yellow roses with lavenders
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Don’t think too much just let your heart decide

Red roses and lavender flowers
Red roses and lavender in the Rosengarten. Too many red roses and lavender in the garden during our visit. Especially, during summer you can take a photo with the roses and lavender.

Just let your heart decide

  • First of all, decide to commit and act what you need to finish.
  • Secondly, choose to change for yourself for your future.
  • Moreover, You have the freedom to move on and continue to persevere your daily life.
  • For example, do some extra effort and have faith to settle all the problems in your life
  • In addition, You choose it. Because you are the creator of your own life and adventures.
  • So a Little choice makes great things in your life.
  • Therefore, Create and have a determination to do something new for your future.
  • In addition, you choose to be positive in every situation. So step by step to develop your self-confidence.
  • Also, don’t be shy to try it and don’t forget to unwind. While learning about life, try to explore new relaxing places.
  • For instance, travel and relax your mind because it can help you to find yourself.
  • Most importantly, you have peace of mind while you relax your mind.
  • Lastly, to help you feel better and see new places, new ideas.

House design and pictures of the traditional houses in germany


House design in Salzgitter

That is a house I took while walking in one of the towns here in Germany. So enchanted house and beautiful design.

Even though it’s an old house but I like this house. During my visit to a small town, I took this photo that makes me amazed.

However, not only this house I saw there are so many traditional house and beautiful design.

So I decide to visit this garden. To unwind and to visit this beautiful garden.

Moreover to take photos and explore the town.

lovely lavender in the garden
Awesome landscape garden design ideas

Salzgitter garden with so many flowers

A small garden with so many flowers during summer and there are different flowers you can find here. For example, roses different colors like red roses, white, yellow roses.

Another flower like lavender or in German Lavendel. Additionally, they always take care of the garden and also the flowers. So every summer they have beautiful flowers like roses. There are small roses and big red roses. Instead of sitting at home we visit here and enjoying the beautiful flowers and fresh air.

During our visit, there are so many big roses, but it depends on the weather because when it colds the roses don’t bloom so much.

Therefore, we visit July or August that’s the time it warm and the flowers blossoming.

Most noteworthy, while visiting the garden you enjoy your day with your family or friends. Find a beautiful garden and unwind yourself.



Stunning garden and relaxing view to unwind

  • First, Choose to think and speak positively. As well as, be calm in every situation even if tough and challenging situations.
  • So stand up and continue your great life. Because you choose to become happy in your life.
  • In other words, great things in your life are your great strength to survive in this world.
  • Just a little decision makes your life wonderful. Then, don’t think too much just let your heart choose and be strong.
  • Likewise, give time to acknowledge small things and it will help you to focus on your amazing life.
  • Therefore, paying attention to definite things that leads you to be overwhelmed.
  • Your decision not to react in every negative thing. However, you embrace positive thinking and ignore the negativity.
  • Most importantly, you decide what’s your priorities in life. Since you are the creator of your own life. So you decide what’s best in your beautiful life.
  • Instead, use your failures to start a new life. Hence, use this failure to create your life worth living.
  • Because You cannot control all the things that happen to you. But you can minimize it.
  • Above all, you find a way to become positive and let go of the negativity. So keep on trying to do something new in your life.



I’m inspired by these quotes


“Everyone has a gift. It’s up to you to decide what you do with it.”Anthony T. Hincks

“It is not your talents that make you great, but your decisions.”  Shannon L. AlderAlder

Then Start a new life and embrace positive things.

Always have hope for a brighter future. Then, don’t think too much just let your heart decide for your life. Because when you think too much it can’t help you. Instead makes you sadder. Such as, thinking negative will add more problems. After that, you can’t think of new ideas.

Flowers in the garden #decide #flowers #roses

Roses with awesome landscape garden ideas.

I decide to choose this roses garden to take time to unwind.

