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    Hope is a waking dream

    “Hope is a waking dream.” Aristotle “Sunflower in Ayala” Wildlife Park Explore Taguig City Das Leben ist schön Rajah Sulayman Park, the fountain in Manila, Philippines in front of Manila Bay Rajah Sulayman Park, Metro Manila Philippines “The past is made out of facts… I guess the future is just hope.” Isaac Marion In my life so many obstacles, I’ve overcome and sometimes I want to give up. But You need to stand again and again to be strong and continue your life. There’s always hope for a better tomorrow, not only sadness in life. You don’t know about your future, but you can do something, step by step you…

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    “It takes a little crazy to make a difference.”

    “It takes a little bit cold in this weather Today when I wake up in the morning without Sun, only dark and snowy. It takes a bit cold feet. snow through the window   Snow falling down and getting colder here in Germany. Our Street full of snow and the temperature is getting down. On the top of the car full of snow, it’s freezing to get out all the snow on the top of the window. This time we need to be careful walking on the street a bit slippery. I saw kids playing outside with their parents and she doesn’t feel cold. What a brave kid. I hope…

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    Winter season photos in Germany

        A street full of snow and freezing time again, all is white surroundings. It’s not really like nice to go out and walking on the street during winter time but we just need to go out. I love to take photos of the snow because all is white and you are like in the winter wonderland.   Snow all over and sunrise during winter time People walking on the street full of snow and the roof of the house covered with snow during winter time. During winter time taking photos to make a little bit different instead just sit at home and waiting to get warm weather. They…

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