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Nature Quotes

Amazing Nature-Wheat fields


That’s an amazing nature experience

“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.” Gary Snyder


“Our task must be to free ourselves… by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and it’s a beauty.” Albert Einstein

Our amazing nature benefits us to feel better

  • Firstly, our responsibility must be free ourselves and away from negativity. Because we make us free from negative thoughts in our minds. While visiting places with amazing nature then you can relax your mind.
  • In addition, make any exercise like hiking, jogging, traveling with the amazing nature in your place or town. So explore your places and take some rest and enjoy the fresh air with the relaxing sound of the water and winds.
  • Also, resting in a quiet place and astonishing scenery is a pleasant feeling to spend your vacation.
  • And finding a way to be happy and relax your mind is the best solution. In other words, negatives thoughts make us more miserable and tired in our life to live in this world.
  • For example, go out and ride a bicycle. Because it will help you to forget your difficulties.
  • Secondly, I love to take photos in the gardens or farms because that’s a remembrance of my travel. So I keep it and treasure in my heart with a beautiful experience in amazing nature.
  • In my own opinion, Touring is the best idea to experience nature and to find beauty everywhere. Also, you need to go adventure to find where you belong. I believe nature has its own magic and making astonishing things and what’s amuses me.
  • Because everything in our surroundings makes me amaze by our beautiful nature and wonderful fields or farm.

“Nature is pleased with simplicity. And nature is no dummy.” Isaac Newton

“Scenery is fine – but human nature is finer.” John Keats

"Life is not always perfect. Like a road, it has many bends, ups and down but that's its beauty." Amit Ray # #life #farm ##nature #naturehotography #trees #view #placestogo #placestovisit #adventure #adventuretime #adventuretravel #traveltips #travelphotos #traveldestinations #quotes #life #amazingnature


“Life is not always perfect. Like a road, it has many bends, ups, and downs but that’s its beauty.” Amit Ray

"Sometimes journey makes you strong, happy, and optimistic. Keep moving until you find your own path." # #quotes #nature #optimistic #strong #nature #naturehotography #trees #view #placestogo #placestovisit #adventure #adventuretime #adventuretravel #traveltips #travelphotos #traveldestinations #quotes #life #amazingnature
further photos from a field when we’re traveling to Hannover and we’re inside the train. That is a wonderful nature and glowing weather.

How to enjoy your day with amazing nature?

  • Like spend one day on the seaside and you will see the benefits of wondrous nature. Moreover to add more peace of mind and you can think clearly and no distraction in your surroundings. In short, you need some time for yourself without any disturbance. Because when you have peace of mind you can think positively and there are so many good ideas.
  • At the same, It helps us to focus on our lives and we can be more progressive. Instead, we keep on sitting in the four corners of our house. So why we don’t try to go out and enjoy the amazing nature and live to the fullest.
  • While watching the skies and try to take amazing photos on your camera. So you have memories of our mother nature.
  • Such as taking a deep breath of fresh air in the fields or beach together with your family or friends. Also, bring your friends and family and enjoy the outside world.
  • Above all, you find a way to unwind and also to enjoy your precious life. Don’t think so much and always wear your beautiful smiles every day.
  • Most importantly, your happy and move forward. Therefore, Let go of negative thoughts and travel to other places or countries.

Words to remember:

English – Deutsch

  • biodegradable – bioabbaubar
  • contaminated – kontaminiert
  • drought – Dürre
  • drought damage – Dürreschaden
  • ecosystem – Ökosystem
  • erupt – ausbrechen
  • fault line – Bruchline
  • flood – überfluten
  • environmental hazardous – umweltschädlich
  • hazardous to health – gesundheitsschädlich
  • hazardous waste landfill – Sondermülldeponie
  • landfill – Mülldeponie
  • natural resources – Bodenschätze
  • nature – Natur
  • nature lover – Naturliebhaber
  • nature conservation – Naturschutz
  • nature preserve – Naturschutzgebiet
  • nature studies – Naturkunde

german vocab | german vocabulary | deutsch lernen| englisch lernen | german language | learn english | wortschatz |nature


  • archipelago – Inselgruppe
  • dairy farming – Milchwirtschaft
  • farming – Landwirtschaft
  • genetically modified food – genetisch veränderte Nahrung
  • islet – Inselchen
  • landslide – Erdrutsch
  • rainforest – Regenwald
  • research – Forschung
  • rural – ländlich
  • rural area – Landgebiet
  • rural district – Landkreiz/Landbezirk
  • rural road – Landstraße
  • urban – städtisch
  • urban area – Stadtgebiet
  • urban community – Stadtgemeinde
  • urban district – Stadtbezirk
  • state of calamity – Katastrophenzustand
  • toxic waste – Giftmüll
  • wetlands – Feuchgebiet

