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Salzgitter im Sommer and perfect travel quotes

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Remember this: perfect Travel quotes to inspire you


“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.” Lao Tzu

“Travel is not really about leaving our homes, but leaving our habits.” -Pico Iyer

travel, habits, travel quotes, perfect travel quotes, #quotes


While traveling read perfect travel quotes

  • Firstly, when I travel I don’t have a fixed plan and I go wherever I want.
  • Secondly, I explore the place and search what’s the best place to go, or just look at what’s the best in this place.
  • Moreover, I read the history of the place or what’s the best attractions.
  • Therefore, I find more not only in the center or city of the place.
  • But I go to a small village or small town to find interesting in this place.
  • While I walked more  I can find the best attractions. So every street I explore to know more about the place.
  • Though I don’t go to the tourist places and it is the best in the local area.
  • Instead, go to a small town without so many tourists.
  • In other words, you can find a pleasant place and unwind your mind during your visits.
  • Above all, I don’t expect so much when I arrived in other places. So just take your time to know the best attractions.
  • Most importantly, be happy when you discover a perfect view of the place and read the perfect travel quotes.
  • During your travel what are your favorite things to do? Do you plan to travel? do you have a fixed plan? where do you visit new perfect travel places? Or do you like to walk until you find the best attraction in this country?
  • Do you like to explore more the City or just stay in a Tourist spot?
  • Most noteworthy, when you travel to try new places to visit with perfect smiles and have fun.

Salzgittersee im Sommer | Salzgittersee in Summer

“I read, I travel, I become.” Derek Walcott

Another travel quotes that I like “I read, I travel, I become.” from Dereck Walcott it inspires me to travel and learn the culture and also to enjoy my time while visiting a destination.

Therefore, life is a journey and you always learn from the people you meet in other places, So don’t forget to talk to other people while your traveling.

Maybe try new food in this country and enjoy the food you eat. But you will realize and you will like the taste of the food in another country.

Swan,Swann in Salzgittersee or lake in #Lebenstedt germany., #Salzgittersee perfect travel quotes #travel

View of the lake in Salzgittersee in Salzgitter, Lebenstedt, Germany #lake#salzgitterseelebenstedt , perfecttravelquotes #salzgitter

Perfect travel destination in Salzgittersee, Salzgitter, Germany

  • That is a Man-made lake and a beautiful place to relax your time here, but when it’s summer so many people spend their time.
  • So I went here autumn time and only a few people walked and visited here.
  • In addition, to breath fresh air and some use their bicycles to go to this lake.
  • But also they have a playground for kids and some people want to see swans too, but not allowed to feed them.
  • Furthermore, in the background you can see have a windmill. That is a little bit far from the lake.
  • In short, you need to walk more before you can reach the windmills.
  • Seems they have a boat and you can enjoy sailing in this peaceful place but bring some snacks for a picnic.

Some of my windmill  pictures:

Windmill at Salder Castle



Salzgittersee in Summer 2019 | salzgitter lebenstedt | germany | lake in salzgitter | travel destinations | boat | windmills
| duck | travel pictures in salzgittersee | germany | niedersachsen | lower saxony | perfect travel quotes with beautiful view from the lake
Salzgittersee or Salzgitter lake in Lebenstedt, Germany, travel pictures, germany travel, attractions, ducks, windmill, lake pictures

words to remember:

English – Deutsch

deutsch vokabeln lernen, german words list, english deutsch vokabeln, englisch lernen, deutsch als fremdsprache lernen
  • abandoned – aufgegeben
  • anger – Ärger
  • avoidance – Vermeidung
  • despair – Verzweiflung
  • detestable – abscheulich
  • disapproval – Missbilligung
  • empty – bedeutungslos
  • empty-handed – erfolglos
  • fear – Angst
  • fulfilled – erfüllt
  • happy – fröhlich
  • hesitant – zögerlich
  • hostile – feindlich
  • indifferent – abgestumpft
  • inferior – minderwertig
  • infuriated – wütend
german vocabulary | English Deutsch | deutschlernen | englisch sprache | learn english | learn german | englisch lernen
  • judgemental – voreingenommen
  • loathing – Ekel
  • most respected – angesehenste
  • open-minded – weltoffen
  • playful – verspielt
  • powerless – machtlos
  • provocative – provokativ
  • respected – respektiert
  • revolted – aufgelehnt
  • sad – traurig
  • sensitive – empfindlich
  • skeptical – skeptisch
  • surprise – überraschend
  • victimized – geopfert
  • well-respected – sehr angesehen
  • withdrawn – verschlossen
german language learning, german words list, german vocabulary list | deutsch language | english | deutsch vokabeln liste
  • ages – Zeitalter
  • amusement park – Freizeitpark
  • casual clothes – Freizeitkleidung
  • digitales era – digitales zeitalter
  • era – Zeitabschnitt
  • leisure activities – Freizeitbeschäftigung
  • leisure industry – Freizeitindustrie
  • leisure pursuit – Freizeit vergnügen
  • moment – Zeitpunkt
  • recreational activities – Freizeitgestaltung
  • recreational sport – Freizeitsport
  • shortage of time – Zeitnot
  • spirit of the time – Zeitgeist
  • temporary employment – Zeitarbeit
  • time management – Zeitmanagement
  • time management skills – Zeitmanagementfähigkeiten
  • time pressure – Zeitdruck
  • time zone – Zeitzone

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