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Bad Harzburg wintertime

Interesting things to do in Bad Harzburg  wintertime

Where: Bad Harzburg, Lower Saxony, Germany, Harz mountains.

List things to do in Bad Harzburg?

  • For example, ride a cable car or Seilbahn and go swimming in the Sauna.
  • Also, they have a clean park with a beautiful mountain view for hiking.
  • Moreover, you can ride the bus from the train station and the number of the bus is 873 going to the park.
  • Furthermore, the first time I ride the bus and then when I going back home I prefer to walk instead to ride the bus.
  • Because I want to see the places or the beautiful traditional houses even though the weather was cold at that time.
  • But it depends if you like to walk or ride the bus. That’s only my idea while visiting Bad Harzburg.

Things you can find here?

First of all, You can find restaurants, shops, banks, and hotels.

Secondly, It’s freezing outside but you can still walk and do some hiking or ride the cable car.

Furthermore, visits the town and take a picture of the beautiful traditional houses.

But if you like to be in a warm place then you can go swimming during winter.

What was the coldest temperature during I visited in Bad Harzburg?

In my experience was minus 4-degree Celsius.

But the coldest temperature was -4 during my visit and that’s the starting of winter. They said that’s not the higher temperature in that place. So many people visiting the place to see the snow and to see the town.

How do you keep warm during winter?

Wearing the right clothes to keep warm during the winter season. And in addition, drinking plenty of water.

Eat warm soup with vegetables to keep you warm.

Travel experience in Bad Harzburg 

  • First, I think my first experience with the cable car was in Hongkong but that’s also freezing day.
  • Second, when I ride the cable car it was a long ride but it’s also in winter a little bit cold at that time.
  • Third, This cable car is an old cable car and also it’s not a long destination to travel only on the top of the mountain.
  • Moreover, In my own experience in Hongkong was a long time to ride the cable car compare in Bad Harzburg.
  • My Hongkong experience was a bit excited and happy, scared of height, you can see also a mountain view or hills at Tung Chung Bay, that’s my first-time experience riding a cable car.
  • Furthermore, That’s a new cable car minimum of six people can sit inside the cable car.
  • Likewise, a wonderful memory with a cable car experienced. But also I like to ride a different style of cable to other countries. Different shapes or colors and distances.
  • Maybe, I will try a new adventure in other places and also looking at the mountain scenery during the freezing day
  • Most importantly, I tried to ride the cable car even if I felt afraid to ride the cable car. Maybe, I will try a new adventure in other places and also looking at the mountain scenery during the freezing day.

So If you want to look at other cables cars here.

Big Buddha

Disneyland Hongkong

A picture is worth a thousand words

What are your favorite things to do when you travel to other places and other weather?

For example, Take a look at the scenic mountain and also walking in the park with freezing plants.

Like to take pictures with beautiful snow in the park while enjoying the cold weather.

But nobody likes to go out in this freezing weather. Moreover also a dark gray sky in the park. I saw a few people walking in the park while I’m taking a picture of the small river.

Do you have the experience to travel in winter? What do you have about winter?

  • It’s a quiet place because not many people outside. But the place is nice I love to come back again here
  • So many crystals snow were on the ground, during winter. And also the park was frozen. It seems no one lives here in a very quiet place.
  •  During my visit, while I was walking in the park and all are white and gray colors.
  • I’m walking in the park and, taking a picture in the surroundings and so quiet that time, I felt I’m alone with this place.
  • Moreover, during the summer season, there are so many people walking and sitting in this park. They love to enjoy the weather when it’s warm and all the trees and grass are green.
  • Yes, of course, All people want a cozy and warm room with a cup of coffee than in a chilled park.
  • Above all, I have experienced traveling during the winter season and I overcome the cold weather.

Traditional German House 

German old house with timber framing and it’s like in a fairytale story with creative style. Moreover, a vast house but looks beautiful here in Harz Germany and until now you can find this type of house.

Do you prefer living in an old house or in a modern house?

For me, I like an old house and then a little bit of renovation that’s not so cold during winter. In addition, your comfortable living in an old and that’s the important thing.

Lastly, they maintained the old houses to look similar like before and that’s a great idea to save it for the next generation.

Therefore, in my own opinion, that’s an amazing idea to take care of the old house and to give to the young generation.

Would you live in a tiny house or in a big house?

Maybe, I like the tiny and not so big because it’s easy to clean.

Life is so simple living in a tiny house and easy to organize your things.

Low utility costs and also you can save more electricity and heater.

When you have a big and old there are so many spaces for your visitors and you can accept a visitor to sleep at your house. Unlike in a tiny house, you don’t have privacy. No one can visit you overnight.

What’s your experience of living in an old house?

What’s the advantage and disadvantage of living in an old house while the weather is freezing?

Probably, when you live in an old house there are so many things need to repair or renovate.

So expensive to renovate when it’s an old house.

Perhaps you feel alone because it’s big, you afraid of the dark.

