Horse farm in Germany & Beautiful countryside

Horse farm in Germany

We found the flock of sheep & horse riders on our walking tour in the Countryside in Germany. Wonderful nature and amazing scenery you can find on the horse farm in Germany.

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Words to remember: Horse and carriage
  1. I collect vocabulary in English and German to learn more about the language.
  2. This blog I write to make me more motivated or strive more about learning the language. I think this is my way to learn the language.
  3. If your reading this and also learning a language, I hope it can help you to add more vocabulary.
  4. Every time I read it and write, the more I keep it in my mind.
  5. There’s a quote also to make me inspired by learning the language.
  6. I hope you learn some in my vocabulary even if not so much but can help to add more vocabulary.
  7. This idea came into my mind while I’m visiting the Salder Schloss here in Salzgitter, Germany.


  • Blinker’s– Scheuklappe
  • boots- Stiefel
  • breastplate– Brustpanzer
  • breeding stallion– Zuchthengst
  • calvary– Kavallerie
  • cavalier- Kavalier
  • carriage- Kutsche, Wagen
  • carriage builder– Kutschenbauer
  • carriage horses– Kutschpferde
  • coach– Kutscher
  • coach box– Kutschbox
  • coach box brake– Kutschboxbremse
  • dressage-Dressur
  • dressage area– Dressurviereck
  • dressage saddle- Dressursattel
  • equanistrianism– klassiche Reitkunst
  • equestrian- Reiter
  • equestrian sport- Pferdesport
  • equine– pferdesportlich
  • equine passport- Equidenpass
  • equine sports- Reitsport, Pferdesport
  • gloves- Handschuhe
  • helmet – Helm
  • horse– Pferd
  • horseback– Pferderücken
  • horse carriage- Pferdewagen
  • horse carriage ride– Kutschenfahrt
  • horse farm- Pferdefarm, Pferdehof
  • horselover– Pferdeliebhaber
  • horse paddock- Pferdekoppel
  • horse race- Pferderennen
  • horse ranch– Pferderanch
  • horse riding- Pferdereiten
  • horse riding lesson- Reitstunden
  • horse shoes- Hufeisen
  • pasture– Weide
  • riding– Reiten
  • riding breeches- Reithose
  • riding gloves- Reithandschuhe
  • riding horse– Reitpferd
  • romantic carriage tour- romantische kutschfahrt
  • saddle– Sattel
  • stable– Stall
  • stage coach– Postkutsche
  • stallion– Hengst
  • stallion station– Leithengst
  • trot- Trab
  • wedding carriage- Hochzeitskutsche
  • whip- Peitsche
  • wild horses– wilde Pferde
  • work horse– Arbeitspferde
  • yearling stallion– einjährig Hengst
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 I recommend this linguee dictionary for learning german. When you’re learning the language, you need this

I used the dictionary for my translation of what I collected, here you can search learn

  • Salder Schloss has Kutsche or carriage, horse, and carriage. Every summer they have a celebration and concert. You can see other places of horses I’ve been here in Germany Something worth seeing.
  • They have also oldtimer cars, some music instruments.
  • I took photos on that visit and look at how they ride the carriage.
  • I never tried to ride the horse and carriage here in Germany, only in the Philippines on our farm.
  • They drive going to the city and come back to Salder Schloss.
  • Riding horse and carriage is very romantic for some couple’s when they use in their wedding day.
  • In Salder Schloss they held a wedding celebration here for the one who wants to use the venue for their wedding.
  • I wish I can learn how to drive a carriage. That’s only my dream, so funny.
  • On our farm before, we don’t use the horse, but the cow or carabao.
  • We used carriage with the cow to bring the sacks of corn from the farm going to our house.
  • Our house is far from our farm and we need to bring what we harvested.
  • I was helping on our farm when’s I was young to plant corn and harvest it.
  • Have you tried to help with farm work?
  • What’s can you say about horse and carriage riding? Do you like riding a horse?
  • Have you ever seen riding a horse and carriage? Have you tried to touch the horse? Are you afraid of it?
  • Do you have the experience to ride a horse?
  • I love watching people who can ride the horse. They don’t have fear to ride the horse.
  • Enjoy nature and riding the horse and carriage. Do some picnics or barbeque. what do you think about that? great idea?

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