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Spring blossoms in Germany 2020 (Into the woods ) Motivational Quotes

Colorful Beautiful spring flowers

First of all, the sign of spring for me is the beautiful flowers in the garden.

Secondly, the trees start to change the colors from brown to pink or green trees.

Moreover, the grass starts to grow and birds are singing. The surroundings look more awesome with these attractive flowers.

Flowers are almost everywhere that’s the sign of spring is on the air.

That is in our village here and I took it while I’m walking on the street. And they decorate this plant box with gorgeous flowers. Another great flower ideas to do in your garden

The different color of flowers in the plant box

Motivational Quotes of Jim Rohn

  1. “The backbone of an eager desire to change is discipline.” Jim Rohn
  2. “Ambition is a minute by minute, day by day mentality.” Jim Rohn
  3. “You’ve got to be a dreamer; you’ve to go to see the future finished in advance.” Jim Rohn
  4. “The one thing you will hear from everyone who is successful is that they are happy with who they are and what they are doing.” Jim Rohn
  5. “Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job.” Jim Rohn
  6. “You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.” Jim Rohn
  7. “Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money but you cannot get more time. Jim Rohn
  8. “One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day. Jim Rohn
  9. “Invest in yourself- the best Investment you can make is in yourself.” Jim Rohn

Seasonal flower ideas during the spring season

Such a wonderful yellow flowers from a plant box and I saw it here in our town.

Even though it’s a little bit cool but I tried to take pictures of these lovely flowers.

While savoring the spring season with blossoming flowers during spring and pleasant weather. Because life is too short. So enjoy every minute of your life and go out to see the beauty of these charming flowers.

Jim Rohn motivational quotes that help me to learn more.

  • These quotes really inspiring to keep on learning more on yourself.
  • Because Jim Rohn words are so inspiring. In addition, I love to hear the words of wisdom from Jim Rohn.
  • Encouraging words to work harder on yourself and Invest more in yourself. Like learning and read more books.
  • That is a piece of good advice to keep in your mind and heart.
  • Because time is more valuable than money. You can’t go back to your past. Give time for yourself to learn more skills.
  • For instance, learning a new language and do your best.
  • Additionally, don’t waste your time and do something for yourself. Yes, I agree I waste so many time in my life. But now I want to continue
  • As well as you find your passion and pursue it. Because it’s not too late to start again.
  • It doesn’t matter if you fail in the past as long as you try your best.
  • And Only you can help yourself to learn more skills or change the way you think.
  • Furthermore, you decide to overcome all. Just like the weather not all the time is winter but after the winter comes the spring.
  • Besides, Don’t ever complain and do nothing in your life.
  • Above all, you try to do something new and change your life and your thinking.
beautiful cherry blossom | spring season, Jim Rohn motivational words to keep in your mind,

Alluring Spring blossoms

Easter eggs with flowers in the plant box, Read and use the words of Jim Rohn, amazing advice of Jim rohn,

Stunning flowers with Easter eggs decorations

  • While strolling on the street I saw these lovely flowers and easter eggs on the plant box.
  • Still, I like this easter eggs with lovely spring blossoms.
  • Moreover, it’s an easter decoration here in our village. That is a creative idea to make your small garden to decorate during spring.
  • That is wonderful to welcome the spring season and enjoy the weather. Though, sometimes it gets cooler and sometimes warm. Still, be careful about the weather.
  • Seems springtime is in the air and we go out to take photos of a beautiful garden.
Stunning flowers of daffodils on springtime and a words of wisdom from Jim Rohn quotes, a daily motivational words from Jim Rohn, German and english vocabulary list to read and practice, german and english words to write down , free or kostenlos, spring or frühling

Awesome Daffodils on the streets with trees and nice weather.

What are the best places to see the beautiful flowers on the coming springtime? What do you like about Spring? Do you have a plan to visit other places?

Words to remember:

English – Deutsch

  • bees – Bienen
  • bee colonies – Bienenvölker
  • bloom – die Blüte
  • budding – Knospung
  • buds – Knospen
  • butterfly – Schmetterling
  • cherry blossom – Kirschblüte
  • chick – Küken
  • duckling – Entenküken
  • egg hunt – Eiersuche
  • early spring – Vorfrühling
  • easter bunny – Osterhase
  • easter egg – Osterei
  • easter egg hunt – Ostereiersuche
  • flower meadow – Blumenwiese
  • forest meadow – Waldwiese
List of vocabulary german and english language learning, englisch lernen, englisch sprache lernen, german language learning, tipps, kostenlos vokabeln lernen, free german vocabulary list, english language learning free
  • hatch – ausbrüten
  • hay meadow – Heuwiese
  • hoe – Hacke
  • ladybug – Marienkäfer
  • lawn – Rasen
  • lawn mower – Rasenmähen
  • lay eggs – Eier legen
  • meadow – Wiese
  • rain – Regen
  • rainbow – Regenbogen
  • raindrops – Regentropfen
  • robin – Rotkehlchen
  • snowdrop – Schneeglöcken
  • spring – Frühling
  • spring blossom – Frühlingsblüte
  • spring breeze – Frühlingsbrise
German language, english language learning for spring season with beautiful spring flowers and Jim rohn quotes, deutsch und englisch vokabeln lernen kostenlos, free materials for german and english vocabulary list.
  • spring cleaning – Frühjahrsputz
  • spring festival – Frühlingsfest
  • spring flowers – Frühlingsblumen
  • spring scenery – Frühlingslandschaft
  • spring season – Frühlingssaison
  • spring sowing – Frühjahrsaussaat
  • sprout – Schössling
  • sprouts – Schlösslinge
  • sunshine – Sonnenschein
  • to sprout – auskeimen
  • to sow – säen
  • tree – Baum
  • tulip – Tulpe
german vocabulary, learn german , language, english deutsch vokabeln lernen kostenlos, englisch lernen, deutsch vokabeln liste und englisch sprache lernen, free german vocabulary learning, german language learning,

Another Vocabulary list to practice more and enjoy the cool weather.

At the same time, you learn new German vocabulary and cherish delightful springtime.

As long as, you continue studying new words to add more knowledge. Just relax and learn more words.

Instead of worrying so much and thinking you’re not good enough. In other words, just always think that you can do it and be confident.

Simply do extra effort to study and practice for your new vocabulary list.

Most importantly, You read new vocabulary list and repeat it daily.

Keep calm and enjoy your journey. So be happy while learning the Germany language.

So what’s your spring activities? Do you like gardening?


Always find a way to learn more even if the weather is cold or warm. Don’t complain and just do your best. Because all the hard work you do and the result is excellent.

Now think work harder more on yourself and that’s advice of Jim Rohn.

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  1. Beautiful flowers especially the yellows… and good to see some German words. We’re actually learning German via Duolingo but we stopped for awhile haha! I have some travel blog in Cologne and Frankfurt if you want to look for it under Travel and Leisure or Destinations. Keep safe!

  2. Unfortunately, my son and I stopped learning German from Duolingo. 🙁

    1. I used books and of course a dictionary. thanks for visiting

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