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An Amazing journey traveling by ICE train in Germany

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Lao Tzu

That’s a Frankfurt airport in the baggage area in Germany


Some of my journey (train travel in Germany) and I hope you click the link:

If you look for perfection, you’ll never be content


Every lake belongs to the quietness desired by the swans.

Explore Taguig

A picture worth a thousand words

While I’m inside the Frankfurt airport in Germany
Deutsche bahn ICE, traveling with the Train ICE in  frankfurt germany to braunschweig, #train #deutschbahnICE #frankfurt
That is our train and two hours’ train journey can be boring but here in the aisle, but you can walk and look out the window, enjoy the beautiful scenery.
That’s Frankfurt, Germany, Airport building

Train station Frankfurt am Main , Germany #trainstation #DeutschBahnICE #germany

That’s the Train station in Frankfurt am Main, Germany and while waiting for our Train or Deutsche Bahn ICE going to Braunschweig, Although that time a little bit freezing that’s an autumn season, During I’m waiting I felt so cold. But I want the train to come so fast that I can sit on a warm chair.

However, we don’t wait so long to ride that train but that’s my nice experience.

Moreover, a big train and clean and modern, it’s not similar in the Philippines is the old style. But that I’m amazed by their new train.


While we’re waiting in Frankfurt am Main for our train going to Braunschweig.
Also, we rode an ICE (Intercity-Express) 175mph-186mph the high-speed train here in Germany.
Moreover, around 2-3 hours to travel from Frankfurt airport to Braunschweig, but it depends on the weather.


While riding a train I took a photo because we have a longer trip. Why not take a picture of a nice view. You can eat some inside the train, it’s allowed to eat. Also, bring some snacks to eat and water. For example, Read some books or charge your phone.

    • That’s the information office of Deutsche Bahn or German Rail if you don’t know where to buy the train ticket for your travel you can buy here.
    • Furthermore, some tickets you can buy in automat or machine. Also, I only tried to buy a ticket for a short distance or daily commute in the machine.
    • But when you have to travel long distances better buy in a Deutsche Bahn or German Rail office they can recommend for you the best time and cheapest ticket and book a seat for you.

Words to remember:  Travel


german language, vocabulary, deutsch , english , #language #deutsch #english

  • Ad – Zeitungsanzeige
  • ambitious – ehrgeizig
  • airplane – Flugzeug
  • airport – Flughafen
  • best flight connection – beste Flugverbindung
  • biggest airline – größte Fluggesellschaft
  • boarding pass – Bordpass
  • boarding pass control – Bordpasskontrolle
  • booking – Buchung
  • booking details – Buchungsdetails
  • booking form – Buchungsformular
  • booking reference – Buchungsreferenz
  • booking request – Buchungsanfrage
  • budget – Budget, Finanzen
  • calculate – (be)rechnen
  • charger – Ladegerät
  • company – Gesellschaft
  • compensate – ausgleichen, entschädigen
  • concern – Anliegen,Sorge
  • convince – überzeugen

German words, vocabulary, english, deutsch , vokabeln #deutschlernen #deutsch #english

  • customer satisfaction – Kundenzufriedenheit
  • damage – beschädigen
  • delayed flight – verspäteter Flug
  • departure lounge – Abflughalle
  • direct flight – Direktflug
  • early booking – frühzeitige Buchung
  • expenses – Ausgaben, Spesen
  • flight delay – Flugverspätung
  • flight connection – Flugverbindung
  • flight costs – Flugkosten
  • flight day – Flugtag
  • flight schedule – Flugplan
  • flight ticket – Flugticket
  • gate – Flugsteig
  • halfway – halb(wegs)
  • inspire – inspirieren
  • itinerary – Reiseroute
  • laid-back – entspannt, Locker