“Kindness is like snow- It beautifies everything it covers.” Kahlil Gibran

“The mind is like an iceberg, it floats with one-seventh of its bulk above water.” Sigmund Freud

Words to remember:

English – Deutsch

german language |learn german vocabulary | englisch lernen| deutschlernen | german study

  • acknowledgement – Rückmeldung
  • closing date – Einsendeschluss
  • encouragement – Ermunterung
  • methods study – Arbeitsablaufstudie
  • moderator – der Diskussionsleiter
  • positive acknowledgment – die Positive Rückmeldung
  • set phrase – Floskel
  • statement – die Stellungsnahme
  • the minutes – das Sitzungsprotokoll
  • to claim compensation – Ausgleich verlangen
  • to compose the minutes – das Sitzungsprotokoll verfassen
  • to print the minutes – das Sitzungsprotokoll ausdrucken
  • to reject a proposal – einen Vorschlag zurückweisen
  • to submit proposal – einen Vorschlag unterbreiten
  • to submit an offer – ein Angebot unterbreiten

englisch lernen | learn english | german vocabulary | vocabulary | list | deutsche wörter | deutsch lernen | vokabeln

  • broadcasting – Rundfunk
  • courteous – zuvorkommend
  • thoughtfulness – Zuvorkommenheit
  • overtime cost – Aufwendungen für Uberstunden
  • reputation – Ruf
  • terms of payment and delivery – Liefer-und Zahlungsbedingungen
  • to cancel – absagen
  • to collect overtime – Überstunden ansammeln
  • to fill in – eintragen
  • to fix a date – einen Termin festlegen
  • to keep an appointment – einen Termin wahrnehmen
  • to maintain the reputation – den guten Ruf bewahren
  • to received a compliment – Kompliment empfangen
  • to reschedule – verlegen
  • to reschedule a date – einen Termin verschieben
  • to return a compliment – das Kompliment erwidern

german language learning | learn english | wortschatz | deutsche sprache lernen| lernen | englisch lernen | deutsch lernen

  • acceptedly – anerkannterweise
  • aimless existence – sinnlose Existenz
  • to abandon one’s own homeland – seine Heimat verlassen
  • circumstances – Umstände
  • demographic group – Bevölkerungsgruppe
  • existence – Existenz
  • hardship – harte Umstände
  • inconvenient circumstances – unpassende Umstände
  • individuality – Eigenständigkeit
  • living conditions – Lebensbedingungen
  • publishing house – Verlage
  • self-employment – berufliche Selbständigkeit
  • to commit – begehen
  • to go into society – gesellschaftlichen Umgang pflegen
  • to keep silence – Stillschweigen bewahren
  • to keep – hüten
  • to keep up – aufrechthalten
  • to prohibited – untersagen
  • to retain – bewahren

deutsche wörter| german study | english learning | learn english vocabulary | learn german vocabulary | learn german vocabulary | deutsch lernen

  • business lunch – Geschäftsessen
  • business partner – Geschäftspartner
  • business performance – Geschäftsverlauf
  • colloquial usage – umgangsprachliche Gepflogenheit
  • cultural identity – kulturelle Eigenheit
  • cultural significance – kulturelle Bedeutung
  • discomfort – Unbehagen
  • discomfortable – Unbehagen erzeugend
  • fixed revenue – feste Einkünfte
  • fixed terms – feste Bedingungen
  • habit – Gewohnheit
  • indigent people – einheimische
  • indigenous labor – einheimische Arbeitskräfte
  • meeting – Begegnung
  • morality – gute Sitten
  • practice – Gepflogenheiten
  • received – empfangen
  • to develop a habit – eine Gewohnheit entwickeln
  • to inquire – sich erkundigen
  • to take orders – Befehle empfangen

language in german | deutsch vokabeln lernen| online | german vocabulary | german study | englisch lernen | deutsch lernen | sprachen lernen

  • adored – verehrt
  • agency – Vermittlung
  • average – Durchschnitt
  • banking – Bankwesen
  • bad conscience – schlechtes Gewissen
  • commuter – Pendler
  • conscience – Gewissen
  • commuting – Pendeln
  • disclosed – enthüllt
  • economic data – Wirtschaftsdaten
  • employability – Vermittlungsfähigkeit
  • fare average – guter Durchschnitt
  • look out – Ausschau
  • maestro – Dirigent
  • pure conscience – reines Gewissen
  • placement rate – Vermittlungsquote
  • return  – Rückkehr
  • shuttle service – Pendelnverkehr
  • to acquire data – Daten erfassen
  • to commute – pendeln
  • to daydream – schwärmen
  • to quit – verzichten

Make a habit and Learn daily german words

  • keep on repeating, also don’t be shy to talk in German.
  • Talk in actual conversation and keep on trying and don’t be scared to talk. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake while you are talking to other people.
  • Listening on the radio and try to understand it. Reading the newspaper daily and don’t stop learning new words.
  • Make sure you keep on learning every day and be confident.
  • Expose yourself outside the world and also expose the movies, songs, and talking with the native speakers.
  • You need to set a daily schedule and use your time well in learning a language.
  • Read a blog about language learning and also quotes to inspire to learn more.

Why do you want to learn a new language? Do you like to travel and to talk in that language?

Don’t worry you can do it. Be confident and smile always.

Moreover, don’t be afraid to try your best. So always talk and use the language. Because if you are using the language you become more confident and you learn something every day if you talk to other people.

Cold and freezing place but you have an adventure while traveling these places.

Interesting things to do in Bad Harzburg. You can go swimming and hiking, riding the cable and last, but not least you can see the traditional houses in Germany.

Cable car or seilbahn Bad harzburg Germany #Badharzburgwintertime

That is my adventure in Bad Harzburg 

Next time, I will visit again here, if they have so much snow and experience the winter snow in Bad Harzburg.

In addition,  That is only one-day I visit here, and not so many places I explored or visited.

What is your experience traveling alone during winter?

When is the best time to travel wintertime or summertime?

What are the best places have you traveled during the winter?

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