Don’t belittle yourself be brave at Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark , Ma Wan Island Hongkong

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When your on the top of noah’s garden you can see Park Island and Tsing Ma bridge and also the beach in the near, so many people spend there time to go to swim.


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Noah’s Ark beach front of Tsing Ma Bridge

How to go there:

  • From Hongkong Central we used ferry for our mode of transportation going to Park island.
  • Every hour 1 hour they have a ferry going to Park island hongkong.
  • Our trip was DIY no plan or reservation, we just went there bought a tickets here in Hongkong Central Pier then by ferry going there.
  • Central pier no.2 when you go to park island and when you arrived you will see the high rise building that’s a Park island, Man wan Park garden is a little far, by feet we walked going there.
  • When we arrived in Park island we just walked 10 to minutes going to Noah’s ark Park.
  • Ma wan Road  you can see the Tsing Ma Bridge so beautiful and also the Noah’s park.
  • 33 Pak Yan Rd, Ma Wan, Hongkong
  • Our first time to visit there we don’t have any idea to go there, we just explore the island.
  • It’s far from Hongkong Island going to Tsuen Wan , New Territories, but it was a beautiful experienced.
  • If you want to visit Disneyland just visit my blog all this trip was DIY, it’s not a reservation from any travel agent or agency.
  • You want to try the longest cable car in hongkong just read here going to Big Buddha.
  • There’s a beautiiful flower exhibit in Causeway Bay, in Hongkong Island you can take a picture there, like Tulips in real you can find it there.
  • Avenue Star’s in Tsim sha tsui.


Ma Wan Park Nature Garden and Noah’s ark

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Enjoy the journey and try to get better every day. And don’t lose the passion and the love for what you do. Nadia Comaneci

For more info just click the page of  Noah’s Ark

That’s a great experienced  and we enjoyed visiting Noah’s ark.

I hope you like my post and if you have question just message me or comment. Happy blogging.


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