Such lovely roses in the garden with a relaxing view. While sitting on the chair and listening to the songs of birds.

That is a wonderful summer season with colorful flowers on the garden. So clean and beautiful landscape garden here in my town. 


Lavender flowers in the garden and we decide to take a picture.

So many lavenders in the roses garden here in my town. Rosengarten is the name of the garden. But not only lavender you can find here during the summer season.

Also, there are so many different flowers but I don’t know the name. The Rosengarten or roses garden it’s near the small hotel here in my town. The name of the hotel is the Ratskeller Hotel. Particularly, walking distance in the garden. Also near the city hall here in my town where I live.

words to remember:

dictionary i used


  • pollen – Pollen/Blütenstaub
  • pollinate – bestäuben
  • reproductions – Fortpflanzungen
  • rose – rosa
  • sepal – Sepalum/Kelchblatt
  • smell of flowers – Blumenduft
  • stamen – Stamen/Staubblatt
  • sunlight – Sonnenlicht/Sonnenstrahlung
  • to cross-pollinate – fremdbestäuben
  • to make a garden – einen Garten anlegen
  • to pick flowers – Blumen pflücken
  • to plant out – auspflanzen/umpflanzen
  • to scatter flowers – Blumen streuen
  • weeds – Unkraut
  • wild plant – Wildpflanze
  • withering flowers – verwelkende Blumen
  • woody plant – Holzpflanze

German words #germanlanguagelearning #learngermanlanguage #learning #learn #learnenglish #learninglanguage #language #germanwords #vocabulary #sprache #deutschlernen #deutsch #english #englisch #wortschatz #germany #vokabeln#deutschsprache #lernen

  • algae -Algen
  • anther – Anthere/Staubbeutel
  • blooming – blühend
  • botanical – botanisch
  • botanical garden – botanischer Garten
  • botanist – Botaniker
  • buds – Knospen
  • crop plant – Kulturpflanze
  • everlasting flowers – Strohblumen
  • fern – Farn
  • floristry – Floristik
  • flowering plant – Blütenpflanze
  • food plant – Nähr pflanze
  • fungi – Pilze
  • grassroots – Graswurzeln
  • grass seed – Grassamen
  • grass stalk – Grashalm
  • grass stem – Grasstänge

germanlanguagelearning #learngermanlanguage #learning #lernen #decide

  • green algae – Grünalgen
  • hanging plant – Hängepflanze
  • harmful plant – Schadpflanze
  • horticulture – Holtikultur
  • indoor plants – Zimmerpflanze
  • land plants – Landpflanzen
  • lavender – lavendel
  • lawn – Rasen
  • living things – Lebewesen
  • medical plant – Arzneipflanze
  • nectar – Nektar
  • ornamental – Ornamental/zierend
  • ornamental plants – Zierpflanze
  • photosynthesis – Photosynthese
  • photosynthetic – Photosynthetisch
  • plant – Pflanze
  • plant breeding – Pflanzenzucht
  • plant cultivation – Pflanzenbaulich

Words to remember in german #germanlanguagelearning #decide #learngermanlanguage #learning #learn #learnenglish #learninglanguage


We decide to visit in the Rosengarten or Roses garden


First, walking in the beautiful garden here in Salzgitter. After that, we went to the roses garden and sat there enjoying sunshine and warm weather.

While the weather it’s not freezing. So we have time to enjoy nature with beautiful lavender in the garden. And then we decided to take some pictures of the roses and bees.

yellow roses with lavenders

Awesome landscape garden design ideas

Because they are so quickly gone when it started to get cold.

Where is your favorite garden in your country? What are your favorite flowers? Do you like to visit the roses garden? or you just stay at home?

So What is the best area in your country to visit?

Also, just share your weekend trip and experience.

Where you go and where you spend your summer? And If you have a comment or suggestion, Then comment below or send me a message.

You can also share your flowers and garden photo.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and if you want to read my other post please click the link below.

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