Inspirational quotes about life

Inspirational quotes for our daily life

Awesome to read some of the inspirational quotes of Wayne Dryer and watch more the video.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” Mahatma Gandhi

Amazing inspirational quotes to live by

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”  Thomas A. Edison

Beautiful nature video and inspirational quotes for our life
I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.â Thomas A. Edison #nature #naturehotography #countryliving #trees #view #placestogo #placestovisit#adventure #adventuretime #adventuretravel#traveltips #travelphotos#traveldestinations#quotes #life  #living  #travel #street #photography #journey

Learning every day is a big task to do but if you do it, there’s a big change in your life.

Beautiful things happen when you start to change your life and also for yourself. In addition, be ready for a new chapter in your life.

Focused on something you need to change in your life and moreover do something worthwhile instead of doing nothing.

Just think you are the boss of your own life and good things are coming because you believe in your capability.

“Creativity is a habit, and the best creativity is the result of good work habits.” Twyla Tharp

"Creativity is a habit, and the best creativity is the result of good work habits." Twyla Tharp #nature #naturehotography #countryliving #trees #view #placestogo #placestovisit#adventure #adventuretime #adventuretravel#traveltips #travelphotos#traveldestinations#quotes #life  #living  #travel #street #photography #journey

“Make an empty space in any corner of your mind, and creativity will instantly fill it.” Dee Hock

"Make an empty space in any corner of your mind, and creativity will instantly fill it." Dee Hock#nature #naturehotography #countryliving #trees #view #placestogo #placestovisit#adventure #adventuretime #adventuretravel#traveltips #travelphotos#traveldestinations#quotes #life  #living  #travel #street #photography #journey

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. Oscar Wilde #nature #naturehotography #countryliving #trees #view #placestogo #placestovisit#adventure #adventuretime #adventuretravel#traveltips #travelphotos#traveldestinations#quotes #life  #living  #travel #street #photography #journey

Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that’s very important for good health.” Dalai Lama

My favorites photos during autumn and I love to take pictures of nature. That’s my hobby to collect these picture and also to share here in my blog.

I’m not a professional photographer but I keep on learning how to take the right angle or focus. If you want to suggest taking photos you can share it with me. I’m happy if someone teaches me how to take the best photos.

Do you have a suggestion to add more to my knowledge by taking the right color or style?

For me, it’s okay even if your not a professional photographer as long as you have a suggestion or comment to make my photos better.  Just leave comments or messages. I want to read your suggestions or comments.


Words to remember:

