower market? Can you share your experience?  

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