Hope is a waking dream

“Hope is a waking dream.” Aristotle #https://www.joylandztravel.com/hope-is-a-waking-dream/ #whitedove #manila
White dove in Manila Philippines, I hope I can have cute dove.

“Hope is a waking dream.” Aristotle

#ChongFu #Temple , #Pasay City ,#MetroManila #philippines#https://www.joylandztravel.com/hope-is-a-waking-dream/ #faith #believe #travelamanila
Chong Fu Temple, Pasay City, Metro Manila
Chong Fu temple pasay city #pasayphilippines #travelpasaycity #temple #manila #travelphilippines #https://www.joylandztravel.com/hope-is-a-waking-dream/
Chong Fu temple Pasay city

“Sunflower in Ayala”
Wildlife Park
Explore Taguig City
Das Leben ist schön

Rajah Sulayman Park, the fountain in Manila, the Philippines in front of Manila Bay

Rajah Sulayman Park, Metro Manila Philippines

“The past is made out of facts… I guess the future is just hope.” Isaac Marion

  • In my life so many obstacles, I’ve overcome and sometimes I want to give up.
  • But You need to stand again and again to be strong and continue your life.
  • There’s always hope for a better tomorrow, not only sadness in life.
  • You don’t know about your future, but you can do something, step by step you will learn how to make it right.
  • Focus on something worthwhile, learn step by step.
  • Even if you’re old there’s no reason not to continue learning.

Check more about Philippines and manila here in Wikipedia link.

Manila Bay is a natural harbor which serves the Port of Manila (on Luzon), in the Philippines.

Traveling Manila Philippines

  1. This photo I took it in Manila Bay, Philippines.
  2. We just explore there, we don’t have a plan to go there.
  3. My husband wants to look at the Bay and to enjoy the warm weather of Manila.
  4. We went to take pictures from an old church and Statue, fountain, for me it’s a great moment to know my country step by step.
  5. For me, I don’t know all the places in the Philippines, because there are so many Island and islet.
  6. In the Philippines, I visited different City and province but not all the places.
  7. I think I need more time to explore my country.
  8. Someday I wish I can travel more, but it depends on my budget.
  9. What’s your favorite place to visit? Do you like to travel in your Hometown?
  10. Have you tried to visit Manila? Every city has its own beauty.
  11. Do you like to travel with luxury, budgeted, or DIY?
  12. What’s your opinion about this? Do you like travel agency to arrange it? Or you do-it-yourself?
  13. Are you fun of exploring in your hometown or better travel Abroad?
#Roxas #Boulevard#https://www.joylandztravel.com/hope-is-a-waking-dream/
Roxas Boulevard has high rise buildings and so many hotels and businesses here in Manila.

Not only Hotels, businesses, also some school and restaurants.

Roxas Boulevard

Malate Church in Manila Philippines
Church in malate Manila Philippines #https://www.joylandztravel.com/hope-is-a-waking-dream/ #travelmanila #travelphilippine #traveler #explorer

While was walking along Roxas Boulevard, we found it. One of the old church in Manila Malate.

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Winter season photos in Salzgitter Germany


Freezing in cold winter weather in Salzgitter Germany

It’s time to enjoy the freezing weather in Salzgitter and I took so many photos while the snow is there. But every year it’s not always the same sometimes so much snow and sometimes not so much.

That is my remembrance while I’m leaving here in Salzgitter, Germany.

Snow all over and sunrise during wintertime

  • People walking on the street full of snow and the roof of the house covered with snow during wintertime. During winter time I took photos to make a little bit different.
  • Instead, you just sit at home and waiting to get warm weather.
  • They love warm at home and hate to go out in this freezing weather. But I enjoy the weather and walked on the street.
  • To have a little bit of exercise in my body. Take fresh air and also took photos remembrance during the winter season.


winter in germany, freezing weather , cold  in europe #https://www.joylandztravel.com/winter-weather/ #europe #germany #salzgitter #travelwinter

Motivate yourself and don’t be sad during winter

  • First of all, Life is too short to be miserable so go out and experience the wintertime.

  • Second, We can gain experience from the past however we must move forward.

  • Third, Time is precious then use that wisely do something important & productive.

  • In other words, Never waste time creating negative feelings.

  • Therefore use an opportunity to create a difference in your life.

  • Nothing lasts forever you will never find the right time for anything.

  • In addition, Do what makes you comfortably spend your time with the people you want. 

  • Everything takes time while waiting for the right time why not do something you wish.

  • For instance, Experience is a great teacher, therefore, use your time to get more experience.