Vocabulary learning words to remember,#germanlanguage #deutsch #english

  • lounge – Halle
  • neglected – vernachlässigt
  • nonrefundable – nicht erstattbar, nicht erstattungsunfähig
  • on board – an Bord
  • opportunity – Gelegenheit, Chance
  • outbound flight – Hinflug
  • package holiday – Pauschalreise
  • passage – Durchfahrt
  • passenger – Passagier
  • platform – Bahnsteig
  • public – Öffenlichkeit
  • regional trains – regional Zügen
  • refund – Rückerstattung
  • relaxed – locker
  • rental – Miete
  • return flight – Rückflug
  • return ticket – Rückflugticket
  • reservation – Reservierung
  • round trip – Hin und Rückflug
  • round trip ticket – Hin-und-zurück-ticket

Vocabulary learning , words to remember . deutsch #english #language #vocabulary

  • rush – Hektik
  • rush hour – Hauptverkehrszeit
  • tax – Steuer
  • ticket inspector – (Fahrschein)Kontrolleur
  • tourism – Tourismus
  • traffic jam – Verkehrsstau
  • transport – Transport
  • validity – Gültigkeit
  • validity period – Gültigszeitraum
  • value – Wert
  • value added tax – Mehrwertsteuer, Umsatzsteuer
  • value added tax identification number – Umsatzsteueridentifikationsnummer
  • waiting – warten
  • waiting area– Wartebereich
  • waiting line – Warteschlange
  • weather – Wetter
  • well-known – bekannt
  • well-known company – bekannte Firma
  • withdrawal – abheben

Words to remember, vocabulary  german and english, deutsch and englisch vokabeln #english #deutsch #language

  • air crew – Flugzeugbesatzung
  • air miles – Flugmeilen
  • air sickness bag – Spucktüte
  • aisle – der Gang
  • aviation safety – Luftfahrtsicherheit
  • aviation security – Flugsicherheit
  • cabin crew – Kabinenbesatzung/Kabinenpersonal
  • conveyor belt – fließband
  • flight altitude – Flughöhe
  • life jacket – Rettungsweste
  • locker – das Schließfach
  • miles – Meilen
  • overhead compartment – Gepäckablage
  • oxygen mask – Sauerstoffmaske
  • securitty check – Sicherheitskontrolle
  • security gate – Sicherheitstor
  • stop over – zwischenlandung
  • travel sickness – Reiseübelkeit

Every journey is a good or bad experience:

  • Have you tried to get lost? Do you ride the wrong train?
  • How you manage it? What do you feel riding the train?
  • What’s your experience riding a train? Do you have a good or bad experience that you don’t forget? In my experience, I made mistakes but I keep myself relax and think I can go home again.
  • In my experience, I rode a wrong train before but that’s my experience I learned and believe in your self, don’t be afraid if you get lost. Don’t be shy to ask.
  • Although I already tried different types of train, from a modern train to an old train this train it’s very comfortable, However, You can sit even it’s a long-distance or short distance.
  • But on some trains, you need to stand up for a long time and crowded. That’s my experience of riding a train here.
  • In addition, This trip is from the Philippines to Frankfurt, Germany. It’s my first time to come here a little bit nervous about the language, but it’s okay I did it.
  • In my opinion, the airport and train station is clean and organized, that’s a really awesome airport. But, All I can say don’t worry when you travel here just ask if you don’t know.
  • Most importantly, Enjoy your flight and travel. Also, I hope you have a nice experience at this airport and train station.

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  1. I think trains are so exciting! Some are crowded and some are dirty and some are beautiful. They give me a feeling different than any other sort of transportation. Great post 🙂

    1. Yes some trains are dirty and crowded. Thank for visiting my page. God bless you. 🙂

  2. Amazing! You must be having so much fun. There aren’t many trains where I am at.

    1. yes. thank you. thank you visiting my blog

  3. I have a few experiences with trains here in the States. I used to ride the L train (elevated train) to school in Chicago. Recently, we visited Japan and rode the bullet train; that was pretty exciting. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. thanks visiting my page, that’s my wish too a bullet train. great you have experience different trains.

  4. I love getting lost! That’s the best way to have new experiences, out of your comfort zone. Loved the train metaphor 🙂

    Elena |

    1. Thank you elena. Yes no need to worry if get lost..more adventure

  5. Trains are the best way to get around just never know what you will get or who you will meet. such a good post I am going to share to my Facebook page @bloggle

    1. Thank you I’m happy and I appreciate it.. God bless you

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