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  • alloy – Legierung
  • aluminium – Aluminium
  • amber jewelry – Bernsteinschmuck
  • bronze – Bronze
  • copper – Kupfer
  • diamond – Diamant
  • enamel jewelry – Emailleschmuck
  • gem – Gemme
  • gemstone – Edelstein
  • gemstone jewelry – Edelsteinschmuck
  • gold – Gold
  • gold jewelry – Goldschmuck
  • iron – Eisen
  • jewelry  – Schmuck
  • jewelry stone – Schmuckstein
  • jewelry store – Juwelier
  • mineral  – Mineral
  • platinum – Platin
  • silver – Silber
  • silver jewelry – Silberschmuck
  • sulfur mining – Schwefelabbau
  • uranium – Uran

language in german and english | deutsche wörter | englisch lernen| learn german vocabulary | learning german language | englisch wortschatz


  • agriculture and forestry – Land – und Forstwirtschaft
  • alloy steel – Legierungsstahl
  • arable land  – Ackerland
  • crude gas – Rohgas
  • crude steel – Rohstahl
  • geothermal energy – Erdwärme/ Geothermalenergie
  • fertilizer – Düngemittel
  • food waste – Lebensmittelabfälle
  • forestry – Forstwirtschaft
  • iron ore – Eisenstein/ Eisenerz
  • lignite – Braunkohle
  • mining – Abbau
  • natural gas  – Erdgas
  • nickel alloy – Nickellegierung
  • nickel ore – Nickelerz
  • potash salt – Kalisalz
  • stainless steel – Edestahl
  • steel – Stahl
  • sulfur – Schwefel

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  • acid rain – saurer Regen
  • carbon dioxide emissions – CO2 -Ausstoß/Kohlendioxid Ausstoß
  • carbon monoxide poisoning – Kohlenmonoxidvergiftung
  • environmental impact – Umweltauswirkung
  • fumes – Abgase/ Dämpfe
  • gasoline fumes – Benzindämpfe
  • green fuel – Biotreibstoff
  • green waste – Grüngut/Grünverschnitt
  • impact – Auswirkung
  • nuclear waste disposal – Atommülllagerung
  • threat – Bedrohung
  • to contaminate – Kontaminieren/vergiften
  • traffic fumes – Verkehrsabgase
  • warming effect – Erwärmungseffekt
  • waste disposal facility – Entsorgungsanlage
  • waste prevention – Abfallvermeidung
  • waste incinerating plant – Müllverbrennungsanlage

deutsche sprache | englisch sprache lernen| vokabeln lernen| deutsch | englisch | german vocabulary

Study hard and enjoy the amazing nature

I believe you can do it and believe in yourself. Of course, no matter what happen put in your mind. You can do it.

Maybe in the first month, it’s difficult and hard to understand the words. But keep on reading many books and use them in your daily activities.

Firstly, it motivates yourself to study more and learn the language. So don’t worry you will learn it and keep in mind.

Even though it’s tired to study or practice just push yourself to be consistent. Because when you are consistent and you will see and understand the language.

So always learn the language and step by step you will be more confident. Because you try your best to do practice it. Another tip to make your more productive try to read daily and practice the language with a smile on your face.

Because when your angry or sad it can’t help you. Therefore you must enjoy while learning and practicing the language. Don’t force yourself there’s a time for it. I know you’re smart enough.

So you only need to do it daily and do some habit of reading and listening to different kinds of learning materials to learn the language. Moreover, write down what you’ve already read and repeat it again or read it again.

Most importantly, continue studying even if it’s a simple word to add more vocabulary. That is the beginning to collect more words and to learn more.

For example, when you learn the language try to study in the morning. Because when you study in the morning it’s best or it’s easy to keep in your mind. Moreover, you also need to rest and enough sleep.

So you must have enough sleep and enjoy your day while learning the language. At the same time, train yourself to be positive and you will learn more. In my suggestion, practice daily and more hard work.

Because, only in the beginning, it’s difficult but when you study and use it daily. So, there’s an improvement and your hard work is worth it.

After that, you will see your improvement. Don’t be afraid not only you who can’t talk or speak because there are so many people can’t really speak in this language.

Lastly, enjoy your time outdoors and read daily vocabularies. Like when you’re at the park it’s quiet and then tries to listen to some audio.

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Have a wonderful week and be optimistic. Till next time in my next post from joylandztravel.

Keep smiling and explore the amazing nature. Happy reading and enjoy your day.


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