English -Deutsch

  • answer – die Antwort
  • arrow – Pfeil
  • attachment – der Anhang
  • back – zurück
  • back up computer – Ersatzrechner
  • back up Software – Sicherungssoftware
  • bookmark – das Bookmark
  • bold – Fettdruck
  • browser – der Browser
  • button – die Taste
  • cancel – abbrechen
  • caps lock – die Feststelltaste
  • change – verändern
  • communication software – Datenübertragungssoftware
deutsch lernen| computer wortschatz | computer englisch vokabeln | german vocabulary | computer words | englisch lernen| german vocabulary | deutsch wortschatz
  • computer – der Computer
  • computer accessory – Computerzubehörer
  • computer analyst – Computeranalyst
  • computer monitor – Computerbildschirm
  • computer technician – Computerfachmann
  • computer stored data – Computergespeichert Daten
  • computer scientist – Informatiker
  • computer unit – Rechenwerk
  • configuration – Konfiguration
  • connection – der Anschluss
  • connectivity – Verbindung
German words | Computer vocabulary in German| computer wortschatz | englisch wortschatz computer | deutsch lernen| deutsch vokabeln computer | wörter | german language | englisch lernen computer
  • continue – weiter
  • copy – Kopieren
  • create – erstellen
  • crash – abstürzen
  • crossed out – Durchgestrichen
  • cut – ausschneiden
  • data – die Daten
  • data file – Datei
  • data loss – Datenverlust
  • database administrator – Datenbankadministrator
  • database programming – Datenbankprogrammierung
  • data processing computer – Datenverarbeitungsanlage
deutsch lernen | computer wortschatz | german language learning | b1 deutsch vokabeln | language  deutsche sprache lernen| computer englisch wortschatz learn german  | englisch lernen
  • data recovery – Datenwiederherstellung
  • delete – löschen
  • disable – deaktivieren
  • disk operating system Plattenverwaltungssystem
  • double click – Doppelklick
  • download – herunterladen
  • draft – der Entwurf
  • drag – ziehen
  • edit – bearbeiten
  • email – die E-Mail
  • embedded system – eingebettetes System
  • enable –aktivieren
  • enter – Eingabe
englisch lernen| deutsch lernen| computer wortschatz | englisch vokabeln computer | german vocabulary | Englisch | Deutsch |Computer |
  • enter a password – ein Passwort eingeben
  • error – der Fehler
  • escape key – die Escapetaste
  • font – Schrift
  • font color – Schriftfarbe
  • flash drive – die USB-Stick, Flashlaufwerk
  • file extension – Dateierweiterung
  • file recovery – vollständige Datensicherung
  • files – Dateien
  • file size – Dateigröße
  • folder – der Ordner
  • hard disk space – Festplattenplatz
  • hard drive – die Festplatte
  • Hypertext link – der Hypertext-Link
german vocabulary list | learn german | deutsch vokabeln computer | computer wortschatz | englisch lernen| deutsch wörter computer| learn english | englisch sprache lernen
  • image – das Bild
  • information science – Informatik
  • inbox – der Posteingang
  • in internet – im Internet
  • install – installieren
  • installation program – das Installationsprogramm
  • insufficient memory – ungenügender Speicher
  • internet –das Internet
  • italic – Kursivschrift
  • IT-Consulting – IT- berater
  • left click – linker Mausklick
  • load – laden
  • log in – einloggen
  • login data – Zugangsdaten
learn german vocabulary | german vocabulary list | Computer vocabulary | deutsch vokabeln computer | deutsch lernen | englisch lernen| englisch vokabeln computer || german words |learn english vocabulary | computer wörter
  • log off – abmelden
  • keyboard – die Tastatur
  • minimize – verkleinern
  • mouse pad – die Mausmatte
  • network server – Netzwerkserver
  • on the computer – am Computer
  • open in new window – in neuen Fenster öffnen
  • operating system – Betriebssystem
  • organizational development – Organisationsentwicklung
  • plug in- hineinstecken
  • programmer analyst – Programmieranalytiker
  • page – die Seiteenglisch wörter computer | deutsch lernen | learn german vocabulary englisch wortschatz computer | vocabulary words| german language learning |
  • page layout – Seitenlayout
  • paste – einfügen
  • password – das Passwort
  • plug – der Stecker
  • printer – der Drucker
  • print cartridge – die Druckpartrone
  • print preview – die Druckvorschau
  • program -das Programm
  • programming flowchart – Programmflussdiagram
  • programming guideline – Programmierrichtlinie
  • programming language – Programmiersprache
  • project design – Projecktplanung
  • projector – der Projecktor
german words | german language | b1 german vocabulary | englisch wortschatz computer | deutsch vokabeln lernen | englisch lernen
  • project support – Projecktbegleitung
  • protect a password – ein Passwort schützen
  • protected memory – geschützter Speicher
  • random access memory – Speicher mit wahlfreien Zugriff
  • removal hard drive – Entfernungs-Festplatte
  • replace – auswechseln
  • retrieve – abrufen
  • reset – zurücksetzen
  • restart – neu starten
  • restore – wiederherstellen
  • right click – rechter Mausklick
  • robot project – Roboterprojekt
  • save – Speichern
german vocab | german words | german language learning | computer german vocabulary | englisch vokabeln lernen computer| computer englisch wörter
  • save as – Speichern unter
  • save all – Alles speichern
  • scroll – blättern
  • scroll down – herunterscrollen
  • scroll up – nach oben scrollen
  • search -suchen
  • search engine – die Suchmaschine
  • settings – die Einstellungen
  • shift key – die Umschalttaste
  • shut down – Herunterfahren
  • spreadsheet Software – Tabellenkalkulationsprogramm
  • software consultant – Softwareberater
  • software developer – Softwareentwicklerdeutsche wörter| german study | english learning | learn english vocabulary | learn german vocabulary | learn german vocabulary | deutsch lernen computer | englisch wortschatz computer | computer wortschatz englisch
  • software provider – Software Anbieter
  • storage – die Speicherung
  • storage devices – Speichergeräte
  • subject – der Betreff
  • system error – Systemfehler
  • technical devices – technische Geräte
  • to clear memory – Speicher löschen
  • to edit data – Daten aufbereiten
  • to enter data – Daten eingeben
  • to process data – Daten verarbeiten
  • to promote a project – ein Projekt Fördern
  • to re-store – umspeichern
  • trash – der Papierkorb
  • trouble shoot – Fehlerbehebung
  • turn on – einschalten
  • turn off – ausschalten
  • underline – Unterstreichen
  • undo – rückgängig machen
  • unplug – ausstecken
  • update – die Aktualisierung
  • usability – Benutzerfreundlichkeit
  • user-friendly – benutzerfreundlich
  • virtual memory – virtueller Speicher
  • web content – Web – Inhalte
  • web design – Webgestaltung
  • wire – das Kabel

