Christmas Market Braunschweig Germany

Christmas Market Braunschweig Germany

The Castle in Braunschweig near the Christmas market #Braunschweig#Castle #placestovisit#christmas ,ferrieswheel,christmasmarketbraunschweiggermany      castle or Schloss Arkaden Braunschweig 


Christmas Market Braunschweig Germany

Main train station in Braunschweig Germany Christmas decorations #Christmasmarketbraunschweiggermany#Braunschweig

That is the main train station or Hauptbahnhof in Braunschweig, where we ride the train going home.


Tram Station 

Tram in Braunschweig or Straßenbahn , #Train #Braunschweig#Germany

 Tram Station


Stunning Christmas decorations in Braunschweig City #christmasmarketbraunschweiggermany #weihnachtsmarkt

The most magical Christmas Market decorations 

I think that’s an amazing experience to saw a German Christmas Market in Braunschweig, Germany.

It seems to me fantastic and magical Christmas Market decorations and I love this gorgeous Christmas decoration.

That’s the picture of the Christmas Market in Braunschweig during our second visits in Braunschweig.

Christmas Pyramid with so many Christmas lights.

I think the Christmas decorations are not similar in my country.

Because they used the real Christmas tree.

In my own opinion, they have the best Christmas market decorations in Braunschweig.

For example, unique Christmas market decorations and majestic lights.

Therefore, many people visit in Braunschweig Christmas market.

For example, families and friends are eating together in the Christmas market.

Because family is important to become together even if they are busy.

Visiting Christmas market in Braunschweig Germany

  • Christmas market in Germany is in contrast in the Philippines.
  • Because they have traditional Christmas decorations.
  • We visited in Christmas market instead of staying at home.
  • Although It’s freezing outside we went to the Christmas market.
  • While the street full of Christmas lights and we enjoy visiting the place in Braunschweig.


  • For me, if you want to decorate your own Christmas tree at home.
  • Then you can also buy different Christmas decorations in the Christmas market.
  • In addition, a Christmas tree is awesome and twinkling lights.
  • Christmas accessories and handicrafts they sell in the Christmas market.
  • Snowballs and Santa Claus are glittering decorations.

  • Therefore, you can choose any kinds of decorations they sell for your Christmas decorations.

The street full of christmas lights #decorations.#ChristmasmarketBraunschweiggermany

Beautiful Christmas lights Christmasmarketbraunschweig#germany


Braunschweig germany christmas market #snowball snowball with santa

The best lovely Christmas decorations in Braunschweig the city of Lion. Moreover, sparkling Christmas lights.

Dessert or sweets in christmas market braunschweig germany #chocolates


A food you can buy in the Christmas market in Braunschweig Germany

For example, chocolates and cookies, nuts you can eat and buy in the Christmas market.

Anything you can find for your children in the Christmas market.

What you can buy or find in the Christmas Market  Braunschweig Germany

  • You can get Christmas decorations, warm socks, leather wallet, jewelry, and mugs for souvenirs.
  • Such as sausage and fries you can eat too in the Christmas market.
  • Smoke pork and different kinds of cheese are yummy. All these you can get in the Christmas market.
  • Like cookies and cotton candy are delicious maybe the kids like for it.
  • Children’s favorites are sweets while drinking hot chocolates.
  • Christmas lanterns are wonderful and elegant ribbons with glimmering in the Christmas market Braunschweig.
  • Above all, bright and cute ferries wheel in Braunschweig Weihnachtsmarkt, and furthermore, amusing to ride the ferries wheel together with your children. You can hear Christmas melody.
  • Basically, to experience the Christmas festival here in Germany.
  • Unique designs they sell like Christmas handicrafts and moreover better for your Christmas decorations at home.

Where to find the Christmas  Braunschweig Germany?

  • During, December they open here in Burgplatz, 38100 Braunschweig.
  • Probably, every December they put the Fir tree and Christmas accessories.
  • Assorted biscuit and display various kinds of candy or bonbon.
  • Almost, many kids love this festivity to cherish the moments together with their family.
    Weihnachtsmarkt is absolutely wonderful designs.
  • As amazing Christmas colors in Braunschweig Christmas market and they have festive kinds of music.


Germany attractions Christmas market

Each year they always decorate this Christmas Market or Weihnachtsmarkt in Braunschweig.

In short, excellent to embrace the spirit of Christmas and to spend time with your family and loved ones.

Get together with their family and friends, enjoying the Christmas Market in Braunschweig.

Magical and stunning decorations #christmasdecorations #christmas tree Travel in Christmas in Braunschweig germany


Things to do during the Christmas season 


  • Wear a large sweater during wintertime and also warm socks.
  • Enjoy the cozy nights while relaxing with your warm blankets. Wear your favorite pajamas and stay warm.
  • Bake your favorite cake for Christmas celebrations and also be thankful for all the blessings you receive. Appreciate simple things and always be happy.
  • Being happy is good for your heart. Stress-free and relax.
  • Drink hot chocolate while reading a page of your favorite books. Read a list of your notes or vocabularies.
  • Reward something for yourself and enjoy your Christmas vacation. At the same time, sing a song during the Christmas season.


