Bad Harzburg Germany

    Bad Harzburg 

Where: Bad Harzburg, Lower Saxony, Germany

What to do? I only went there for a short visit.

How to go there? I ride a train from Ringelheim and then bus going to my destinations after I arrived at Bad Harzburg I go to a bus station, only walking distance from the train station.

Park in Bad Harzburg

They have swimming pools or spa in this building and it’s open during the winter season.

Wintertime so freezing and wet, I’ve seen the people they go to the wellness swimming pool and others spend their holiday in the restaurant, mountain or riding car.
Mostly the tourist walk going up on the mountain and then you can ride the cable car or Seilbahn here in Bad Harzburg.
houses and stores in Bad Harzburg germany #houses #Badharzburg#
 Houses and stores, fountains in Bad Harzburg attraction. Wonderful houses and clean places to visit

All this photos i took in Bad harzburg, Harz Germany.#Germanytravel #Harzdestinations #attractions #visit #travel #

 Attractions Bad Harzburg Germany :

First time I travel here I ride the bus but when I go back I chose to walk to see the attractions and most important I find the way back home.

While walking in every street I saw a Ferienwohnung or apartment for rent for the tourist, hotels, restaurant, therefore I love to walk to see so many things.

And then the most important reason is walking is good for our health and therefore walk and travel more.

After that walking, I reached the train station and almost 30 minutes from Papenbergstrasse. But if you want to ride the bus it’s available, But I chose to walk to see the old houses instead of riding the bus.

Mostly hotels, swimming pools, apartments, and very artistic houses are the attractions furthermore the mountain of Harz.

Bad Harzburg in Wikipedia for more info.


Tourist information and also you can buy a souvenir here.

Hotel and beautiful houses in Bad Harzburg# #germanytravel #germany #travel #photo #hotel #harz

Fountain in the center of Bad Harzburg and then you can find many hotels and restaurants.

words to remember:

English- Deutsch

  • ambivalence – Ambivalenz
  • at the sacrifice of human life – am Opfer von Menschenleben
  • challenges – Herausforderungen
  • enjoyment of life – Lebensfreude
  • experiences of life – Lebenserfahrungen
  • goal of life – Lebensziel
  • kill time – die Zeit totschlagen
  • life full of tears – das Leben voll Tränen
  • life’s journey – Lebensreise
  • life path – Lebenspfad
  • life purpose – Lebenszweck
  • life satisfaction – Lebenszufriedenheit
  • meaning of life – Lebenssinn

german vocab and english vocab | deutsch lernen | englisch lernen | german vocabulary | english - deutsch

  • memories of one’s life – Lebenserinnerungen
  • mode of life – Lebensweise
  • optimistic – optimistisch
  • recently -in letzter Zeit
  • tedious – langweilig
  • time-consuming – Zeit aufwendig
  • time-delay – Zeitverzörgung
  • teenaged – halbwüchsig
  • totally – völlig
  • directness – Direktheit
  • get lost – sich verlaufen
  • get off – aussteigen
  • lack of discipline – Disziplinlosigkeit
  • lead – führen
  • lie – liegen
  • loveless – lieblos

learn english with german vocabulary| deutsch lernen | german vocab | englisch lernen

  • meet – sich treffen
  • put – legen
  • to astonish – wundernehmen
  • to manage – handhaben
  • to mislead – irreführen
  • to stay in – daheimbleiben
  • to watch each other – aufeinander achten
  • to put aside – beiseitelegen
  • understand – durchblicken
  • optimistic mood – optimistische Stimmung
  • consistent – konsistent
  • persistence – Lebensdauer
  • self-satisfaction – Selbstbefriedigung
  • self-confident – selbstbewusst
  • self- defeating – selbstzerstörerisch

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  • sink – sinken
  • show – zeigen
  • shut – schließen
  • speak – sprechen
  • spread – sich ausbreiten
  • swing – schwingen
  • throw – werfen
  • to meet challenges – Anforderungen bestehen
  • view of life – Lebensauffassung
  • wake – wecken
  • blameless – schuldlos
  • background knowledge – Hintergrundwissen
  • commendable – vorbildlich
  • careless – leichtfertig
  • appropriate – angebracht

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  • in focus – im Mittelpunkt
  • noisy – lärmend
  • praiseworthy conduct – Lobenswertes Verhalten
  • proper – einwandfrie
  • quick-tempered – aufbrausend
  • resourceful-man – findiger Mann
  • stay up – aufbleiben
  • to focus – fokussieren
  • wholesome – erbaulich
  • wide-awakeness -Schlauheit
  • wide experience – umfassende Erfahrung
  • wide knowledge – umfangreiches Wissen

Bad Harzburg Germany

All these photos I took in Bad Harzburg, Harz Germany. While walking in the street in bad Harzburg I saw artistic style houses of different houses of German however houses were preserved it.

The address in Bad Harzburg  38667, moreover colder than in Salzgitter because of a bit higher place and mountain area, however better for the hiker or who wants to play Ski.

From Salzgitter, 1 hour to travel by train but you can ride the train every hour going to Bad Harzburg, Only 2 stations where you can ride the train going to Bad Harzburg from Ringelheim station or Braunschweig Station.

Mostly the attractions here the old houses, mountains and also the swimming pools or they have wellness. For instance good for the adventurer to travel far from the big city.

Maybe next time when I visit Bad Barzburg, I want to visit the Brocken or national park. Next time I share my post when I visit in Brocken Harz, they have a festival about witches they burned. But I’ve never been there, I only heard they have a costume like witches.

Thank you for reading my blog. till next time in my new post. Happy blogging and reading


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