Push yourself to change your life in other words, change is good.

Don’t be perfect and just the way you are, because life is so short to be sad.

Give compliments and most importantly accepts other differences.

Keep learning and growing, moreover, stay focused, and prioritize your tasks.

Lastly, read daily vocabulary and be happy every day with a big smile on your face.

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the weaker mind reacts, clearwater bay country park, hongkong #clearwaterbay #countrypark

Amazing view of Clear Water Bay Country Park Hong Kong

Amazing view of Clear water bay country park Hong Kong, New territories

Sit on the green grass and lay when you want enjoy the fresh air and relax your mind. Don't react on negativity, better find a place where you can spend your time to think about your life or self.The weaker mind reacts #nature #hongkong , clearwater bay country park, #kite

The weaker mind reacts


  • Be smart and read more, collect more ideas and therefore you are not afraid to solve every problem you have. Find a place or a friend who can help you or listen.
  • There’s no limit if you do what you want to achieve in your life, as long as you do whatever your dreams or wish.
  • Always open your mind and be compassionate. Don’t put others down and help them to stand up again.
  • Don’t give up the things you really want, be positive.
the weaker mind reacts, clearwater bay, view in park, hongkong

Overlooking the Golf country club in clear water bay, Hongkong
country park, clearwater bay, hongkong, the weaker mind reacts
clearwaterbay country park hongkong #clearwaterbay #hongkong

The weaker mind reacts

  • Put in your mind  to be have self-confidence. Don’t let others takes away your happiness.
  • Let go of what you can’t control and live peacefully.  Helps yourself to be calm and free from stress. Only you can find a way to be in peace.
  • Be open- minded and contented in what you have. Peace of mind is the important things in your life. Stressful life we must avoid it.
  • You have the power to control your mind, do it. Be calm and you will have strength to survive in a stressful day.
  • Reading can help you to find something new idea to be calm, it’s help you to add more knowlegde.
  • Peaceful mind can help your body to be healthy, not so much arguments and stress.
  • Sit on the green grass and lay when you want enjoy the fresh air and relax your mind.
  • Don’t react on negativity, better find a place where you can spend your time to think about your life or self.
the weaker mind reacts, clearwater bay country park, hongkong #clearwaterbay #countrypark
  • I hope you feel better reading my blog and be grateful for everything comes in your life good or bad. There’s a reason why it happens to us.
  • Your mind have a power to control everything what you decide. Focus on what you want to achieve.
  • Our experiences can help us to be brave or weak. But when you think that you can do it, that’s the great thing you can help yourself. Believe in your capability.

