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    Nothing is worth more than this day

    Video in Hanover during summer Nothing is worth more than this day visit in hanover   “There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge.”Napoleon Hill Napoleon Hill quotes very inspiringly because you can use it to pursue your dreams. If someone tells you that you can’t do it. But If you don’t limit yourself, because you achieve if you challenge yourself. Most important trust yourself because you are the author of your life.   Amazing Nature Summer in Hannover Be passionate   “Until you have learned to be tolerant with those who do not always agree with you, you will be neither successful nor happy.” Napoleon Hill…

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    Bad Harzburg Germany

        Bad Harzburg  Where: Bad Harzburg, Lower Saxony, Germany What to do? I only went there for a short visit. How to go there? I ride a train from Ringelheim and then bus going to my destinations after I arrived at Bad Harzburg I go to a bus station, only walking distance from the train station.   Park in Bad Harzburg They have swimming pools or spa in this building and it’s open during the winter season. Winter time so freezing and wet, I’ve seen the people they go to the wellness swimming pool and other spend their holiday in the restaurant, mountain or riding car. Mostly the tourist walk going…

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    Let It snow

      I took this photo while the train is running during our trip to Bad Harzburg Watching through the window a peacefulness and breathtaking mountain view, therefore, better in a warm cozy room with hot coffee.   Let it snow at mountain view in Bad Harzburg, Germany Snowy mountain view during our trip to Bad Harzburg and overlooking the super mountain view in winter. Our trip in Bad Harzburg is snowy day outside. Protect yourself from the cold weather outside and also wear a warm winter jacket when you go out. The railway is full of snow, on the train is warm and when we go out it’s colder weather…

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