Market square building in Hildesheim
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Astonishing architecture in Hildesheim Germany

A remarkable spot in Hildesheim

To find where to go in this city of Hildesheim and what to see:

Don’t worry! You can travel on a budget and still see a lot in this place. Because I travel on a low budget and I try to go on free things. This guide to help you to see different attractions in Hildesheim.

Actually, Hildesheim is one of the oldest city in Germany and a great choice for budget travelers. Check out these free things to do in Hildesheim for your trip and take advantage of your visit. To have experience and see the different attractions in Hildesheim. That is my first time to visit in Hildesheim City or Stadt.

Discover the Stunning buildings in the city of Hildesheim

  • Firstly, what I saw they have a small market in front of the town hall with an astonishing historical building.
  • Secondly, the market square is a perfect place to start your Hildesheim adventure because you will find attractive buildings.
  • There so much to explore in this place and see the attractions. They sell cheese, vegetables, fruits, sausage and some flowers in front of the City Hall building.
  • And each city in Germany they have a different style of the house or structure and a unique style.
  • Try to visit in this town because of its perfect weekend getaways.

St. Jakobi church and a City hall building

  • When we arrived in Hildesheim we parked the car in the parking lot. Because we cannot drive the car and bring in the market square. So we left the car in the car park.
  • The car park is far from the market square or Marktplatz.
  • And then start to walk from the parking lot going to City hall, but we only walked that time 10 minutes by feet.
  • First I saw this tall building of St. Jakobi church then we go to the market place. There are so many people bought something and a busy day in the Market square.
  • When we arrived in the market square in Hildesheim you can find a different beautiful building and with artistic style.

Which country do you think is the beautiful capital City?

Berlin is the capital city but, I’ve never been to Berlin. I want to visit one or two days maybe I plan to visit in that city.

Market square and tempelhaus building in Hildesheim, Lower Saxony, Germany, market day when we visit that time

Majestic Tempelhaus building  in the market square

As you can see in the pictures there is a tall building all this building you can find in the market square.
That’s all in one place and located in the Market square.

A view from the Tempelhaus building in Hildesheim. During our visit, it’s a market day with so many people sell and buy something in the market.

To give you an idea what you can see in this place and what to explore. As you can see there are  impressive building in Hildesheim ( Tempelhuas)

Tempelhaus and Finanzzentrum building in Hildesheim, only in the market square located.

View from Market square in Hildesheim 

  • You can find this place and a tourist spot in the heart of the Hildesheim near the city hall or Rathaus.
  • What to do in Hildesheim?
  • For instance, you can find a bank, Tempelhaus, butcher’s guild hall, bakery, hotel, and restaurant.
  • There’s a bakery or restaurant, and if you want to drink a coffee in this cold weather. We drink coffee in a restaurant called OS-Das Marktrestaurant.
  • This restaurant you can visit it. Knochenhaueramtshaus. 
  • In our trip was wintertime and outside is cold. Therefore, we drink a coffee and tea in OS-Das Marktrestaurant while the snow starts to fall down.
  • It’s a very cold but interesting trip so many historical building and amazing architectural old buildings.
  • You can find an old building facade in the city of Hildesheim. Also, you can the original design of the building.
  • Awesome and breathtaking buildings and they take care of this building.
  • To show you the stunning building of Finazzentrum or Wedekindhaus only in the old market square located.

Excellent old architecture building in Hildesheim, Lower Saxony, Germany.

Also, it looks like your in a fairytale or in a castle very majestic building.

Pictures on the street and awesome architecture old buildings

Church in Hildesheim they called it Andreaskirche or St. Andreas

Andreashaus  and Cross statue near the St. Andreas cathedral in Hildesheim

Another historic building in Hildesheim

Firstly, I’m amazed including Tempelhaus so artistic old buildings. Moreover, the historic cathedral building that’s an amazing building you can find here in Hildesheim.

During our trip to the city of Hildesheim, I saw so many traditional houses and they don’t change the design. In addition, the structures of the buildings they keep it the same as before.

That is a superb house and they have a different design of the buildings.

Although that time it’s a little bit snowy and cold day.

In my own opinion, when you visit in Hildesheim try to visit during the summer season. So you don’t feel the cold during winter time. As long as you experience the same weather and you have a wonderful trip while visiting different cities.

What to do in Hildesheim Germany?

  • First, they called this city Hildesheim, One of the oldest City in Lower, Saxony Germany.
  • Though, I’m impressed with the beauty of the City and the cleanliness.
  • Furthermore, I saw there are so many ancestral buildings and houses.
  • During my trip my iPad a little bit dark when I take a photo because of the winter season.
  • But I like to take pictures for memory in my travel experience about Hildesheim.
  • Above all, I want to go to different places here in Germany. But without spending so much money while exploring every city or regions.
  • Most importantly, you don’t need to spend so much money to travel.
  • How about you? Did you spend so much money when you travel to other countries?
  • Lastly, I love to visit again in Hildesheim and to see more the different travel attractions. Because I want to learn more about the old city.
  • What is your travel experience in Germany? Do you like medieval buildings or churches too?

Our way of going to the city hall in Hildesheim or heart of the city. Even though it’s cold that time, we still continue to visit the city.