Clear Water Bay Country Park is a rural country park located in the New Territories of  eastern Hong Kong

For info about Clearwater Bay just visit google or Wikipedia,

Clearwater bay, country park, hongkong, the weaker mind reacts

Don’t reacts

You deserve to be happy and give yourself a break, think something you want to reward for yourself, buy something that you really want. Don’t make yourself unhappy, find something to be busy like hobbies or adventure.

Our hopes make us stronger to achieve it and don’t be afraid that you can’t do it. Trust yourself and be strong.

We have obstacles and hindrances before we can achieve our goals. Doesn’t matter as long you do what you need.

Mountain in Clearwater bay, country park hongkong, view of the mountain

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Tai Mei tuk Hongkong, riding a bike and enjoying the nature

Keep calm and bike on Tai Mei Tuk Hong kong

Things to do in Tai Mei Tuk Hongkong:

  • Firstly, I enjoyed that time only riding the bicycle and also there’s happiness, laughing, and funny moments. But when you’re young you don’t think about life, problems or anything.
  • So when your adult you think about life and you forget to used the time to relax.
  • Secondly, sometimes it’s our choice if we want to use our time to spend with our family or go out and ride the bicycle.
  • While enjoying blue skies and the wonderful nature in Tai Mei Tuk Hong Kong.
  • Where riding the bicycle just to relax from stressful days, calm place and fresh air.
  • Don’t be afraid to try new things and always believe in yourself
Nature and wonderful view in Tai mei tuk hongkong, tai mei tuk hongkong, boating

You must visit in Tai Mei Tuk Hongkong:

Where you can find this small village? That is in Tai Mei Tuk Reservoir, Tai Po, district, New Territories, Hong Kong. Also, It is a popular place for barbecues and cycling. Moreover, there are villages and a harbor nearby where many restaurants can be found. Bicycles are also available for hire in the villages. I love watching this beautiful village, you can really stress-free, no traffic or air pollution. Only enjoy the green nature and sunny day.
Sunny day in Tai mei tuk hongkong view and while riding the bicycle
They have small boats and you can find it near the barbeque area in Tai Mei Tuk Hongkong

Spend your day in this village:

  • We spent our time here in Tai Mei Tuk enjoying the sunshine. We rent a bicycle and ride at Plover Cove Reservoir.
  • I’m riding a bicycle in my hometown since when  I was a kid. It’s a good adventure riding a bicycle.
  • How about you? Do you like to ride the bicycle? We rent a bicycle here and can do kayaking in Tai Mei Tuk.
  • They have small boats and you can find it near the barbeque area.
  • Some are sailing and enjoying the weather in Tai Mei Tuk Hongkong.
Some are sailing and enjoying the weather in tai mei tuk hongkong
  • It’s exciting riding the bicycle and explore the place.
  • While working abroad we spent the time to explore Hongkong not only working. It’s good exercise for your body. You can visit and rent a bicycle.
Tai Mei tuk view and beautiful mountain in Tai Mei Tuk Hongkong
  • First time to visit this place in Hongkong, we explore the place.
  • Do you like villages or in a big city?
  • Riding a bicycle is good for our earth to reduce pollution and also good for our health the best exercise.
  • When I was young I love riding a bicycle, I’m eager to learn to ride the bicycle to balance it.
  • But I don’t have a bicycle before and I only borrow with my neighbor or in my cousin. When I was in elementary school I always borrowed the bicycle of my classmate in our school.
  • So we have our lunch break and we played and riding the bicycle.
  • During the weekend we used a bicycle to buy the bread in the bakery with my friends. That’s my experienced when I was learning to ride the bicycle.
  • Just check my other blog post about Hongkong travel destination. Flower Market at Causeway Bay, Noah’s Ark, Tsim Sha Tsui, Quotes.
Many people riding a bike here in tai mei tuk hongkong, a small village in hongkong

Do you like riding a bicycle or stay at home?


My experience in traveling this small village was great and relaxing. Take a trip to Tai Mei Tuk and ride a bicycle.
Biking at tai mei tuk hongkong
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