  • We shouldn’t waste our time waiting for the good things to happen so we must do something to be productive.
  • Besides work whatever you need to do and don’t wait for the right time.
  • Furthermore, The right time is now. If you’re waiting for the right time it runs so slow.
  • Next, Do some extra activities like walking, jogging, learning new vocabulary.
  • Spend your time to the people whom you love to be accompanied.
  • Always Focused on productive things instead of thinking so many negative thoughts.
  • Value your time and don’t waste it on something that useless.
  • Spend wisely and value your time so that you will be finished in what you really want to accomplish.
  • No matter what we experienced difficulties in life, as long as we need to move forward and don’t lose hope.
  • Losing faith can’t help us in our situation, so we should be tough and strive for your life.
  • Don’t be discouraged easily, do something good for yourself because life has ups and downs.
  • As well as Fill your mind with full of hopes.
  • Accept disappointment and failures in order to start a brand new day. Most important never lose hope.
  • In my opinion, Finish whatever you need to finished and at the end of the day, you will see the fruits of your hard work.
  • If someone rejected you, it doesn’t mean your whole life you ever get rejected.
  • Above all, change something in your life and always keep on trying to do your best.

words to remember :

source of my Deutsch- English dict.cc


alpine skiing - Ski Alpin arctic - arktisch arctic weather - Polarwetter chilled to the bone - ausgekühlt bis auf die Knochen frigidity - Frigidität frostbite - Erfrierung frozenness - Gefrorenheit glaciation - Vergletscherung iciness - Eiseskälte in the middle of winter - im Hochwinter luge - Rennrodeln luge sports - Rodelsports severe frost - #strengerFrost #todrop - #sinken #winter #forest - #Winterwald #winter #landscape - #Winterlandschaft #https://www.joylandztravel.com/winter-weather/ #photosingermany #winteringermany #deutschlernen #germany #wortschatz #learngerman #deutschlernen #germanwords #deutsch #english #germanlanguage


  • alpine skiing – Ski Alpin
  • arctic – arktisch
  • arctic weather – Polarwetter
  • chilled to the bone – ausgekühlt bis auf die Knochen
  • frigidity – Frigidität
  • frostbite – Erfrierung
  • frozenness – Gefrorenheit
  • glaciation – Vergletscherung
  • iciness – Eiseskälte
  • in the middle of winter – im Hochwinter
  • luge – Rennrodeln
  • luge sports – Rodelsports
  • severe frost – strenger Frost
  • to drop – sinken
  • winter forest – Winterwald
  • winter landscape – Winterlandschaft

#wintertime #snowonthestreet #streetphotos #snowphotos #winterphotos #germany #winteringermany #deutschlernen #wintervokabeln #wortschatz #learngerman #deutsch #english #vokabeln ##schnee#https://www.joylandztravel.com/winter-weather/

  • frozen over– durchgefroren
  • glacial – Glazial
  • glacial ice – Gletschereis
  • hazy – leicht nebelig
  • hibernation – Winterschlaf
  • I feel chilly – Mich fröstelt es
  • numbed – betäubte
  • severe winter – strenger Winter
  • slipperiness – Glätte
  • temperature below zero – Minustemperatur
  • to feel chilly – frösteln
  • to glisten – glitzern
  • to hibernate – überwintern
  • winter closure – Wintersperre
  • winter pale – Winterblass
  • winter monsoon – Wintermonsun
  • winter solstice- Wintersonnenwende


  • astronomical  observatory – astronomische  Observatorium
  • at the beginning of winter – am Anfang des Winters
  • autumn fog – Herbstnebel
  • evaporation fog – Verdungstungsnebel
  • frozen fog – Eisnebel
  • glacial winds – Gletscherwinde
  • heavy fog – dichter Nebel
  • meteorological institute – Wetteramt
  • meteorologist – Wetterfachmann
  • monsoon winds – Monsunwinde
  • northern hemisphere – Nordhalbkugel
  • tropic – Wendekreis
  • weatherman – Wetterforsch
  • winter depression – Winterdepression
  • winter tourism – Wintertourismus
  • winter travel – Winterreise

Road trip in Salzgitter, Germany during winter season

The street full of snow and freezing time again, all is white surroundings. And It’s not really nice to go out and walking on the street during winter time. But we just need to go out.

To me, I love to take photos of the snow because all is white and you’re like in the winter wonderland.

I believe other people don’t like winter weather. Because they like the warm and sunny day to walk on the street or to travel. Yet for me, instead of waiting for the warm weather why not to enjoy the winter weather

Always wear your smile and full of hopes in life. Make some new different tasks and learn from it. 

Have faith and you will achieve in what you really wish or dreams.

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