Main street going to the City hall and St. Andreas church, there are so many stores here and shops

Amazing house and building

  •  I took also a picture of this house or as a church, we’re only outside we can’t go inside. So extraordinary Church in Hildesheim they called St. Godehard’s Church. 
  • We only took a photo and then we go back to the restaurant to drink a coffee because it’s cold at that time.
  • Overall, I’m happy and more excited to visit more different places or attractions in Hildesheim.
  • In short, In my next visit maybe I will visit the castle and some historic building.
  • For me, I try to visit during summer so it’s not really cold. I think I can walk and explore the beautiful places in the city if it’s not cold.
  • Of course, to look more on beautiful attractions and to have more experience visiting other cities.
  • But for now, I want to visit the near cities because it depends on my budget and time.
  • Above all, I don’t want to spend so much money on my travel. Only low-cost travel for now and most important I visit different cities.
  • In the future, I’m planning to visit a different country and many more. Maybe not now but someday, Only step by step and don’t give up. As long as I visit different places and I can share my experience.

OS-Das Marktrestaurant  Markt 7, 31134 Hildesheim

Butcher’s Guild Hall in German is Knochenhaueramtshaus, Hildesheim. That building is colorful with German proverbs.

Travel more while you’re still young:

  • In my own opinion, always think positive that you can do it no matter what happens. So, If you really want something then you will find a way.
  • Moreover, Learning the culture and history of the different places it also adds more knowledge.
  • Most importantly, not all the things you’ll learn only by reading, but also to visit other places.
  • For me, It’s easy to research on the internet and take a look at the pictures.
  • Most noteworthy, if you have a chance to visit then try to explore the historical places.
  • For example, by visiting different tourist spots is also learning about history and culture.
  • What’s your favorites country to visit? Do you like the old city to visit? I think I want to hear about your travel experience
  • Which season do you like to travel? Do you like the winter season or summer season?
  • What the best place you have visited?
  • To me, I like to experience the winter season because I came from the Philippines and we don’t have a winter season.

Hotel Van der Valk

The Marktplatz or Market square in Hildesheim, you can find a hotel name, Van der Valk

That is a central market square with an astonishing building in Hildesheim, Lower Saxony, Germany. It’s very nice to visit this old city in Germany, that’s my new experience and I treasure it.

  • Because our weather is always warm and wet when springtime.
  • Have you visited historical places in your country?
  • In my own, I like to visit historical buildings or churches. I hope you like the old historical buildings and cathedrals in Hildesheim.
  • Furthermore, we used the car and I don’t know how much the ticket going to Hildesheim.
  • Maybe next time when we’re coming back here. Also, I try to use public buses or train to check how much is the cheapest ticket.
  • So see you soon in my next travel destination. Because I’m happy to share my travel photos.
  • Lastly, to add experience while traveling in other cities or country.

St. Godehard’s Church it’s also an old church 

The address of the church, Godehardsplatz, 31134 Hildesheim

Bäckeramtshaus or Butcher’s Guild Hall

Amazing architectural buildings of Butcher’s Guild Hall and also the other buildings in the Market square.

   That is an Old Half-timbered house in Hildesheim or they called in German Zuckerhut. Walking distance going to St. Andreas Church if you want to visit this place.

Words to remember:

English- Deutsch

Vokabeln ,german language learning ,learn german language #deutsch #germanlanguage
  • ambiguity – Zweideutigkeit
  • armed – bewaffnet
  • assured – versichert
  • attractive – attraktiv
  • demanding customers – anspruchsvolle Kunden
  • demanding task – anspruchsvolle Aufgabe
  • elaborateness – ausführliche Behandlung
  • enviable – beneidenswert
  • established – bewährt
  • full description – ausführliche Beschreibung
  • habitable -bewohnbar
  • hide – verbergen
  • incompetence – Unfähigkeit
  • incomprehensible – unbegreiflich
  • informative – belehrend
  • imbalance – die Gleichgewichtsstörung
  • like-minded – gleichgesinnt
  • male–only – ausschließlich männlich
  • neighboring – benachbart
  • non- exclusive – nicht ausschließlich
German words to read daily #lernen #germanvocabulary
  • admirable – admirabel
  • adored – bewundert
  • advisable – empfehlenswert
  • amazing – erstaunlich
  • appealing – anziehend
  • appreciated – geschätzt
  • noticeable – bemerkbar
  • notorious – berüchtigt
  • pathetic – bemitleidenswert
  • populous – bevölkerungsreich
  • proficient – bewandert
  • rid – befreien
  • rightful – rechtmäßig
  • sense of balance – der Gleichgewichtssinn
  • shake – schütteln
  • solely oriented – ausschließlich orientiert
  • superior – hochgestellt
  • to exchange greetings – Grußworte tauschen
  • to execute – vollführen
  • to go riding – spazieren reiten
  • to lose one’s way – sich verirren
  • well-founded – begründet
Vokabeln , german vocabulary #germanlanguagelearning #deutsch #english
  • anticipating – vorwegnehmend
  • astonishing – überraschend
  • balanced – balanciert
  • blissful – glückselig
  • blissful happiness – seliges Glück
  • beautiful – schön
  • breathtaking – atemberaubend
  • brilliant – brillant
  • captivating – bezaubernd
  • cautious – vorsichtig
  • charming – charmant
  • cheerful – fröhlich
  • clever – klug
  • comfortable – komfortabel
  • compelling – zwingen
  • confident – selbstsicher
  • creative – kreativ
  • courteous – artig
  • cooperative – kooperativ
  • intriguingly – interessanterweise
  • irresistibly – unwiderstehlich
  • self-assured – selbstsicher
  • to impress – bestechen
Travel quotes from mother teresa #hildesheim #travel #germany

“Never travel faster than your guardian angel can fly.”Mother Teresa

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