Awesome castle in Wolfenbüttel and school #castlewolfenbüttel #castlegermany #castle #wolfenbüttel
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Admire the beauty of the castle in Wolfenbüttel Germany


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Travel vlog in Schloss Wolfenbüttel Germany and admire the beauty of the castle 

First of all, I like to visit a different castle in Germany and that’s the second castle I visited.

But I want to visit more other castles in different cities here in Germany.

Moreover, I like to explore the famous castle in Germany.

In addition, Germany has 20,000 castles. So maybe 10 castle is my wish to visit or more. It depends on my time to visit but that’s my wish to visit different castles.

Schule or School Gymnasium Wolfenbüttel #wolfenbüttelschool #castleingermany #wolfenbüttelcastle #Schlosswolfenbüttel
That is the castle with a school and museum in Wolfenbüttel

Look and admire the beauty of the castle in Wolfenbüttel, Germany

Schloss Museum Wolfenbüttel #Germanycastle #schoolwolfenbüttel #wolfenbüttelSchloss #germany

So Breathtaking view of the castle in Wolfenbüttel with beautiful windows and nice design.

Another castle I’ve visited, but the first castle in Salzgitter. That is my second visit to Wolfenbüttel and I admire the beauty of the castle. 

Museum Wolfenbüttel germany #wolfenbüttelcastleandschool #wolfenbüttelcastle

Inside the castle they a small museum and a secondary school or gymnasium.

Museum Wolfenbüttel #travelwolfenbüttel #castlewolfenbüttel #wolfstatue

About the castle:

  • Firstly, Wolfenbüttel Schloss or castle is one of the well-known in Lower Saxony, Germany.
  • Secondly, the castle was built as a residence of the Dukes of Braunschweig and until now the original castle still there. In addition, some of the windows are not real glass but some they used paint to look like a glass window.
  • Thirdly, there is a secondary high school in the castle. So there is a different level of school in Germany. One of these schools was inside the castle museum in Gymnasium.
  • For an example of the different levels of the school in Germany. Also, they called it  Grundschule or Elementary, Hauptschule, Realschule, Gymnasium.
  • Since they have a museum inside the castle and a school. But you cannot take a picture inside the museum and have an entrance fee.
  • During our visit to the castle, we took some pictures outside the castle but we plan to visit the museum but they told us that they don’t allow us to bring a camera inside.
  • So we cancel our plan to go inside the museum.
  • However, I admire the beautiful City of Wolfenbüttel, and also the baroque is very artistic.

Historical castle in Wolfenbüttel germany #castle #school #wolfenbüttelgermany #castlewolfenbüttel #castlegermany

“Self-education is lifelong curiosity.” Lailah Gifty Akita

Street pictures in Wolfenbüttel near the castle #wolfenbüttelcastle #castlegermany #school


I admire the beauty of wolfenbüttel and I love to travel here

Castle view in Wolfenbüttel #germanycastle #wolfenbüttelSchloss #germanyschool


  • The city of Wolfenbüttel is a historical place and you can still visit the beautiful buildings. I’ve seen the artistic house from the streets.
  • You can walk from the castle or Schloss going to City hall and you can visit the market. From wolfenbüttel gymnasium castle, Stadtmarkt, Kornmarkt you can see so many historical buildings.
  • We only walk by feet that we can see different buildings that still exist.
  • We go inside the castle but the museum they don’t allow the camera inside. From Salzgitter to wolfenbüttel we rode a bus.
  • For 2 people for one day card, you will pay 10,60 euro or they called it in German zwei personen Tageskarten.
  • The name of the bus is KVG Braunschweig. If you want to book online you can do it too. I hope you like it. And visit this place one day.
  • I hope you like my journey to the Castle of Wolfenbüttel. Thank you for dropping by on my blog. What is your experience in Castle?
  • Can you take photos in the Museum? In Museum they don’t allow us to take photos.

My bus travel in Germany ( Salzgitter lebenstedt to Wolfenbüttel) bus kvg braunschweig 630


Words to remember:

English – Deutsch

German language learning #germanlanguagelearning #learngermanlanguage #vokabeln#deutschsprache #lernen

  • academic school – Gymnasium
  • business college – Berufskolleg
  • college – Kolleg
  • elementary school – Grundschule
  • graduation – Abschluss
  • higher secondary vocational school – Fachoberschule
  • integrated school – Gesamtschule
  • middle school/junior high school – Realschule
  • public school – staatliche Schule
  • secondary school – Hauptschule
  • secondary school leaving certificate – Mittlere Reife
  • special needs school – Förderschule
  • university of applied sciences – Fachhochschule
  • university of applied sciences degree – Fachhochschulabschluss
  • university of applied sciences qualification – Fachhochschulreife


german language learning #learngermanlanguage#wortschatz #germany #vokabeln#deutschsprache

  • academic degree – akademischer Abschluss
  • advance education – Fortbildung
  • chamber of industry and commerce – IHK – Industrie und Handelskammer
  • commerce – Handel/ Kommerz
  • compulsory education – allgemeine Bildungspflicht
  • educational attainment – Bildungsabschluss
  • educational drop out – Bildungsabbrecher
  • industrial training – gewerbliche Ausbildung
  • postgraduate – Graduierten
  • postgraduate studies – Aufbaustudium
  • principal – Rektor
  • professional advancement – Berufsaufstieg
  • recognition – Anerkennung
  • scholastic – standards – Bildungsstandards
  • technical training – fachliche Ausbildung
  • technical university – technische Universität


german language learning #learngermanlanguage #vokabeln #wortschatzlernen

  • advance level subject – Leistungsfach
  • advance student – forgeschrittene Stufe
  • Advance Vocational Certificate of Education – Fachabitur
  • basic and advance training – Aus-und Fortbildung
  • career-driven – karrierebewusst
  • career-minded – karrierorientiert
  • curriculum – Lehrplan
  • high school diploma – Abitur
  • home schooling – Hausunterricht
  • know-it-all – Besserwisser
  • prepared to take risk – risikofreudig
  • qualification requirements – Qualifikationsbedarf
  • technical diploma – technisches Fachabitur
  • technical qualification – fachliche Qualifikation
  • to cut school – Schule schwänzen



Dictionary I used

For my experience here in Wolfenbüttel, they have old houses, library, and churches, they keep it in original style or they preserved it.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and if you want to read my other post please click the link.

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