  • Snuggles under the blankets and watch your favorite movies, and then write a sweet letter for your loved ones of the family.
  • Sightseeing Christmas Market and listen to the festive music with your loved ones. And moreover, go to travel and spend your time outside during winter season or winter travel.
  • Instead of sitting at home, play outside with your kids on the snow and make a snowman. Make a snowball and play with your kids while your kids still young and play with them.


  • Most importantly, read daily words to remember and learn English – Deutsch vocabularies. Always practice and listen to German music or watch movies.
  • Light the beautiful candles if you have and also organize your kitchen. Do the laundry while listening to Christmas songs.
  • Cook your favorite meal for Christmas and eat together with your family during Christmas Eve. Together with your family eat together and celebrate the Christmas Eve.


  • Lastly, exercise and take a breath of fresh air. Hence, Be optimistic and take care of your health.
  • Because if you take care of your health that’s the best thing you can do to yourself. Always think positive and smile always.


Words to remember:

the dictionary I used

English – Deutsch

  • claim settlement – Schadenabwicklung
  • communication difficulties – Kommunikationsschwierigkeiten
  • communication – Kommunikation
  • dropped – gefallen
  • gone out – ausgegangen
  • indifferent – gleichgültig
  • mismatched – fehlangepasst
  • pure luck – reine Glückssache
  • removal – Entnahme
  • to appear – wirken
  • to assist – fördern
  • to fail  – Misslingen
  • to hinder – hindern
  • to intend – vorhaben
  • to fold – klappen
  • to lack – fehlen
  • to peek – spähen
  • to return – zurückkehren
  • to roll – walzen
  • to simulate – ähneln
  • to talk back – erwidern
  • to take over – Übernahme

German vocabularies , learn more every day words to remember in german, don't stop learning #germanlanguagelearning #learngermanlanguage

  • admittedly – Freilich
  • agreements – Abkommen
  • approximately – schätzungsweise
  • consideration – Rücksicht
  • estimate – Schätzung
  • fact – Tatsache
  • impacts – Auswirkungen
  • mental calculation – Kopfrechnen
  • plausible – plausibel
  • surrounded – umgeben
  • surrounded by –umgeben von
  • to affect – wirken auf
  • to build on  – bauen auf
  • to bring out -hervorbringen
  • to clear out – ausräumen
  • to contract – schrumpfen
  • to decrease – sinken
  • to interact – aufeinander wirken
  • to shelter from – sich schützen vor
  • to swing off – abkommen
  • to tell apart – auseinandererkennen
  • unimaginable – unüberschaubar

Learn german vocabularies daily study and practice #germanlanguagelearning #learngermanlanguage

  • agony – Qual
  • contradiction – Widerspruch
  • final result – Endergebnis
  • forgivable – vergebbar
  • good mood – gute Laune
  • hurriedly – eilig
  • losable – verlierbar
  • to appoint – einsetzen
  • to bring joy – Freude schenken
  • to do without – verzichten auf
  • to give in – nachgeben
  • to inform – Bescheid geben
  • to keep order – Ordnung halten
  • to leave sth. – übriglassen
  • to limit to – beschränken auf
  • to mislead – irreführen
  • to praise – lobpreisen
  • to provide  shade – Schatten spenden
  • to restrict oneself to – sich beschränken auf
  • to rush – rauschen
  • to stand in queue – Schlange stehen
  • to waste money – Geld vergeuden

German Words, practice makes us perfect and study now #germanlanguagelearning #learngermanlanguage


Most importantly, a family is the most important during Christmas celebrations.

It’s the best gift you can receive and as a result the second thing in your wishlist.


Lastly, love and understanding each other is the most important in our life.

  • For example, if you have so many presents, but your family is not complete. So It’s better you have a family that you can spend time with them.
  • Above all, a family is the most important in our life. And therefore, I believe, It doesn’t matter what’s under the Christmas tree. One thing that matter is who’s around it and your health. The spirit of Christmas is only in our heart.
  • We can’t find it under the Christmas tree instead only in our pure heart. Don’t forget sharing is good. Show more kindness and love. Do you like to celebrate Christmas or not?


  • And what’s the best thing to do during the Christmas holiday in your town?


  • Learning German vocabulary daily and more practice. Repeat it daily and while learning everyday read some motivational quotes.
  • Lastly, Always have patience in learning a new language, don’t stop learning because you will learn more when you keep on learning and practice always.
  • Travel more because every experience is valuable.
  • Be passionate and don’t think too much just let your heart decide.
  • Always love your life because life is precious therefore keep calm and relax your mind.
  • Create a schedule to study daily and be consistent with. Moreover, learn with all your heart.
  • What is the best thing to eat in a Christmas market? Do you have a wishlist for Christmas?
  • Did you ever visit the Christmas market in your place? What’s the best thing to do during the Christmas Holiday?
  • It is worth to visit in the Christmas market in your city? Are you traveling to other countries just to visit the Christmas market?
  • Which Christmas market in Europe is your favorites destination? What’s your favorite food in the Christmas market?
  • What’s your favorite country to visit during the Christmas season? Do you like to travel to a warm country during the holiday season?


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Happy reading and have a nice day, from Joylandztravel.

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